Off to Puebla

This is Puebla

We headed out of town yesterday, first to Mexico City, which is where we are right now, to take care of details regarding our apartment, and then Wednesday to Puebla for two nights in an elegant Colonial hotel.

I’ve never been in Puebla even though it is not far from the nation’s capital. When I moved over the Rio Bravo 13 years ago, I never considered Puebla as a place to settle, but I anticipate liking it very much from what I have read.

Putting aside the fact that I would not have met my child bride, I now believe — even before seeing it — that Puebla would have been my best choice of towns.

In 1999, before leaving Houston, the owner of a gallery where I sold my art furniture told me he had lived a few months in Puebla and that the light there was incredible. I guess I shrugged that information off.

I like light.

No matter. Where I eventually landed possesses its own charms.

Since I don’t travel wired (no smartphone, no tablet, no laptop), any comments left here will go unanswered until we return. I will check my gmail in internet cafés, however, for anyone who knows my gmail address.

Ta-ta. Be back in a jiffy, more or less.

* * * *

(Note: This item was written last Saturday and postdated like a bogus check. At that time, the volcano Popocatépetl was acting up dramatically. The mountain is significantly closer to Puebla than to Mexico City. If you never hear from me again, know that I’ve enjoyed our time together.

(And that I was Promoted to Glory in a blaze of ash and lava.)

Puebla from a distance
Puebla from a distance

13 thoughts on “Off to Puebla

  1. And that I was Promoted to Glory in a blaze of ash and lava.

    My idea of a good ending. For me, that is. I would not be so bold as to presume your choice. But I guess you just told us.


    1. Don Cuevas: If I see you out and about, you better run in the other direction! After a good bit of hunting, we finally found the place one evening in the rain.

      Jeez, man. A roll of gristled meat wrapped in a big taco! It was dreadful, and I’m being kind.


      1. Jeez, I don’t know what happened. Our tacos árabes, 3 years ago (?), were terrific.
        We also walked many blocks to a famed cemitas (a Poblana torta specialty) in a small mercado. It was interesting to watch them being made, but overall, it was an indigestible gut bomb.

        Did you find something better elsewhere? Some of us would like to read about it. How was the unnamed hotel?

        Don Cuevas


        1. Señor Cuevas: Perhaps the cook divined on seeing me that I harbor ill will against Mohammedans, so he torpedoed my Arab taco in the name “oppressed minority” solidarity.

          A Puebla trip report is in the pipeline. Probably take a couple more days.


  2. Félipe,
    Off subject … sorry. Just thought you’d like to know. Mexico has surpassed the U.S. in obesity statistics. You need to share your secrets to being svelte tall, dark (well maybe a little grey), handsome and thin to your fellow citizens. Or perhaps your lovely child bride can encourage more of them to join her in her daily exercise routine. If you do share your thin secrets, I could use some advice myself. Providing, of course, it doesn’t require a strict diet regime and/or exercise.

    Hope the volcano has been nice to you. As you know, I live on an active volcano. The volcano goddess, Péle, has been very nice to me.


    1. Larry: We too saw that bit of news. No wonder. About all we eat here is cheese and grease. They don’t call us greasers for nothing. Maybe they should call us cheesers.

      As you already know, there is just one route to staying svelte, and it’s the route neither you nor 98 percent of humanity want to walk.

      Moderate daily exercise and watch what you eat.

      There is no other way.

      And dem’s de facts.


  3. You missed my birthday, very upset about this. No volcanos to speak of up here in the Northern Hemisphere. However, there was one eons ago, drove through the lava beds some time ago. Was Puebla worth the visit? Oh yes, this side of 69 is not much different than the other, sun still shines.


    1. Bob: It’s less a matter that I missed your birthday than it is that you mistakenly placed it during a week in which I was mostly offline and gadding about.

      So, the fault is yours, not mine.

      Anyway, at this point it’s better to ignore birthdays, not notice them. I recommend that approach to you.


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