Gun-metal gray

ravenThose big black birds called ravens have taken to flying low around here. They’ll sit on the roof and mutter loudly, which is unsettling.

And January mornings often dawn dim and gray. Toss the sound of a passing freight train into this mix, and you’ve set a certain stage for yourself if you stand on the upstairs terraza.

But there’s a contrast provided by blooming bougainvillea and golden datura, something you don’t normally see in January, but this year you do.

It’s invariably interesting to wake up in the morning.

4 thoughts on “Gun-metal gray”

  1. Both ravens and datura can portend either good or evil. Through the seasons you have found both in your datura plants. Ravens are among the smartest birds. I’m sure they have dropped by just to chat with you.


    1. Larry: The only evil I have found in my datura plants is their flowers’ desire to turn ugly and brown after a brief spell of beauty, and then fall in large numbers to the ground where I have to scoop them up. Otherwise, I have found them to be positive people.

      Yes, ravens, crows, etc., are very bright. They are the pigs of the bird world. Pigs being, as you probably know, very smart too. Certainly smarter than bunny rabbits, which are cute but very dumb.


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