Sunny side up

Like all pre-menopausal women, Bett produced a monthly egg. But it wasn’t like the egg of other women. It was more like a condor’s.

eggShe had never married, and she’d never taken the issue to a medical professional. It was her secret. She had a nest in the spare bedroom, made of pillows and potpourri, not twigs.

And none of her eggs had ever hatched. Bett assumed that if she kept one warm, like good mothers should, it would in time vibrate and crack open. And there would be her baby.

Or likely not, due to lack of fertilization. Bett had no boyfriend.

So she ate them. Over easy. Sunny side up. Scrambled.

They even poached.

And they were great with grits.

21 thoughts on “Sunny side up”

    1. Jackie: The idea came from just one line in an episode of Mad Men, 2011 season, that I recently heard. We are just getting the 2011 season via Netflix. That sole line simply mentioned a woman who laid real eggs, nothing more. I started thinking about that and …

      All the details are mine, of course.


  1. Who knows where an unrestricted imagination and a whole lot of free time will lead a fertile mind, if not an egg?


  2. I surmise you gave up alcohol and mota, a while back, but this is really out of the ball park. Spend more time in the zocalo, visit the people and feed the pigeons. Saludos.


    1. Carlos: I gave up the demon rum in March (or was it May?) of 1996. As for mota, which I had to look up, I have never been a fan of it though I would inhale if someone handed me one. Seems kind of lightweight.

      Since I got sober, I’ve not been real fond of visiting people either and certainly not of feeding pigeons, sober or not. The zócolo of fame is in our nation’s capital, and I’m not fond of it either because I’m not fond of the city in general. Too many people and too much traffic.

      So that leaves us with Bett. She’s an odd one, for sure.


        1. Carlos: A re-read of the short item in question will show there is no mention of her location. I will fill in that detail now. She is in Alabama. And things like that happen in Alabama.


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