Stuff about sex*

Let us turn our attention to sexual concerns.

1. Californians are turning out in high numbers to sign a petition to repeal the fresh law that allows schoolchildren to choose which potty to use, depending on how they view their sexuality.

(Pause for outrageous laughter. At the law, not the petition.)

Tidbit:  In the Los Angeles school system, a 2011 survey had 0.5 percent of students identifying themselves as “transgender.”

Safely assuming that some students had fun jerking the survey around, that means that all school johns are open to everyone because less than 0.5 percent of pupils want it that way, even though over 99.5 percent do not.

(Pause for eye-rolling.)

Let us wish the petitioners a speedy success.

Some details here.

2. The number of U.S. births being paid for by Medicaid nears 50 percent.

babyYep, Uncle Sam uses your tax dollars to pay for po’ folks’ soaring reproduction. In another few years, that percentage will, no doubt, near Cuban levels and that of the old Soviet system.

Climbing rates of illegitimacy, of course, play a huge role in this. The illegitimacy rate among the black “community” now exceeds a stunning 70 percent.

Ain’t multiculturalism great?

Some details here.

Both Numbers 1 and 2 are brought to you solely by the Democratic Party.

* * * *

* I worked for a spell in the 1980s at the San Antonio Express-News, at that time one of Rupert Murdoch’s borderline Yellow Journalism rags. I fit right in.

15 thoughts on “Stuff about sex*”

    1. Carole: I think you have that backward. The Light, a Hearst paper, bought Murdoch’s Express-News, fired most of the Express-News people, kept the name Express-News, dumped The Light name, and kept the old Light employees and moved into the Express-News building.

      At least, that is how I recall it going down, and I think I’m right.


      1. Yes, I do recall your version. At any rate E-N is the only game in this town. I don’t expect it to go digital very soon as some larger-market papers have. Daughter reported for Boston Globe until recently when the paper pretty much signaled the end of its print edition. She was a long(er) term employee and stayed on through several battles between newspaper worker union and Globe management. Anyway, the Globe is an elitist and leftist rag 🙂


  1. Well what do you expect those po people to do, stop having (children)?

    Just think of the children, it’s not their fault their parents have decades of hard times.

    Next thing you are going to do is stop the free food lunch programs at all the schools. Just because the parents have cell phones and drive in SUVs with expensive wheels doesn’t mean they can afford food for their spawn.


    1. Tancho: There are people in genuine need. There is also a growing population who are quite capable of supporting themselves, but the government offers to do it for them, so they accept, of course.

      I favor private charities over government largess in most instances. Private charities have a long and honorable history. I have done volunteer work for some, which is how it should be most of the time.


  2. I wonder at what point will it be a crime that one gender walks into the bathroom of another now? With the new law, just think of the ease of pickings there will be for growing in-house child molesters.

    Talk about unintended consequences.


      1. In regard to potty use, I thought I might add a legal opinion FWIW. Many decisions are based on how you ask the question. Issues regarding fundamental constitutional rights are subject to strict scrutiny, while others only to a rational basis or compelling state interest. The right to privacy has long been recognized as fundamental. Lately, it seem that the freedom from having your feelings hurt has risen from good manners to fundamental. So let me pose two questions: 1) Is the interest in an individual not having his/her feelings hurt such a fundamental personal right that it would outweigh and subordinate rights of others; and 2) Does the right to privacy of 99.5% of school-age children outweigh the right not to have your feelings hurt of 0.5% of school-age children. What would you say?

        Why the people in California would waste their time with a petition, most likely to fail, rather than filing an unconstitutional appeal speaks not so well to a state that would pass such a law in the first place.


        1. Carlos: The current answer to your question No. 1 is yes.

          And the answer to No. 2 is that it certainly should but apparently does not these days, especially in California.

          I am more optimistic than you that the petition will work. Time will tell.


            1. Ah, Carlos, how could you misread me so?! When I responded yes, I was referring to the current climate in your benighted nation. Personally, I swing totally in the other direction, of course, as would any sensible person.

              So, give me my points back, please.


          1. Lo siento señor! I should have known better. Your points are returned. BTW I live SOB most of the year. Beknighted, well no, but I am still a citizen.


  3. The USA ranks No. 17, among 156 countries evaluated for a new United Nations report.

    The second annual World Happiness Report, finds the highest levels of happiness in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden. I am surprised we did so well, considering all of the po’ folks on Medicaid and food stamps.


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