Thuggery and loons

June is almost here, and that means graduation.

The Los Angeles Times reports that only four conservatives were included in those  commencement speakers invited by 150 colleges and universities.

Cory Booker, the collectivist mayor of Newark, New Jersey, received more invitations than all elected Republicans combined.

A major reason for this shocking disparity of opinion is that conservatives are routinely shouted down and otherwise disrupted.

Diversity only applies to skin tone, never opinions.

There was no mention of how many Mohammedans received speaking invitations from the Multicultural Marxists who control U.S. education.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service hunts down the regime’s political opponents, those who do not “think correctly.”

Welcome to Obama’s America.

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Mexican efficiency

Odds and endsThere are many advantages to living south of the Rio Bravo. Costs and taxes are lower. People are more polite. It’s safer and freer. The list is very long.

My child bride renewed her passport today in the state capital. We arrived at the office just before 10 a.m. with all the necessary paperwork. We walked out two hours later with the new passport in hand.

It’s good for ten years and cost the peso equivalent of about 160 U.S. bucks. Mine does not expire till February 2016, and my U.S. passport expires three months later. Renewing the former will be far easier than renewing the latter.

It’s incredible that as Mexico improves, the United States just keeps getting worse. Who would have ever imagined that?

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American crackpots

A Maryland school (unionized no doubt) is offering psychological counseling to its students who might have been traumatized by a lad who chewed a Pop-Tart into the vague shape of a pistol.

Reason magazine characterized the situation as something conjured up by “madmen,” and it’s not the television show it’s referring to.

The National Rifle Association has given the Pop-Tart-munching kid a lifetime membership. I used to be neutral on the NRA, but now I’m a fan.

You should be able to chew a Pop-Tart into any shape that suits you. It’s a right protected by the U.S. Constitution.

18 thoughts on “Thuggery and loons”

  1. Diversity is only welcome when it favors Obama and his agendas. Anyone who even remotely favors anything anti-Obama gets audited and harassed by the IRS and demonized by the White House. This is Obama’s legacy from Chicago.


  2. Allowing a kid to eat a pop tart is the worst offense.

    The passport situation in Canada is similarly stupid. In a day when I go to a fitness club and they can produce a photo ID in two minutes, why does the government insist that I go somewhere to have a photograph taken and then sign a document swearing that it’s my picture?


  3. The pop tart story is one of many that come out almost daily. Same thing happened to a child that had a Lego gun with him. Yes, a Lego gun. He got suspended.

    If they only took the energy, money and labor to use it to teach children where some countries are in the world, or perhaps writing complete sentences, things might improve. But I kind of doubt it. The unions wouldn’t allow better schools.


    1. Tancho: I think lunacies of this sort are done to a large degree from fear on the part of school officials, which is the atmosphere created by the PC forces. Fear of losing their jobs if they are insufficiently “sensitive” to the souls of their young charges.

      And then there are teacher unions, of course, the prime forces against education and rationality.


  4. A series of Muslim outreach summits are being planned across the country by Obama to find out what the Muslim immigrants want from America. What? Welfare, food stamps, healthcare and housing isn’t enough? It’s pretty obvious they want to destroy our way of life and Obama is more than happy to oblige.

    Do liberals really believe they will be exempt from Muslin tyranny? What fools.
    Glad to see you are a fan of the NRA. So am I. The gun issue is one of the stumbling blocks for my husband not wanting to move back to Mexico.


    1. Jackie: I was a fence-sitter on the gun-control mess for many a year, but I’ve fallen off the fence onto the side of guns and ammo.

      Muslim outreach? Jeez. But nothing this White House does surprises me in the slightest. They are nothing if not predictable.

      As for not moving down here due to not being able to bring your weapons, well, sometimes you gotta make sacrifices. And that is one worth making. Tell your hubby I said so.


  5. Senor Zapata,
    After years of enjoying your musings, I’m sorry to say you have turned your blog into a right wing coffee kludge.


    1. Francisco: You misread me. I am a firm resident of the middle of the road, believe it or not. I support drug legalization, abortion rights, assisted suicide, stem-cell research and a host (I imagine) of other “left-wing” issues. I support capital punishment only in exceptional cases.

      What I do not support, to put it mildly, is Obama and anything that he stands for, which is big government, high taxes, “redistribution” of income in the name of equality, downplaying (to put it mildly) the very real threat of the Muslim world, which is oppressive to women and other religions, and is working feverishly to develop nuclear weapons that would be used first against Israel and then against anybody else they consider infidel.

      Speaking of Israel, it is the only democracy in that part of the world, a civilized society that even lets Mohammedans live in their midst in peace. Women can go to school, drive their cars, walk around without being covered in sheets, and vote. Nobody much votes in the Muslim world except in those areas where democracy has been force-fed temporarily. It won’t last. The Muslim world is a world of royalty and/or despotism.

      Obama clearly leans in their direction, thinking it’s only “fair.” The guy is clueless.

      Obama is also anti-American. He prayed at the feet of the vitrolic, anti-American, race-baiting, bogus Pastor Wright for decades, a fact that was covered up ASAP during the 2008 campaign by a slobbering news media. It remains covered up.

      Radicals of the 1960s have taken over the American educational system, and turned much of the citizenry against itself. History is twisted. And contrary opinions these days are shouted down by the left.

      It’s a tragic, dangerous situation, and it’s getting worse.

      But I am a moderate. A moderate who favors open expression of polite opinion even when I do not agree with it. I hear it here frequently.

      But, yet again, university grads across the country this year will hear only the accepted, modish opinions that the left allows them to hear. And this year is not the first year, nor will it be the last.

      The American left has developed a Fellini World, and I lament it, a world in which little boys cannot munch a Pop-Tart into the form of a pistol and other such egregious foolishness.

      That mindset is all part of the same package that exists in powerful places these days above the Rio Bravo. I am so glad I do not live there anymore, but I do enjoy making fun of it while almost weeping.


    2. But fret not, Francisco. The political polemics continue to be, and are far less numerous than before the last election, only a part of The Unseen Moon which follows its motto of Fact, Fiction and Opinion Stirred in an Odd Pot. We are nothing if not eclectic.


    1. Paul: Thanks for the link, but you’ve been in big trouble for years, especially since November of 2008.

      By the way, there are already parts of Europe where speaking negatively of Mohammedans will land you in jail. Really.


  6. Señor Felipe,

    A couple of corrections, if I may.

    I renewed my passport about six months ago. All I had to do was fill out a form, put it in an envelope with my old passport and a recent photo, (and of course a cheque) and the new passport was sent to me within two weeks. No spending two hours in some dreary state capitol building.

    Two. You may feel safer in Mexico. With that, I cannot quarrel. But you in fact aren’t safer, on average. The overall murder rate in Mexico is higher than in the USA. And as you well know, most other crimes are dramatically under-reported as Mexicans have no faith at all in their police forces. Those crimes are more prevalent than here NOB, if my anecdotal evidence from friends and blog writers is correct. And organized crime is far more prevalent in Mexico than NOB. And this of course doesn’t even begin to address threats to safety generated by accidents, rabid dogs, lack of railings, dangerous roads, questionable enforcement of building codes, fake medicines, lack of agricultural inspection, lack of drunk-driving enforcement, sidewalks with enormous holes in them, unsafe water, dengue, malaria, etc, etc, etc.

    While I have many criticisms of the USA’s nanny state, the fact is that it does keep us safer than we might otherwise be, and far safer than Mexicans are. I think that many of those safety measure may not be cost-effective, or otherwise interfere with freedoms. But they do work, and people are safer.

    And you should also consider this. You haven’t lived in the USA for years. What you now know you know from reading the papers. As someone who used to work for one, you should know the limitations of that perspective. This place has its problems, but is not the left-wing, soul-crushing place you imagine it to be.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we share Francisco’s opinion about the turn in your blog.


    1. Kim beat me to posting about … how easy it is to renew a passport NOB, it’s done locally here, oh well, (I was safely, relaxing in my pool).


      1. Andean: Relaxing in the pool sounds like a very good way to renew a passport. Glad to hear the Gringos are getting some things right.

        Many things are done via mail up there that you have to do in person down here due to so few people trusting the Mexican mail service, even though I have found the mail service very trustworthy for years. Old notions die hard.


    2. Kim: Glad to hear renewing your passport was so easy. The last time I renewed my U.S. passport, I had to go to Mexico City, spend the night in a nearby hotel, pass through incredible sour-faced security at the Embassy, do my stuff inside, and then a few weeks later it was FedExed, or some such service, to me. Renewing my wife’s passport was far simpler than that. And the government office was in a nice shopping center that was not dreary at all. I waited next door at a sidewalk table of a seafood restaurant with a fresh orange juice. She was seated most of the time on one of many comfy chairs inside as the procedure moved along. About midway, she was told it would be about another hour, so she came out and we ate tacos across the street in a family restaurant.

      As for being safer in the U.S. than in Mexico, you won’t find many Gringos who actually live down here full-time who would agree with you, at least to the extent of how it feels to us. You are correct, of course, in that we are far less regulated in many areas. Some, myself included, find that refreshing and liberating, even though it does make life less secure and safe at times. It’s a tradeoff I am quite willing and happy to make.

      You have quite a negative take on Mexican life. I suggest to you that your guy in Mexico City, like all on the political left (teachers) who are chockablock with complaints about the country and are quite negative about the future, plays a large part in your attitude. I could be mistaken, of course. It happens. Plus, your visits down here are, with few exceptions, to what I consider the worst part of the country, Mexico City.

      Your being kept safer up there is, more and more, in the hands of people like Mayor Bloomberg who keep you safer by wanted to legally obligate you not to eat too many Twinkies, etc. Down here we ingest all the Twinkies we want, and nobody bugs us about it.

      And we don’t need government permission to do so many things that you need permission to do up there, a growing problem for Americans. I’ll take liberty, which we have in spades down here.

      As for a political turn in my website, I just counted the previous 20 posts, and found that seven of them dealt with some aspect of politics, primarily bashing Obama and/or Mohammedans. So, about two thirds of the items dealt with other stuff. I counted no further down, but I’d bet the next 20 would turn up even fewer than seven. Before last November’s pathetic election, I imagine the percentage of political items was far higher. I was trying to make you people see the light, but it did not work.

      This website is a mixture of things, an Odd Pot, and for the easily offended and squeamish fans of Obama and Mohammedans, I am sure they would feel more comfortable reading HuffPost. It’s just a bookmark away.


    3. Perhaps it’s safer up there because 5-year-olds with toy cap pistols are terrorized by “educators” till they piss their pants. Truly, I think that if I lived in a society that did such things, I would put a real pistol to my head and pull the trigger. You people have absolutely lost your minds.


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