This is what I was wearing: Light-cotton, green-plaid pyjama pants with a drawstring and pockets, plus a green, long-sleeve T-shirt.

I was standing outside. On the rock sidewalk at near night. The final remnants of birds were heading to their trees. They don’t fly at night because they bump into one another. Or something like that.

Bats replace them in the night sky. I was hoping to see the bats sail out from under the downstairs terraza, but I had arrived too late, it seemed.

Bats are not idlers. At the first hint of darkness, they head out for bugs.

My child bride had not arrived home from the gym where she was pumping iron. I missed her, while standing there. But you’re never alone in this neighborhood. I heard the animals next door. Pigs, horse, goats and so on.

It ain’t Kansas, Toto. And I like that.

Over and past the roof of the sex motel, I saw a massive cloud of black smoke from a burning field not far away. Laced with the fading sunlight, it looked like bombs bursting on Berlin.

The metal gate swings open, and she pulls in. That means it’s time for a salad, and we’ll watch Mad Men on Netflix. I’m glad I don’t live in Texas anymore.

10 thoughts on “Nightwatch”

  1. Me and my honey bunny are going to watch “It’s Complicated” today. On the couch, snuggled up nice and cozy as it’s a chilly 40 degrees out here in New York State.
    This ain’t Kansas either, but that’s ok with me too.


  2. I feel blessed to be in the wild wild west of Michoacan, where the patterns of life delight the senses with the beauty of nature in the spring time.


  3. I think the biggest thing is ones contentment level. We are content despite it being somewhat civilized. Contentment is the state of mind everyone should strive to achieve. Love the farmer’s market on Saturdays at the old Pearl Brewery complex which is being revived with campy shops and restaurants. People bring their dogs on leashes (one copped a messy squat on the pavement where people walk.) There is a CIA (Cooking Institute of America) school that always has activities, a yoga studio and residents live above the shops at ground level. Very nice for a city that was once the drive-by shooting capitol of the US 🙂


    1. Carole: Were I to live anywhere in Texas, San Antonio would be the place. I did live there for four short months in 1984. Really liked it. It’s changed quite a bit since then, of course.


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