Underdogs and overdogs

The overdogs
The overdogs — free Israelis
The underdogs
The underdogs — self-oppressed Mohammedans

It feels good to root for the underdog, which is why so many people do it. It’s assumed the underdog is under  through no fault of his own. It’s fate, lousy luck, and it just ain’t right.

Conversely, we think badly of the overdog, the guy at the top, the high school football star, the prom queen. We’re full of envy, and hate them for it. They were born attractive and talented, and it just ain’t fair.

Almost all anti-Americanism in the world today stems from this human trait. Same goes for the ballooning anti-Semitism that we see all around us.

More and more, especially among the elites, the opinion-swayers in the Anglophone world and Western Europe, America is bad-mouthed, and so is Israel. The poor, oppressed Mohammedans have our hearts.

Truth is that America and its natural ally Israel are overdogs due to their cultures of democracy, capitalism and liberty. The Mohammedans are underdogs because their miserable, backward cultures are precisely the contrary.

Above are photos of Israeli women and Mohammedan women. In which world would you want to live? The beautiful Israeli babes are free. The Mohammedan women are covered, literally and figuratively.

Maybe they are beautiful too. There’s no way to know. Were they to show us, they might get thrashed or stoned.

The American government in recent decades, no matter the political party in charge, has strived to bring democracy and freedom to the Mohammedan world. The intention is nice, but it has not worked, and it never will.

Might as well try to teach independence to an ant or valor to a sheep. The miserable Mohammedan culture will always thwart such efforts.

One of The Moon’s objectives is to lead you into the light. Here’s a perceptive column by Dr. Michael Youssef, an Egyptian cleric living in Atlanta.

24 thoughts on “Underdogs and overdogs

    1. Tancho: It’s a severe dilemma for them. Bring it up, and they change the subject immediately or say something like:

      Gotta respect other cultures, ya know.


  1. Felipe, sometimes I am just at a loss for words. I started gathering photos of happy Muslim women (there are plenty) but then thought, “Why bother? Nothing will change you”.


    1. I will try and remember the happy Muslim women, next time I hear a family killing one of their daughters or a woman stoned to death because of family honor.


      1. Tancho: Those stoned women die happy, doncha know? They aren’t greeted in heaven by 66 virgins, but Allah sends them 25 George Clooney lookalikes instead.


  2. “Perspective column” was an excellent summary of the situation, Western foolishness and the reality of what Islam really teaches.


  3. Intimidation is the worst thing, how do you grow. Just not possible. Things change over time, but never fast enough for those wanting.

    Nice to see your views here. Cheers


    1. Shelagh: Yep, 25 George Clooney lookalikes. Thinking of becoming a Mohammedan now, are you?

      And they are only lookalikes. You don’t have to put up with the insufferable left-wing personality that comes with the actual actor.


  4. I read this quote recently, can’t remember where, but I thought it said it all.
    “Islam is a religion of peace and love and they will kill you to prove it.”


    1. Jackie: Yep, Mohammedanism, not unlike modern PC leftism in the Western world, does not accept contrary opinions. It’s their way or else. That is one reason, contrary to logic, the latter (fanatical atheism) sides with the former (fanatical theism).

      Just part of the wacky world we now live in.


  5. Is what we are witnessing on this Blog an example of the American brainwashing process that will soon make it acceptable to send cruise missiles into schools, apartments and hospitals in some obscure country that most Americans could not find on a map, but which is inhabited by those dreaded/feared “Mohammedans”?


    1. Jeepers, Croft, I couldn’t say. Brainwashing, I mean.

      As for sending missiles into schools, apartments and hospitals inhabited by Mohammedans, I’d support this:

      1. Empty the schools of kids, not teachers, then send in the missiles.
      2. As for apartments, well, sure, send in the missiles.
      3. As for hospitals, clear out the few who are innocent, leave the zealots no matter their condition, and send in the missiles.


  6. Yes, I say. And if they need my help, please call. Do they not know what a war is. In this so called modern war, unfortunately there are no noncombatants


    1. Carlos: And in this modern war, nation states are not always part of the equation. It’s a confusion for many people, causing them to grossly underestimate the peril.


  7. By the way do you eat fried chicken or does your child bride eat beans. Tell me how insulting this is.


    1. Carlos: I like fried chicken quite a bit, though I haven’t eaten it in years for two reasons. One is that you don’t ever find it in restaurants in my neck of the woods. The other is that it ain’t healthy. I did grow up eating fried chicken, however, lots of it. Creamed corn too.

      My child bride loves beans, and so do I. We eat beans on a regular basis. Beans are good for you.


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