Details, large and little

It’s nice to share, so here are some odds and ends.

* * * *


Let’s begin with bugs.

cricketCrickets live in the kitchen, and they have lived there for years, behind the stove. They sing at night, which is fine as long as they stay in the kitchen, which is far from the bedroom.

Occasionally, one develops a wandering spirit and boldly ventures into the living room or even the hallway near the bedroom. Then action must be taken due to the racket. These are true Mexican crickets, which is to say quite noisy.

A drinking glass is dropped over her, a sheet of paper slipped beneath, and the wanderer is tossed outside. But she will find her way back inside somehow, or someone she knows will. Hard to tell them apart.

* * * *


Let’s turn to internet browsers.

I’ve been using Opera for a few months now. I lke it a lot. I was using Firefox for a year or more, but it got temperamental and pokey. Opera is better.

Opera appears most popular in Europe.

I have also used Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari, which have their advantages. However, I object to Google’s politics, and Apple iTunes once destroyed all the music on my computer, so I shun them.

It’s difficult to shun Google.

* * *  *


Let’s look at the aging process.

I’m about 13 months shy of turning 70, absolutely astounding.

So I’m not quite the muscle man I once was, and it shows in little things, like lifting a 10-ton water jug up onto the dispenser. I can still hoist it, but it’s getting harder, not so much the weight but that final flip.

I bought a different sort of holder that’s nearer the floor, and I think this new delivery system will serve me as I progress further into decrepitude.

A related problem is the Weedeater, which has a gasoline motor. It’s not hard to start, but if it dies in the middle of the cutting process, it can be a real bear to restart. I have a blister on my finger at this moment, and sometimes I think I’m gonna yank my arm from its socket.

So I bought an electric one this week from Sears, a nice Craftsman on sale for about 45 bucks. Craftsman makes great tools.

Electric means I need outlets. The yard had two places to plug this baby in, but it needed one more. I called my man Jorge last weekend, and he installed a new plug against the property wall in just the right spot.

Forty-eight bucks for that, labor and materials. I’m wired.

* * * *


Let’s turn to international travel.

We have not been in the United States since the Bush administration.  I think that if I step into Obama’s America, I will erupt into a ball of fire.

Spontaneous combustion. Or maybe not.

Here’s the problem: My child bride’s 10-year travel visa expires in October. It’s a real pain to renew, and I don’t even want to go above the border again, ever. But she loves to go there. Restaurants and shopping.


* * * *


Now, socks and pyjamas.

For most of my life, I wore no pyjama pants because they ride up in the night, and it’s annoying bunched around your butt.

Recently, I found a solution. Tuck the pants into the top of the socks. It provides one a military air, and the pants don’t ride up by midnight.

* * * *


ElvisLast night before bed, I heated a croissantito. I shared it with my child bride. We ate it with orange marmalade and cold milk.

Elvis was singing on the stereo, Are you lonesome tonight?

I wasn’t.

And that’s the best way to live, hand in hand.

21 thoughts on “Details, large and little

  1. 1. Yes come visit us in the U.S. come up to Colorado and chat a while.
    2. I’ve had a hankering to hear some Elvis for about 3 days now. Timely writing Felipe!


    1. Mike: About four or five years ago, I bought an Elvis CD titled simple Love. It’s all slow romance tunes. I listened to it once and thought it boring. I stuck it onto a shelf where it sat until recently when I played it again. Now I like it a lot. I wonder what changed. Me or Elvis?


        1. Mike: I appreciate the offer, which I know is sincere. However, you are just too far to drive, and the only thing that will get me into a U.S. airport this days is an emergency. Kinda keeps me restricted to just over the border in Texas.

          Never been in Colorado in my life.


    1. Carole: If we ever visit the U.S. again, and I imagine we will, it will be to San Antonio. You can buy me a cafecito. I’ll have to wait till Obama is out of office, however, so I will not burst into flame.


  2. Crickets can get very loud, even when they are outside, and there is a short season here in the ‘burbs when they do. They are not welcome visitors inside. Apparently, they know it.

    “Dilemma.” Hmm, lots of thinkin, talkin, and then hopefully a compromise appears… That’s what communication should be about.


    1. Andean: It’s amazing how loud a cricket can be. We are lucky the kitchen is so far from the bedroom. The little buggers rarely seem interested in any part of the house except the kitchen.

      Yep, dilemma. If only renewing the visa weren’t such a pain. I imagine we’ll do it, however. Carole Kocian is waiting for us in San Antonio, and I would like to see Houston again. I love both cities.


  3. Don’t you need to return to the USA at some point to buy more clothes? As I recall, you aren’t exactly Mexican-sized, despite whatever passports you may have.

    As for browsers, I’ve long been a fan of Firefox, but it has lately taken to slowing the heck out of my computer. And it doesn’t display the dashboard of WordPress properly either. Also it seems like the Flash plugin constantly crashes, and I don’t know whether to blame Adobe or Firefox, though I’m leaning toward Adobe. Seems like every other week they issue an update for Flash, which suggests it’s not a great program.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the only clothing I can buy in Mexico that fits is short-sleeved shirts.


    1. Kim: The only clothing problem I have anymore is pants. I wear 34-34. The waist of 34 is quite common. The length of 34 is not, but with a little effort, it can be found. It’s no big deal. I wear blue jeans exclusively. My shoe size is 12, which can require a bit of hunting too, but that also is minor. Bottom line is that whatever I need is available here, and it gets easier every year. The best bets are the big chains like Sears and Liverpool. The same will be true of you if you can EVER work up the nerve to move, which you would enjoy doing, I promise. Think Puebla.

      Funny that you cannot see WordPress’s dashboard properly on Firefox. I did not have that problem. The Flash plug-in? Hoo-boy, yes.


  4. Just installed Opera because I’ve been having the same problems with Firefox that Kim described. So far, so good. Thanks for the advice.


  5. Félipe,
    I was under the impression your new yard man was doing the weed eater. Seems like a few posts ago you talked about repairing it. I have both a gas and an electric weed eater — though I disagree with your assessment of quality, they are both Craftsmen. I prefer the gas model. Although a little more difficult to start, much easier to wander around the yards.

    Very Buddhist solution to taking the cricket outside. Difficult to kill any critter if karma is remotely part of your reality. I will not step on an ant but, ironically and equally karma debt, pay Terminix to spray for the humongous cockroaches we have in Hawaii. (I understand they are infants compared to Texas cockroaches.)

    I am a dyed in the wool Apple disciple. First computer was an Apple II. Sometimes I doubt the wisdom of that dedication but, since I am already post 70, will probably die with a Mac pro on my desk. In 1995 the browser choices were Netscape (Mac) or Internet Explorer (PC).
    Prior to that, some of us remember Unix and Mosaic.

    I do not wear sox to bed. But, then, I live in Hawaii. I used to sleep in the buff but have recently discovered pajama bottoms. (Where I hail from they are “pajamas.” I guess you come from a more highfalutin background.) Makes it easier to get up in the morning, throw on a happi top, go out and the newspaper, and lounge through whatever part of the day is necessary.

    Travel: even though Obama was born here, he’s rarely in residence. My suggestion is to fly directly to LA with a connecting flight to Hilo. I guarantee you will not erupt into a ball of fire. Perhaps you might want to have a short layover in Honolulu in order for your lovely child bride more shopping choices.

    At any rate, it offers a solution to the travel visa; I can show you an amazing time; and we can differ on political views. The way the world is going, Obama or not, we’re all heading for “fireball” endings. Or something close to that.


    1. Larry: My yard guy, and all the previous ones, just mow. I do the weedeating. There are two reasons for this. One is that I enjoy doing it. The other is that the only gardener I have let use the weedeater, years back, destroyed the head by banging it on rock to lengthen the line. Delicacy is sometimes not a trait of the locals.

      There are no cockroaches here. Dunno why. Maybe the altitude and7or the cool climate. I sure don’t miss those Texas big mamas.

      As for Apple, wait till the freaking company zaps all the music on your computer, or some such thing. It is an evil enterprise.

      You say pajama. I say pyjama. Both are correct, says my dictionary. Not aware that one is more tony than the other, however.

      How is going to Hawaii a solution to the travel visa? It’s still the United States. Another problem is that Hell will freeze over when I fly into the U.S. No TSA x-rays or long lines for this boy. If we go, we’ll drive, which is why anywhere beyond Texas is unlikely.

      But thanks again for the kind invite.


  6. Jiminy Cricket! We have a Pinocchio in the White House. I’m far more tolerant of the Mexican bugs than the ones that spy on us.


    1. Andres: I can’t get worked up over the NSA logging phone and email records since, as I understand it, they did not actually read emails or listen to phone conversations. And it seems some terror planning was thwarted by what they were doing, exactly how I do not know.

      Obama’s IRS terrorizing conservative groups, however, is in another category entirely. Three years, four and a half more months of that turkey in the White House.

      I was cheered recently to read that in American history when a president of one party holds office for two terms, about 100 percent of the time, a president of the other party replaces him. Let us pray that will happen. I recall that it has not happened that way only twice.


  7. I need a weedeater. I have of late seen a few here in Honduras, although most tasks are done by machete. If I can find an electric one, I need to purchase one. The yard is wild this time of year.


    1. Laurie: I used my electric model for the first time three days ago. It’s nice, but you sure have to pay attention to the cord. I wonder how long it will be before I zap the cord.


          1. They are still feeling it out. I hope to get an update soon. They have tried the others, with similar feelings as your own.


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