Paradise life

paradiseEleven birds of paradise are about to burst from their buds abutting the terraza.

Two have already made their debut.

The peach tree has a few spring flowers, way too early, and I saw a cock-tailed wren in the aloe vera bush immediately on stepping outside this morning with a nice cup of coffee while waiting for the bagels to brown.

Maria de Barros was singing Caresse Moi  in the living room. I am, of course, a fan of caresses. It was 50 degrees Farenheit, and it’s February.

This winter has been remarkable in that it has never arrived, and it’s getting even milder, so I’m guessing it’s skipping this year, which is quite okay.

We haven’t fired up the fireplaces, and the portable gas heater, the one upstairs, was lit likely not more than ten times total, which ain’t much.

It has been chilly evenings and mornings but not afternoons.

Most of the banana trees are still green, and the birds got nary a chance to ice skate in their bath bowl, a winter tradition, on the patio’s edge.

All told, things are good, and the sky is blue.

This afternoon we’ll be in the nation’s capital to taste a new restaurant and, after that, sit at a sidewalk table with ice cream and chocolate syrup.

I once worked for a living but not anymore.

6 thoughts on “Paradise life”

  1. For a while, like the first two and a half weeks of January, it seemed that winter would not arrive here either. Temps were above freezing at night, and well into the upper forties to lower fifties during the day. Positively tropical by Bostonian standards in January.

    Then winter arrived with a vengeance. Temps into the low single digits at night, “warming up” to the lower twenties during the day. It snowed. We had gales. Ice crept forth and covered the land. It’s not that cold now, but still only 27F as I write, and not forecast to be much warmer in the coming week.

    Enjoy it while it lasts, but as you know, Mother Nature can do whatever she wants, including killing off buds and flowers that had no business sprouting so early in the first place.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we much prefer the climate of Mexico City.


    1. Kim: I moved my favorite potted plant to a more vulnerable spot on the downstairs terraza the other day. I did it with trepidation because, as you note, Mother Nature can turn on you. But, so far, so good.

      Yes, the climate in Mexico City is better than in Boston. However, even non-smokers are inhaling six cartons of smoke a day. Not recommended for health and happiness.


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