The feminine mystique

Why do women do this?

Why do they put their daily duds on the bed in the order they will appear on the body? And then, why do they step back to look with their heads cocked at a 45-degree angle, first to one side and then to the other.

Men never do this. Why do women?

Silly postmodern feminist fanatics try to convince us that gender is a mental/social construct, but common sense clearly indicates otherwise.

This is my child bride’s “outfit” this morning. She does it almost every day. Look, she even wrapped the belt around to get a better idea.

And below: the shoes!

I arranged nothing for this shot. It’s all her doing.

She was in the shower when I took the photo. She’s downstairs getting dressed now, not knowing that I’m making fun, not just of her but of all women.

Why do they cock their heads at a 45-degree angle?

25 thoughts on “The feminine mystique”

    1. Carole: Yes, but she’s not looking at me. She’s looking at the clothing arrangement or, if the duds are on her, looking at herself in a mirror, head cocked. What is it with that head-cocking thing?


  1. As Maurice Chevalier used to say, “vive la difference!”

    Men are very pleased with the most obvious differences and perplexed with the rest of them. It certainly makes life interesting.


  2. My ex-partner used to do the same thing. She once asked me what I thought. I said I think the bed’s not made. Apparently, that wasn’t part of the thinking process. I believe it’s a womanly plot to see if we’re worth saving. Women are tricky that way.


  3. Man oh man, you are just scratching the surface of the mystique thing. You and I are both lucky … at least they don’t ask us if we think if their butts look big.


    1. Barb: I do not know what to make of your response. That you do not do it would be one thing, but not to know that other women do it is baffling.

      You are, using the word correctly, unique.


      1. I think I was supposed to have been born a guy. I hate shopping. I don’t much care for fashion and I detest wearing make-up. As women go, I’m about as low maintenance as they come. The irony? I work in the beauty industry. lol


  4. I don’t do this, either. I have seen this but, in my case, it was more common for my mom to lay out my dad’s clothes in such manner. My father possesses a certain amount of color blindness in that he couldn’t recognize all colors and shades. He liked to dress sharp, and without her intervention, his clothes would have run brighter and less congruent than the perceived norm of his gender and class.


  5. I don’t do this either.
    I usually decide what I’m going to wear beforehand, put it on, and look in a full length mirror, then I turn to look at the different angles. The shoes get decided on last, as women can have many options.


  6. Since fabric is mostly woven, the threads of most garments run at right angles, and these angles line up with one’s posture, i.e., up-down, left-right. This weaving creates a certain polarization of the light, which can throw off perceptions of color and pattern.

    Women, cleverly, tilt their heads at 45 degrees so as to effectively phase-shift the polarization, thus gaining a true idea of what impression the clothing will give.

    And later, once fully dressed, they secretly laugh at us men for not doing the same.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we have special non-polarized light in our closet to overcome this particular problem via technology.


    1. Kim: You’re a hoot. Of course, only a gay guy would know these things. As for the explanation of the 45-degree phenomenon, it makes sense, even if women don’t know why they are doing it.

      A special light in your closet?!


  7. I think Kim was being facetious, but I must admit he had me going too. Could it be that women shop from mannequins and want to see clothes as they would hang on a person? Just a wild guess on my part.


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