Tale of two roofs

The roof

I swept the roof yesterday, a recent annual chore.

Recent because I went the first eight years without doing it, and then I started last year. It required both broom and hoe. Now I just need the broom.

We have two roofs, not just one. The Hacienda is two stories everywhere except over the kitchen-dining room, so that has a separate roof. The higher roof is easier to reach because there’s a spiral staircase from the upstairs terraza.

The lower roof requires a ladder, a bit of a pain for one not-so-young, especially toting a trash can, broom and long-handled dustpan.

This is the higher roof in the photo. Things have accumulated over the years. The satellite dish is from our subscription to Sky TV. We canceled that after a spell due to their abusing my credit card. Now we have cable.

Sky never picked up their dish.

But I’m thinking of ditching the cable and going back to Sky. However, I will not give them a credit card. I’ll pay cash.

My cable company does not have Fox News. Sky has Fox and National Geographic too. Collectivists call it Faux News because truth and logic gall them.

The chimney descends to the second-story fireplace. There’s some rotting plastic on top. We wrap the chimney every Spring to block mosquitoes. Usually, I’ve taken it off by now, but this has been a wonderfully mild winter so far.

The other chimney, which drops to the bigger fireplace in the living room, is to the right, out of the photo.

You can see the white solar tank. The panel is on the far side. That was a questionable purchase a few years back, but it works fairly well.

That big black thing is the water tank most homes have on the roof. It’s a gravity system with no high-falootin’ add-ons.

The black tank can feed the solar system, or it can shoot water directly downstairs to the gas-fired heater. Usually, it’s connected to the solar tank.

Just to the right of the chimney, there’s a little square on the roof surface. Those are glass bricks. They let sunlight enter the shower stall, which is directly below. That’s where I clean myself every morning with water and soap.

I like to make a good presentation.

* * * *

Mystery poop!

The other roof — which is to the left and below, of course, this roof — is where I found a pile of mystery poop. It was disconcerting.

Now, a cat could get up there easily. However, this mound of caca  was something a big dog could be proud of, but no dog could get up there.

They don’t have that sort of talent.

It was dry and easy to sweep. But I don’t know if I’ll ever feel the same in the kitchen below, especially at night.

* * * *

(Note: We’re off to the nation’s capital for a spell tomorrow, a bit later than previously announced. Since I don’t travel wired, there will be an unsettling silence here. You’ll have lots of time to run errands.)

18 thoughts on “Tale of two roofs”

  1. Hmm, as for the mystery poop, when I lived in both Morelia, and later in Puerto Vallarta, neighbors tossed a bag of salt into my patios… I understand this is a Mexican folklore to wish bad luck upon the intended recipient…
    Could it be, your poop was delivered intentionally by a biped? Just a thought…
    Post-mortem on my story, the salt worked, as this Gringo went his merry way on both occasions. Everyone was happy!


    1. Mark: The pile was not in a bag, was erected in a natural manner, and was in a far corner, so your theory won’t fit in this case.

      I’ve never heard of that salt routine. Interesting. And it works!


  2. It is interesting that you can see the bias in the Huffington Post material but fail to see the same in Fox. I think Sky is owned by Rupert by the way…


  3. I had a poop problem too. So I built a set a humane trap. It was a possum (tlalcuache). Gave it to the neighbor who cooked it. He asked for more, and there were lots more. Then there was no more poop.


    1. Carlos: Possum, never thought of that. Well, as long as he stays outdoors, I’ll leave him be. But if he moves inside, then I’ll have to change tactics. It could get ugly.


  4. Ah! Faux News, one of my favorite comedy channels. They recently had to interrupt a “The Only Answer To Too Many Guns Is More Guns” segments to report yet another school shooting. They did not even recognize the irony.

    We are happy in nice, safe Cuernavaca, MX but not looking forward to having to cross the USA to get home to Canada.


  5. Some random thoughts:

    Why not put a piece of screen over the chimney to keep the mosquitoes out?

    We have seen Fox news on occasion – it’s sort of like watching SNL only they (Fox) are not trying to be funny.


    1. Loulou: You’re smarter than I am, but you probably already know that. I had never thought of wrapping a screen. However, the screen would have to be a very fine one because the skeeters can be small, and perhaps a fine-mesh screen would interfere with the smoke departure. Who knows? I’ll have to investigate that option. Sure would beat going up there every Spring and wrapping plastic. Gracias.


  6. We had a possum move into a tree in our NOB home and the snails disappeared. Some years later the possum family moved on and the snails returned. Your snail population may give you a clue if it is possum poop.


    1. Patzman: In the past we have had a severe snail problem, but not so much of late. I had attributed that to my liberal spreading of snail poison, but maybe it’s a hungry possum. Never heard of that one.


  7. Funny that your solar hot water heater is white. Ours is black since black will also absorb the sun more, and our water tanks are white so as not to warm the water up. You guys in the lowlands do everything backward.

    Raccoons don’t usually scale buildings, cats do, but then you don’t see many cats around down here, no cats, absence of Vietnamese restaurants, just kidding, had to do that!


    1. Tancho: Now that you mention it, it would make more sense for the solar tank to be black. And you are right in that I don’t think a coon could go straight up a brick wall, but maybe it does it in stages from down the block. There are walls all over the place, of course.

      I wish we had a good Vietnamese restaurant hereabouts. I wish, I wish, I wish.


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