Life’s compromises


Missus Bones hides between the datura and the bananas.

Can you see her?

When it started raining a few weeks ago, we heard excitement in the yard, a sort of frenzy. Everyone was speaking at once, from the worms to the grass to the fruiting trees to the birds, even the snails and the stone sidewalk.

Missus Bones, however, kept her own counsel. She does not chatter.

This photo is a surrender of mine. Shortly after Easter, when Google put a picture of César Chávez on their home page to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, I grew so incensed at the Leftist effrontery that I erased most every aspect of Google from my computer, and that included Picasa.

I found a decent, free (because I am cheap) alternative called IrfanView, which I have been using since Easter. But it just ain’t the same, so I have ignored my principles and returned to Picasa. I should be ashamed of myself.

Life entails compromises, sometimes smelly ones.

9 thoughts on “Life’s compromises

  1. Flickr recently went to one terabyte of FREE storage! And I have found their quality is very good as well. I only use their storage for photos – but saves a lot on bandwidth charges etc.


    1. John: I only use Picasa to crop and gussy up photos, not for photo storage even though it does that, rampaging through my computer, picking up every image in sight. Wish it would mind its own business.

      For photo storage I used SlickPic, which is very nice. I do pay $25 a year, but that’s okay. There’s a link to it in the Sidekicks on the left sidebar.

      I have always found Flickr to be astounding butt-ugly and off balance. I do not like it at all.


      1. I ONLY use it for storage as my server is full. I have already dumped two years of Blog photos to allow space – so have their terabyte of storage is all I use them for – so far successfully – just thought I would mention. Hopefully they are not going through MY computer – as far as the pictures go I do not copyright them or care who takes them.


        1. John: Since I do not know where “my” server is, or who is taking care of it, or what it looks like, and it never seems to get full, and if it does, it does not seem to affect my life in any way, I do not share your problem. And that is good.


  2. Excitement and chatter. Great description. You perfectly described the cacophony I heard last night following our first major rain. The social wallflowers had turned into chatty cocktail party attendees. And I had been invited to the soiree.


  3. Google is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NSA to spy on the world. You might say that they have really deep pockets. Their Leftist effrontery is par for the course of what is considered trendy today.

    I use to edit my photos – which started out as a free Google application. It is still free which is great for me and it meets most of my needs as a photo editor. It is a poor man’s adobe photoshop.


    1. Andres: Never heard of picmonkey. I’ll have to take a look. But Picasa is great, I must admit. I just wish they’d keep their collective mouth closed about their politics.

      Like I do.


    2. Dang, Andres, I did take a quick look at Picmonkey, and I think it may fill all my humble needs. I’ll use it for a few days, and maybe I can erase the cursed Picasa again. That would be sweet.


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