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K1000-02In the left column you’ll see a few links. One of them is to Sidekicks, which are pages related to The Moon. One of those sidekicks is a photo website.

The link directed you to a Flickr collection of photos of our Hacienda.

But now I have dumped Flickr and signed up with SlickPics, which is far superior. And the photos are not just of the house, which I brag about relentlessly and shamelessly, I confess.

Now there are photos from our Cuba trip that were not included in the long, engaging post on our 2012 voyage to the Communist dictatorship.

Plus other previously unseen photos, even of the Hacienda.

14 thoughts on “Pretty pictures”

  1. Your hacienda is a work of art. Everything placed with care and thought, it seems. The winding stone paths leading to an unexpected garden and decorative walls — well done.

    Even though I have seen many of the inside photos before, there seems to be a new one — are those two separate bathrooms? An appropriate entrance into each. Are they upstairs or downstairs?

    The raised fireplace is also one of my favorites. It makes a lot of sense and lovely to stare at.


    1. Thanks, Andean. As for the bathrooms, there is only one bathroom photo in the bunch, so I’m not sure to what you are referring about a second. The one shown, with the green-and-white wall tile, is the big bathroom, and it’s downstairs. There is one upstairs, much smaller, but there is no photo of it in that gallery.


    2. Just occurred to me that you may be referring to those two adjoining doors with the man and woman carved into the wood. If so, no. One goes to a walk-in closet, and the other goes to the bedroom downstairs.


  2. That sounds like it…

    Anyway, that’s why I questioned, wasn’t clear, I still enjoy (now I know it was carvings), and who were they done by if I should ask?


    1. We had them made here by a guy that carves such things, not just doors. We found the man door already made at his business, and we had the woman made to match. Or maybe it was the other way around.


  3. I love your blue and gold color scheme in the living room and your objets d’art.

    I just moved into my first hacienda last month so I have some catching up to do.


      1. Felipe: Since buying is not an option, I suspect I’m getting the best value in Mexico for a five bedroom house, two baths, including a jacuzzi and an avocado orchard in the backyard for 3 mil a month.


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