Peculiar people

View from hotel patio.

Walking a downtown street on Sunday, my child bride and I passed, for the umpteenth time in the past 13 years, the hotel where my mother and sister stayed during their visit in 2000. I stayed there too because I was still living in the state capital 40 minutes away at that time.

It was their first and final trip over the Rio Bravo, and the only time I’ve had family members visit. That’s not quite as bad as it sounds because I only have three blood relatives. We are not prolific people, which is probably for the best.

My mother referred to us as peculiar, but she was thinking of my father’s folks, not hers. She was correct, and the four of us still breathing are peculiar indeed.

The visit went as well as could be expected. My mother was 81 and feeble, and couldn’t get around very well.  My sister, as she has been for over 30 years, was irascible. So the visit for me was challenging, but I survived.

As I said, I have passed this hotel where we stayed countless times, but I had never walked into the lobby and out onto the rear patio since that faraway time in 2000. The view from that patio is spectacular, and this is it.

My wife and I stepped out there Sunday and, by chance, I had my camera.

Most of the rooms of the small hotel abut the patio, and I looked at the door of the room where I stayed, my sister’s room, and the room where my mother slept. We rented separate rooms because we are separate people.

My mother lived nine more years, dying at 90. My sister remains in Atlanta and is as irascible as ever. My aunt lives on an island off the coast of Maine. She is, if memory serves, 87. My daughter and her husband live in Athens.

Georgia, not Greece.

And I live here.  On top of the world.

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  1. I have the same picture taken on our first visit (there) in 1997. I am sure both pictures were taken from the same small hotel. We enjoyed staying there and waiting until you could smell the wood fire that was heating your morning shower water before you got up and turned the water on.



    1. Bruce: My primary complaint about the hotel is its location across the street from the church bells, which create a horrendous racket at the crack of dawn.

      By the way, I edited out your reference to the town’s name, which I keep anonymous here.


    2. I also changed the headline on the post. When I first began writing it, the focus was going to be the photo. However, it veered off into another direction, and I changed the headline three hours later to reflect that. Sometimes I lose my direction. Peculiar.


  2. funny, when i read athens, i immediately wondered, greece or georgia. my husband went to navy supply school in the latter and i see that’s where your daughter lives. i once had a friend tell me over the phone that she had moved to greece-wow, i thought. well, that particular greece is a suburb of rochester, n.y. the town where we were raised.

    glad to see you are still blogging. haven’t read too many lately as i am so busy having fun here in japan. i work too but that is also part of the fun.

    o.k. give me some karma now. feliz ano nuevo and akemashite omedetto gozaimasu.

    teresa in nagoya


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