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As I recently abandoned the micro-loan website called Kiva (don’t go there) due to its aiding Mohammedan despotism, I am now trashing Google for its flagrant and Godless collectivism.

On special days, Google has a tradition of putting photos of something relevant on its main page, the one with the search bar.

Not Jesus

What did they display on Easter Sunday? A representation of Jesus? No, they put Cesar Chavez, the dead labor organizer. What in the world does he have to do with Easter? Nada.

Chavez did some real good work for the migrant farm workers. I’ll grant that, but he has his place, and Jesus has another.

Jesus owns Easter.

Chavez, of course, is a hero to the left-wingers, and Google is run by left-wingers. Google loves Obama, for instance.

Well, a guy must stand by his principles, so I’m dumping Google to the extent that I can. My main email is gmail, but I’m going to phase it out. One is judged by the company one keeps, and I don’t wanna smell bad.

I’m dumping Google’s Calendar too. And Chrome, which has been my alternate browser. I’m mostly a Firefox man. I’ll resurrect Opera as backup.

And I’ve switched my default searcher from Google to Bing, which is No. 3 after Google and Yahoo, and Yahoo Search relies on Bing to a great extent.

Bing is a Microsoft product. I wasn’t a fan of Bill Gates for a long time, but he’s looking good again. His Hotmail, an abysmal thing in recent years, is biting the dust, and Gates has debuted something dubbed Outlook.com.

It is not your daddy’s old Outlook, and it’s got a Calendar.

My Outlook email address is listed on the sidebar page titled Felipe  if you want to send me a personal note — or wire me cash.

One Google product I will keep for now is Picasa, the photo site. I’m not willing to chop off my nose on principle. However, if anyone knows of a good substitute, please holler. It would have to be easy because I’m a simple man.

Dump Google. It smells bad.

26 thoughts on “Dump Google

    1. But Sally Dee, whomever you may be, did you not see that after dumping Kiva, I signed onto Promujer? It focuses solely on assisting women in Latin America. Does nothing with the cursed Mohammedans.

      But if you must dump me, so be it. Bye-bye. I hardly knew ye.


  1. You would leave our Kiva Group leaderless?

    Cesar Chavez did a hell of a lot more for the working poor that Jesus Cristo ever did, and like your sweet wife, is (was) Latino, which should give him a leg up on the competition, who was Jewish (sort of). You are not being a very good atheist, mi amigo.

    Turn water into wine all you want but there is nothing like a collective agreement and a little respect. With decent wages, we can buy our own vino tinto (o blanco).


    1. Señor Croft: You are missing the point entirely. It’s not that Chavez didn’t do good things. It’s that he ain’t got nuttin to do with Easter, and Google knows that.

      And I did not leave the Kiva group leaderless. I left it in your very capable hands.


    2. P.S., Croft: I’m not an atheist in the slightest. I’m not even an agnostic. I am quite familiar with God in her many facets. Were I to subscribe to an organized religion, it would be Buddhism.


    1. Norm: Sometimes even unions get/got it right. Actually, I am not against unions as a general principle. Sometimes they are necessary. What I oppose these days are public-sector unions. Unions have no business in government work, as California has discovered.


  2. I don’t think any of the email programs are particularly any good. But, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

    I just got my money from Kiva back into my Paypal account. It will do more good there, sending monthly support to LEAP.


    1. Tancho: Outlook mail works great for me. Gmail did too, though on my computer it often loaded very slowly. Yahoo mail is nice too. So we’ll have to disagree on that.

      Yes, LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) is a superlative place to send your idle cash. I did for years. Keep it up.


    1. Becky: The spying issue that gets people so worked up is a mystery to me. I don’t care if companies know what I’m interested in, etc.

      But I urge you to dump Google. It will cleanse your soul.


  3. I must admit I rely on Google too much to dump it, despite the fact a federal appeals court has refused to force the US National Security Agency to explain any involvement it has had with Web giant Google, citing that a revelation could threaten the entire United States government.


    1. Andres: I cannot imagine why you cannot dump Google. There are fine alternatives to everything it does. Rethink your position, sir.

      Well, except that I still need an alternative to Picasa.


  4. I don’t think Jesus owns Easter any longer… the Easter Bunny now lays claim to the title. And he is backed by corporate America.

    Google has become a tool of Big Brother.


  5. Google is good. It’s a solid product. Jesus is not particularly concerned I suspect that he didn’t rate a doodle on Sunday past. Like Chavez, he has other more pressing concerns, like justice and brotherhood.


  6. Google has me. I can’t live without Street View on Google Maps. I “drive” all over the place every night. All of the USA, most of Mexico and Brazil, plus Western Europe, Japan, Australia, Thailand and even South Africa. I like Bing’s Bird’s Eye View, but Google has them beat with their mapping. I use Picasa and also Panoramio. I gotta look the other way on Google’s politics.


    1. Paul: I can easily live without Google Maps. Just yesterday, I found a great substitute for Picasa. Perhaps it’s even better. It goes by the odd name of IrfanView.


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