Getting down

ve been trying to lay off the White House inhabitants. What’s the point? But sometimes my eyeballs roll so far back into my graying skull that restraint is well-nigh impossible.

There is a larger issue and a smaller issue.

The larger, which I’ve mentioned repeatedly, is the childishness of so many Americans. The naive, spoiled attitudes of a people who have lived their entire lives with no serious threat to their existence.

Now let’s move on to the smaller issue, a specific example. Her name is Michelle Obama, a woman who personifies America in 2013.

Here she is on television with a twit named Jimmy Fallon who’s in drag.

What’s wrong with this? Living in the White House, being the First Lady, requires a degree of gravitas. It comes with the job — or should.

What is happening in the video is the antithesis of gravitas. She’s dancing with a guy in drag. The silliness of the dance itself. And a hairdo, which is her own and not related to the skit, bangs in her eyes, that is suitable for a 15-year-old.

And Michelle is pushing 50.

Can you imagine Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton or any other First Lady ever who would have been caught dead coming off like this?

Michelle perfectly reflects today’s America in all its inanity.

* * * *

(Note: As mentioned not long ago, the book to read is Slouching Toward Gomorrah by the recently departed Robert H. Bork.)

(Confession: I have not, and I will not, watch this video to its end. I tried but could not. I was cringing, literally.)

21 thoughts on “Getting down”

  1. You rant on and on about how the Muslims are going to eat our lunch and then you say we have never experienced a threat to our existence. Can’t have it both ways.
    I had a yahoo beating on my door at 2AM out in a little jungle town the other night, he left when he heard me running the file over my machete’s blade to take any little bit of rust off that high carbon edge. A threat to someone’s existence forsure.


    1. Norm: First off, I do not rant, as a previous post pointed out clearly. I do polemics. Perhaps you were not paying attention that day. Or playing macho sharpening a machete. God knows.

      The threat from Mohammedans, which is huge, comes in many guises. It is a dark and menacing cloud growing on the very near horizon. And 21st century Americans (Europeans too), being what they are, do not see it — with some exceptions. They are too busy with silliness, triviality and “embracing other cultures, ya know.”


  2. Remember when Michelle had Margarita Zavala, then Mexico’s First Lady, skipping and prancing in a room of kindergarteners during her State visit? She doesn’t have the first clue, from planting the since-ignored vegetable garden in $400 tennis shoes to taking separate vacations and even separate jets to the same vacation venue. The EUA got its two-for-one with this duo: two clowns. And as I’ve said before, those who voted for him should be deeply ashamed.


    1. Ms. Rose: I do not remember the event you refer to, but I believe you.

      As for people who voted for Michelle’s hubby, I imagine you can count the number who are ashamed of that, deeply or otherwise, on the fingers of one hand.

      Every morning I wake and tell myself: One day less to the end of this horror. President Marco Rubio is coming down the pike. Well, unless he leans down and swills too many more mini-bottles of water while trying to maintain eye contact with the camera.


  3. What’s next? Barry strutting down the hallway with baggy shorts wearing a baseball car backwards, designer Nikes and gold chains.

    Wads Up, man … Get down.


    1. Tancho: I’m sticking to Michelle today, but I get your point. Myself, I avoid your particular type of criticism because it’s too easily turned into ammo for the collectivists to call you a racist.

      Even though you will find white guys who fit your description quite easily. It’s become universal, lamentably.

      But this is not about Michelle’s race. She’s black. Not about Obama’s either. He’s biracial, a marble swirl cake. I don’t care about skin tones.

      It’s about a childish nation and who it has elected to its highest position. And his family. It reflects. It’s telling.


    1. Ms. Rose: I had to Google Honey Boo Boo. Thanks for cluttering my little gray cells with American trivia.

      Go, Marco! He’s my man.

      Note not just to you but others who leave links on the comments: Use tinyURL. It’s really nice, and avoids unsightly clutter. I changed your sprawling link above.

      Note to non-Spanish speakers: EUA is the Mexican abbreviation for USA.


    1. Carole: How can a 7-year-old be a degenerate? Or are you referring to the program, which would qualify, or Honey Boo Boo’s mother who also would qualify. Or perhaps you accidentally jumbled Barack Hussein Obama’s initials, and want to label him a degenerate. You may do that if you desire.

      Glad you brought up Michelle’s Oscar presentation which is in the same category as her dancing with the twit in drag. Can you picture any previous First Lady giving out Oscars? It repels me, all of it.


    1. Ms. Mommy: Sure, the dance is kind of fun if you like that sort of thing. But it’s not what the First Lady should be doing on national television. The gravitas thing. She has an image to uphold, and chuck-a-lucka-boom-bam ain’t it. So we’ll have to disagree today.


    1. Becky: We are of one mind, of course. The Academy Awards performance should not be overlooked either. It looked bad. It reflects a mindset, an enthrallment with entertainment and showbiz. Whoop-de-doo!

      Fine for other people, but not the First Lady. The White House has other things to focus on. Obama should sit her down and read her the proverbial riot act. But, of course, he won’t do that.

      Let us be thankful for small favors. At least he is not jiving with twits in drag on national television.


  4. IMHO Marco Rubio’s rebuttal to the State of the Union address was one of the most rambling and pointless I have heard since Mittens was running…no wonder he was thirsty…and Michelle Obama has more class in her little finger than all of the other first ladies you mentioned combined…just sayin’…


    1. Joanne: I mentioned her hairdo because it is entirely inappropriate for her age and position. It’s the ‘do of an adolescent. Apparently, you think it is of no consequence. I disagree, especially since one of my main themes here, when I “rant” about the United States, is that the nation is sinking daily further and further into trivialities, narcissism and childishness.


    2. P.S.: Michelle’s totally inappropriate hairdo harkens back to the young Brigitte Bardot who also had her bangs hanging in her eyes. Bardot was in her 20s at the time, but she was trying to look like a teen-ager, thinking men find that hot, and she was not wrong in that.

      It is the look of a sex kitten, not the president’s wife.

      Here’s a photo:


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