Lynching a fat white girl

Poor ole Paula Deen, white, Southern, successful and cute. She didn’t have a prayer.

Paula DeenShe might as well have pasted a bulls-eye on her ample butt.

Paula’s the latest famous white person targeted by the Multiculture Mob as it undermines the race, culture and religion (white, Western, Judeo-Christian) that made our Modern World.

Space travel, computers, central air-conditioning, Harley-Davidsons, high-tech medicine and crème brûlée.

These things were not invented in Bolivia or Botswana.

The Diversity Mafia goes after the successful in two ways: Label them a racist and/or tax them to death. The racist epithet shuts their mouths, and high taxes take their money away so it can be gifted to the dysfunctional.

And much of the nation cowers in fear like Berlin Jews in 1935.

You want racists? Look at David Duke, Louis Farrakhan or La Raza.

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    1. Carole: Funny you should mention Obama. I don’t know how long it will stay on there, but if you click the La Raza link, you get a big photo of my fav chick Michelle who’s going to address a La Raza convention next month in New Orleans. La Raza is a virulently racist organization that loves to portray itself as simply promoting Latinos.

      Boy, if that don’t tell you the fox is in the White House, er, hen house.


  1. It’s open season on crackers — Georgia crackers, Alabama crackers, etc. Polarization is the name of the game. Demonization and banishing freedom of speech are the goals. The attack on Paula Deen is obscene. Divide and conquer.


    1. Here’s the irony, Andres. There is no more racism in the South now, nor has there been for many years, than there is in any other corner of the nation or the world.

      But that’s really a sideshow to what’s going on in the U.S. and in most of Western Europe. The successful, the industrious, the hard workers, the educated, the clear thinkers are letting the envious, the dimwitted, the shiftless and the left-wingers, often the same people, shout them down in the name of “fairness and equality.” The Good People are quaking.

      The entire building is collapsing. Slowly, but it’s happening. And it’s ridiculous.


  2. The Good People are quaking. The entire building is collapsing. Slowly, it’s happening in slow motion. And it’s scripted and it’s part of the takeover of our society and the world.


  3. There are still some Americans out there who aren’t fooled. Paula Deen’s new cookbook has surged on Amazon by nearly 1,300% in the last 24 hours. Since the Chinese were allowed to buy Smithfields she’s better off without them.


    1. Jackie: Buying a cookbook is easy. It does not actually require you to stick your head above the trench, but I’m heartened to hear of her increased sales anyway. Never heard of Smithfield. Had to look it up. I assume they dumped her too. As did WalMart, and some casino outfit, I read yesterday. Wusses.


  4. Paula Deen is a victim — plain and simple. She will have to take her many millions (no victim financially really) and fade into the sunset like Jimmy the Greek and many others. I was surprised to see in her Matt Lauer interview that she didn’t more strongly defend the fact that the brothers use that word with impunity; even some of the sisters. Why not go after them? It really is amazing — the power of a word. What ever happened to “sticks and stones”?


    1. John: A victim, sure, but since she’s white and rich, no harm no foul.

      Of course, the bros and sistahs use the n-word every day all day long, but that’s different, doncha know? They were oppressed!


  5. You want to look for racists? Just look at all the blacks that call whites crackers, and there are a lot of them. If the n-word was that bad wouldn’t the blacks not use it to address each other?

    I know that bitch and ho are now okay, since they use those to call their wives and girlfriends.


  6. Ah. Paula. I have mixed feelings about her. She’s clearly being bulldozed, but then she’s such a big target. Why did she think a plantation/slave theme was great for a wedding reception? Why did she fail to act professional with Matt Lauer? Or even dress like a professional?

    What I really enjoy are the great jokes we can use. My favorite thus far? Paula Deen says, “Why, some of my best friends are black-eyed peas!”


    1. Teguz: The plantation/slave theme really takes the cake, doesn’t it? In what world does that woman live? Perhaps she got so rich that she lost touch.

      Love that joke, however.


  7. In Frank Zappa’s first album, he complained about the “thought police,” probably referring to right-wingers who would censor his lyrics. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always been a fan of Zappa, but I wonder if he were still alive, what he would think of the “word police.” The left doesn’t seem to understand how oppressive they have become.


    1. Señor Bowman: I think they know full well how oppressive they have become, and they are all right with it. They are doing “good.” The hard left is as powerfully committed to its political religion as any Holy Roller in the hollers of West Virginia. That said, I also believe that most who still vote Democrat are not as fanatical as their leaders. They simply are not paying attention and/or have some vague notion of being on the side of “fairness.”


  8. First comment and response brings us back to the tiresome Obama theme. How about we all accept the fact that the system doesn’t work and agree that neither Bush’s party nor Obama’s allegiance to his financial supporters is what we’re looking for. Let’s throw the bums out and put Felipe in charge. He certainly couldn’t do any worse. The problem, of course, would be how to put Felipe in charge with what, I would assume, a relative pittance of money in his campaign chest. We might also have a problem with his residing in Mexico … not sure Air Force One could hand all those $5,000,000 million trips. If he takes his lovely child bride, that would probably bring the toll even higher.

    Maybe we should just wait until the whole thing disintegrates. The demise of our superior U.S. of A. system is approaching, even in all of us old guys’ lifetime, I suspect. Mayhaps we’ll even have to stop sucking off the Social Security teat that many of us have become addicted to. (I’m not sure, but I think Felipe shares that particular suck on the system.)

    Paula Deen needn’t worry. She’s set for life. Maybe SHE could contribute to the Felipe campaign. Of course, without any strings attached.

    On another note: La Raza doesn’t hold a candle to the original Black Panthers. Now that was a real racist group of folks. I went to school with them and, as a dyed-in-the-wool leftist revolutionary, tried to join their battle. They wanted nothing to do with this honky. In no uncertain terms, they let me know there was no desire on their part to join the mess we European/American progeny had created.

    Felipe is right inasmuch that nothing has really changed since we marched in Birmingham. It is man’s nature to feel superior to other men. (Sorry, ladies … that should be “people’s” nature, but, in reality, you are already superior to us guys.)

    Sorry for the rant, which is pretty much off subject for this particular posting. Let me end it with: “Felipe For Leader.” I doubt he will accept the job.


    1. Larry: I would do a far better job were I in the White House.

      Of course, racist as it is, La Raza is not quite in the category of the Black Panthers, but some of its leaders surely are. The Panthers were and continue to be simply the black Klan.

      Don’t think you were off topic at all. Rave on, brother.


  9. P.S. I’ve met a couple of 1935 Berlin Jews. Although they lost most of their family, neither of them cowered in fear. But that is another long story.


      1. Ms. Teguz: I assume your use of butter is intentional. As for watching one’s words, I say just let it fly. Watching your words (or else) is the objective of the PC people, and only their words are acceptable, naturally.


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