Killing time and us

TimeI had a Facebook page for about a year. Then I canceled it. I have a Twitter page, but I ignore it. A link to this website goes there automatically, and that’s it.

Occasionally, I look at Twitter and roll my eyeballs. I truly do not get it. I did get Facebook, but I abandoned it because it can be a colossal time-eater. Everyone spends too much time online as it is.

Meanwhile, the Mohammedans are living their lives more wisely, building nuclear weapons, sharpening their scimitars, eying our necks, and seeing to it that their womenfolk are covered head to toe with cloth.

I did find some folks to “Follow” on Twitter because it’s expected of me. Thirty, to be exact. Among them is an organization called Fire, and then there’s Paul Ryan,  Charles Krauthammer, John Stossel, Bill O’Reilly and the New York Post.

Plus, Mia Love and Crystal Wright, two black gals with great attitudes.

And Sophia Vergara, whom I would love to touch, but never will.

And nine people “Follow” me, although I have no idea why.

During my year with Facebook, I accumulated over 100 “friends,” even though I had never set eye on 99 percent of them. For a person so pathologically unsocial as I am, the very notion of having 100 friends is laughable.

Yes, Mohammedans spend their time better, thinking of ways to slay us.

And they will.

15 thoughts on “Killing time and us”

  1. Ah. Felipe, you are such a joy to read sometimes. Better than Norman Vincent Peale. Better than Joel O’Steen. So positive you are! However, I have read the end of the good Book. We win. One day, we win. Evil will be vanquished. Good will win out. As far as Facebook, I use it mainly to keep my supporters aware of ministry goings on, as little old ladies frequently read and send donations, for some unknown reason.


      1. Job called out to God asking why all this horrible stuff was happening — “God does not answer Job’s question. It’s as though God starts off his message to the world by explaining there are painful realities in life we cannot and will not understand.” — Donald Miller (A Million Miles in A Thousand Years)

        Okay. Off to work to balance books for January.


  2. What happened to your love for Google+? You proclaimed that it had captured your heart and mind when you left FB. When I left Google+, I felt like I’d moved out of a bad neighborhood.


    1. Ms. Rose: Put down the magic hookah. I never loved Google+, and I never proclaimed that it captured my heart and mind. I did start a page there, however, and I encouraged others to abandon FB too. Google+ was novel for a spell, fun while I figured it out, but after a few weeks I wearied of it, and I rarely go there.

      Truth is that FB is better than Google+. But both are a waste of life’s precious moments. Twitter even more so.


  3. Gee, I do spend a bit of time on FB too. And I too miss ya there you old coot! I post lots of pics and share with ppl I don’t even know intimate details of my very private life too…
    You should try it, it’s a great way to break out of one’s hermit tendencies…


  4. Having a baby has cured my unproductive time on social media. Privacy issues are also concerning, I think my fb will be killed this year and people will have to have an actual relationship with me to know what’s going on in my life.


    1. Ms. de Bois: Know that you cannot kill your FB page. It is set in stone. They will not let you delete it. It can only be put into hibernation. Really.

      Ah, yes, the baby times. I remember them well. Particularly that sleep is out of the question. I’m so glad that is far behind me.


  5. I like Twitter. I don’t tweet much, but I can usually find a good laugh there, particularly from @iowahawkblog. Folks can be very snarky in 140 characters or less.


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