Despots under glass

The no-neck demagogue Hugo Chávez will be installed in a glass tomb à la Mao, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh.

MaoA state funeral was held yesterday in Caracas. Attending was Cuban co-dictator Raul Castro, Iranian despot and Jew-hater Ahmadinejad and a couple of U.S. politicos, both Democrats.

No surprise there, eh?

There were 33 heads of state in all. Obama would have gone, but he had previously scheduled two rounds of golf with aging terrorist Bill Ayers.

LeninAnd Michelle had a hair date with Mister Maurice.

Venezuelan Vice President Maduro, who now runs the show in that benighted nation, said, “We have decided to prepare the body of our comandante president … so that it remains open for all time … just like Ho Chi Minh, just like Lenin, just like Mao.”

Hugo’s corpse will be displayed in a “crystal urn.”  Oh, my!

Ho Chi MinhA mass of ignorant, sobbing humanity jammed into Venezuela’s military academy Thursday to get a look at the despot’s remains, waiting up to 10 hours in the sweaty sunshine.

Rumor has it that a Learjet carrying Sean Penn, George Clooney and Matt Damon vanished in the Bermuda Triangle en route to Caracas, but that has not been confirmed. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking.

You may read a lot more about this bathos right here.

3 thoughts on “Despots under glass”

  1. Well, considering Latin America’s penchant for putting fake Jesus’s in glass cabinets in every church, I can see where they got the idea. Maybe I shall have my earthly remains made into a Lucite coffee table for my son’s living room. It would be a constant reminder that he still owes me money. I would not expect long lineups however.

    Seriously though, I cannot see the appeal of having anyone, even our heroes, entombed in glass. They didn’t even do it with Michael Jackson. Or did they?


    1. Croft: At least what the Latino Catholics put under glass are, for the most part, statues. Collectivists, from Moscow to Beijing to Caracas, put real dead bodies. Of course, collectivists embrace their politics with a heated, religious fervor.

      I don’t think you’ll ever see a Republican corpse under glass.


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