Hot jungle love

As was done with the epic Marbol Hotel, I have given the short story, The Dark Girl in the Blue Dress, its own website.

tropicalThe Dark Girl was serialized last year on The Unseen Moon. It is a story of magic, romance and rainfall in a sultry tropical setting.

And the hidden backdrop of war.

The Dark Girl  has its own link on the Library page that’s shown in the left-side column. The Library used to be called Sidekicks, but I changed it because Library sounds more upscale and classy.

I’m always looking to better myself.

3 thoughts on “Hot jungle love”

  1. Well, be careful. One of Steve’s regular readers already chided me for being “inappropriate” in writing up my adventures so far, LOL…

    Let’s just hope he doesn’t come across any of your references to your “child bride.”


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we just got back from New Hampshire, tired, but possessing a photo of a “moose crossing” sign.


    1. Kim: Yeah, I saw that. It was the gay thing that got him going, of course. He said he had come to your website via Steve, whom we know is a conservative Christian (though a cut above the norm), so I imagine some of his readers share that take on life in a less open-minded manner..

      And, of course, my “child” bride is in her 50s, not really a child at all.

      All of which is to say that I think I’m safe.

      A moose crossing sign. I envy you.


    2. P.S. You will discover in time, especially given your, uh, leanings, that some people will have to be deflected either temporarily or permanently. In the WordPress dashboard, there is a place to put folks on permanent moderation or cast them into dark space entirely. My lists are quite well populated, which is part of the reason it remains peaceful here.


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