Women’s feet

Let’s take a close look at women’s feet.

HeelsWhy do high heels look sexy? They are little sticks that cause the toes to go down and the heels to come up. What, pray tell, is sensual about that in any way?

It makes utterly no sense. But the gut reaction, in men at least, is quite clear. I do not understand it, even in myself.

Women’s feet do not interest me at all, never have. I do not get foot fetishists. Feet are normally the ugliest part of the human body, both male and female. You may disagree. If you do, I think you have a foot thing going on.

But a pair of stilettos changes everything. Mysterious.

In the old Chinese world, women’s feet were mutilated. Bound, they called it. How Naomi Wolf would have reacted to that! And I would have agreed with her, as distasteful as that would have been for me, agreeing with her.

Chinese men found the bound feet arousing. Apparently, it really steamed them up. I would have included a photo of bound feet here, but it’s too yucky. The Moon has lofty visual standards.

Nobody gives men’s feet a moment’s thought.* We don’t put sticks under our heels, and nobody better try and bind them. We’d fight back.

Word of advice to the ladies: If you’re gonna wear stilettos, be slim. High heels on a weight-challenged babe is counterproductive.

Overweight women should stick to sensible footwear.

* * * *

* Well, maybe. I was wearing a pair of sandals (not stilettos!) in a Houston elevator one warm day, and a good-looking woman commented that I had nice feet, a pretty clear come-on that I stupidly ignored.

(Note: Artwork by Judy Mackey.)

14 thoughts on “Women’s feet”

  1. High heels cause the legs and back to stand differently, thus causing the behind to protrude. That’s why men like high heels on women. Fat ladies do not need this remedy.


      1. Felipe: Being a connoisseur of women’s okoles (that’s the Hawaiian word for derriére), I can affirm Laurie’s observation. Not only do the high heels enhance the butt, they also make for great calves. All in all, women endure them to allure us with a more beautiful, by men’s standards, posterior. I can think of no other reason they would endure the torture.

        Of course there are probably some men with foot fetishes who may prefer sandals to stilettos. I cannot speak for them.


    1. That high heels are dangerous and do physical damage is obvious. That anyone wears them is amazing. It’s a hoot watching women walk in them here over cobblestone streets. Talk about major-league dumb.


  2. I’ve had more than one woman tell me that they judge men by the condition of their shoes. Years ago I learned reflexology/shiatsu/Japanese acupressure which includes giving a foot massage, which often leads to more territory up above. Women’s feet are very sensitive.


    1. Andres: You’ve reminded me of something. Known to few, I am a certified masseur. During my training in Houston in the late 1990s, I was giving a foot massage to a nice young lady in the school, another student. I thought she was going to faint dead away. To say her feet were very sensitive is a major understatement.


  3. I agree that heavy women shouldn’t wear skinny heels. By the same token, tiny women shouldn’t wear chunky wedges. It’s all about the visual balance.


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