Blind celebration


How did I miss this?

Seems that February 1 was the first (and, let us pray, the last) World Hijab Day,* in which non-Muslim women from 50 nations took a stand against “Islamaphobia” and covered themselves to protest society’s bias against veiled women.

Yes, clueless gals from all over slammed down their collective fists to say: You will not oppress Oppression! It must be celebrated!

The Mohammedan veil, or rather the entire body bag, is, of course, the most visible manifestation of women’s oppression in the Mohammedan world.

And it goes downhill from the body bag. No driving of cars. No walking downtown alone. No higher education. Lots of stoning. And much, much more.

Ditzy, “with it” Westerners, mostly young and stupefyingly dumb, I’m guessing, support this because it’s another culture, ya know.

And our wacky world careens loopily onward toward the nearing edge of the latest dark and deep and gloomy pit.

* * * *

* According to the BBC.

7 thoughts on “Blind celebration”

  1. I usually stay out of this kind of discussion — I figure what’s the point of arguing with people I don’t even know; I’m not going to change anyone’s mind — but I’ve got to go with you on this one. Wearing a hijab to support the wearing of hijabs is so stupid it defies words. The women who are doing this are too young to remember how recently (in the larger scheme of things) women have gained the rights they now have and should never take for granted.


    1. And one more thing. Yes, it likely is young people involved in this ridiculousness, and you are right in that they are doing it, in part, due to being young and not remembering how “it used to be.”

      And not knowing history.

      The phenomenon is rearing its ugly head in other matters too. In Russia, for instance, the younger generation that never felt the stone fist of the Soviet Union and Communism are, in large numbers, looking back at those days fondly now. And calling for a return.

      And other youngsters, in Europe and America, are starting to blame the U.S. for the Cold War. Utter nonsense, all of it.

      Ignorance of history. So sad.


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