Have a seat

Living room

That’s Diane on the left. Her husband, Dave, is the photographer. He owns a Canon, which is a better camera than I’ve ever had.

The fellow on the right, hand upraised and with the same coal-black hair he sported 40 years ago, is me.

Diane and Dave are from California, and they’re visiting our lovely mountain town. Actually, Diane went home after a month. Dave is here two more weeks. He’s taking advantage of Mexican dental care.

Our affordable health-care system is a great reason to visit. You get a fun vacation. You get to eat tacos. And you go home in better shape than when you arrived. And it all costs less than one visit to your own doctor up north.

Color Diane and Dave smart.

13 thoughts on “Have a seat”

  1. Nice picture of la sala. Husband is recovering today from a difficult tooth extraction yesterday done by an oral surgeon. Significant follow-up is required though the procedure went well. Wish we could have taken advantage of the MX dental but it’s kind of nice to be at home at this point.


  2. What a great pic, man. I love your home and the color scheme, señor! You haven’t aged a bit and look great for an old fart. I, on the other hand, am simply aging 🙂
    I’ve been chatting with Suzie about you and your lovely bride. Gotta break her in gently about a trip down south. Miss ya, Pops!



    1. Andean: Thanks. The object of the post, of course, was to use the photo, which I like very much. All the blather about health care, though quite true, was just a reason to use the photo. Dave has a much better camera than I do, and he knows how to use it.


    1. Peter: Gracias, but you realize, I hope, the lovely woman in the photo is not mine. She’s Diane, the wife of the photographer. They were visiting. She, coincidentally, is a child bride too. She is 55 to Dave’s 75, an even wider spread than that between me and my own child bride, who was not home when photo was shot.


  3. I second your endorsement of Mexico as an ideal place for medical/dental tourism. This month I’m getting my first lower denture fastened with four mini-implants for a grand total of $1800.


    1. Andres: Many reasons to live in Mexico, and health care is a biggie.

      It’s never dull here is another. Last night about 10:30 the house shuddered a bit from an earthquake somewhere, and starting about 2:30, there was a major-league shootout in the near distance that lasted over an hour. Kept my child bride awake, but I snored through most of it.


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