Wives past

Multiple marrying does two things.

It makes life more varied and interesting, and that is usually good. It also adds terror and pain, and that is bad.

Looking through the photo album, I found these two shots. The first was taken in 1966 in New Orleans.

My first wife went by the name of Ginger, a nickname for Virginia. She was “with child,” and we were standing on St. Charles Avenue, Mardi Gras Day.


She has been married to a more suitable fellow for a long time now. She is 67, a therapist and still lives in New Orleans where she was born.

Flash forward almost exactly a decade, and here I stand with Julie, my second wife, outside our apartment, also in New Orleans.


I was bent at the knees for this shot so that our faces would be almost level. Julie is short, and I am tall. I also weighed about 50 pounds more than in the previous photo. I was not really fat, but I was a very big fellow.

Julie is 66 and lives in Houston, Texas. She makes her living as a computer whiz, and she has not remarried. She remains in the same house that we shared for nine years, a house she has remodeled very nicely.

Interestingly, I was her second spouse. She was born in St. Louis.

By the way, I shook those 50 pounds in the early 1980s and now weigh what I did in the top photo, so I’m no longer a very big fellow, just tall.

You can’t shake that.

I wish both my previous wives well.

* * * *

(Note: Two other inhabitants of Mexican cyberspace, Steve and Billie, very talented people, were the inspiration for this idea of old photos.)

8 thoughts on “Wives past

  1. And your earlier posts, with your photographs of a younger Felipe, were the inspiration for mine. Good deeds do come around. Especially, when we remember those in our past with kindness — when the circumstances in the past may not have been as kind.

    Nice post.


    1. Steve: Thanks. Here’s something kinda interesting. If memory serves, this is the first time I have ever plugged another blog on my website. Color me self-centered, I guess.


    1. Carole: They are both good people. Alas, my first wife and her husband had their home go partially underwater during Hurricane Katrina. Took a long time to get that sorted out, leaving them in a government trailer for a spell. I assume everything’s back to normal by now, but I do not know for sure. There are drawbacks to living in New Orleans, but people who are born there are famous for never leaving, and if they do leave, they return.


  2. If you took all the girls I knew when I was single, and brought them all together for just one night. I know they’d never match my sweet imagination. And everything looks worse in black and white. Kodachrome by Paul Simon


  3. Sometimes it is kind of nice to look back at the way things were.
    Might be a little sad but usually all those scratchy edges have been softened with time.


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