Swimming towards August, we live in water. Just last night, a big blow created a lake in the downstairs terraza while tiny hail bounced off this sidewalk.

Years back I tended the yard — or the jardín as the locals call it.

But not now, if you don’t count the occasional pulling of a particularly arrogant weed, or taking clippers to a banana frond with the effrontery to block easy access. If toil involves getting on my knees, I normally ignore it.

I often think it would have been sharper to have bought less space, but then when it gets so pretty, my ideas go in the contrary direction.

As I write this, I’m eating a bowl of black beans over white rice.

It is midday, and I am alone because my child bride is with one of her brothers and his pregnant wife, who will soon drop a third child* into a family that can scarcely support the sons it already has.

The pile of them are at a three-story wooden cabin the brother owns atop a mountain in a village not far away, cleaning and scrubbing before putting the cabin on the market because they need money badly.

I dropped off my bride and some garden tools a couple of hours ago. It’s mostly the yard that needs tending, and I’m no good at that, as mentioned.

I’m more talented at eating black beans over rice with chopped onions.

Everyone is good at something.

* * * *

* A girl at last, we hope, so they will cease this lunacy.

11 thoughts on “Watercolor”

  1. Ahh I remember fondly the “family dramas” in Mexico. You are a smart man not to get involved. I always found it best to be supportive but not particularly helpful. (If you get my drift-and I think you do) Otherwise you will be roped into many an unpleasant task for family’s sake.
    The yard is looking splendid by the way!!


    1. Mike: I do get your drift, and I agree with it. The Mexican world is awash in drama and illogic. I try to keep it at arm’s length. It can be fun to be a bystander.


  2. Ah yes…the Mexican world is awash in drama and illogic…however the bottom line is that is why many of us are here…but I am enjoying the swim…and I think you are as well…in spite of your curmudgeon self…regards…


    1. Charles: I am here for a number of reasons, but love of drama and illogic is not among them. One must simply take the bad with the good. And I am enjoying the swim.

      Curmudgeon? I think not. I prefer to see myself as an occasionally lonely voice of reason.


        1. Patzman: Yes, at times I feel like Winston Churchill fruitlessly warning of the Nazis in the 1930s. Did neither him nor England a bit of good, but he was compelled to speak out the truth. Bless the man. Bless me too.

          There will be no Puebla trip report as such. I could not work up sufficient enthusiasm. However, in brief:

          Took a bus from Mexico City’s northern bus station nonstop to Puebla. Two hours, arriving about 2 p.m. Lunched at one of the touristy places on the nice Zócalo. Walked about a bit. We had checked into the Hotel Colonial de Puebla, which is about two blocks from the Zócolo. Very nice hotel and reasonably priced at about 850 pesos per night.

          Lined up a tour for the next day of some place called Cholula, a “Pueblo Magico” just west of town, really a suburb of Puebla. We went in a van with four other folks. Climbed a billion steps to a church atop a mound that was part of an ancient pyramid, or something of the sort. En route there, we got a good look at the volcano Popo and the bountiful smoke coming from it. However, later, it was covered in clouds. Popo is usually most visible in the mornings.

          That tour took most of the day. And we walked about a bit the following morning before catching the bus back to Mexico City.

          Puebla, I learned, is the fourth largest city in Mexico. Didn’t know that. It’s a great blend of downtown Colonial and modernity further out. I liked it a lot. Were I to start from scratch I would go there at the get-go.


          1. We did the same thing 5 yrs ago. Added a stop in Tlaxcala. While having lunch at the Cholula plaza I requested a song from the roving trio. Dumb gringo me for not asking the price 1st. After one song they said that will 100 pesos — not kidding! They got ten pesos and a free piece of advice from my wife.


  3. What good is sitting alone in your room?
    Come hear the music play.
    Life is a combination of cabaret and telenovela.

    Getting sucked into family problems is another matter.
    And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me.
    Shine until tomorrow, let it be.
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.


  4. What a beautiful photo! It looks more like a great painting, suitable for framing and placed in a special spot for reflection and relaxation.


    1. Thanks, Harold. I boosted the colors a bit via modern technology, but it’s not far from the real thing. I use the yard, and the house, for reflection and relaxation on a regular basis. It’s great.


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