My child bride was raised by an evil stepmother, sorta like Cinderella.

This evil stepmother recently handed over a few old photos, and here is a shot from 1968. The slanty-eyed munchkin on the right grew up and married me 34 years later, fulfilling another Cinderella requirement at an advanced age.

She found her Prince Charming.

The miscreant on the left, one year older, is a sister named Maria, and the less said about her the better. The photo was shot in the farming town of Los Reyes de Salgado where my child bride grew up in the State of Michoacán.

She is 7 in this picture, and I was six years out of high school.

5 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. I have learned a new appreciation for these photographs of our youth — in this case, your wife’s youth. (She still has that same gracious smile.) It may be old age, but I find a lot of enjoyment in conjuring up misplaced memories. I am convinced one reason I enjoy Mexico is that it reminds me of Powers in the 1950s. We are not often granted entry into a land whose borders we crossed long ago.


    1. I agree totally with Steve on this. Mexico can transport us back to simpler era in a New York second triggering memories when life was better, less complicated and less expensive. Old photos and old songs also help. I have a collection of over 400 songs on i-tunes I’ve harvested from YouTube.


    2. Steve: You say something interesting. I am often reminded here of the 1950s in the United States.I believe that much of what people see as “poverty” is simply a lifestyle from long ago.


  2. Apparently, we wore similar haircuts around that age. I wonder if it was just a Latin thing.

    Miscreant — haven’t heard that word in ages.


    1. Andean: I suspect that hairdo has more to do with making mama’s life easier than anything. Chinese kids seem to sport that style almost exclusively.

      As for miscreant, I know one when I see one, and that sister, age 53 now, qualifies for a low-level version. Sadly, there are quite a few questionable personalities in my wife’s family. I would think she was switched at the hospital had she not been delivered at home by her doctor father.


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