Online dating, Mohammedan-style

Mohammedan readers of The Moon  will be happy to learn they now can hunt a spouse online. (I am taken, ladies.)

The Palestinian Authority’s Supreme Fatwa Council (sounds like a bunch who would benefit from Weight Watchers) says it is bending to the inevitable in today’s interconnected, online world.

There are catches, however.

Online dating is permissible solely if you want to marry, and that goes for guys and gals. No weekend trysts or saucy looks allowed.

The dates must be chaste, and that means no conversations that might cause, er, you know, engorged organs. Confine your chitchat to camels, weather on the Sinai, slaying Jews, and the Glory of the Prophet.

Everyday stuff like that.

AbusedA woman may not include her photo on her ad, so the potential mate is getting a pig in a poke — or maybe not.

On meeting in person, the woman must bring her family. Mom and sisters will be draped in sheets, and Dad can tote his scimitar.

The Fatwa Council has not ruled on whether giving the woman a good thrashing on the first date is permissible, but if everything works out and the couple marries, he can stone her at will.

A bit more detail in the Jerusalem Post.

In related Mohammedan news, a Pew Research Center poll reveals that most Palestinians favor suicide bombings. No surprise there, amigos!

Keep in mind that Mohammedans are now the largest immigrant group entering and settling in the Western world, taking full advantage of the West’s open borders and love affair with multiculturalism.

Mohammedans gather in enclaves, build Mosques where they preach jihad, collect public assistance, shun the unclean culture that shelters them, while murdering male passersby sporting yarmulkes and women whose faces are uncovered, which is an abomination to Allah.

The police look the other way, and the Western elites swoon in the deliciousness of diversity. And Iran continues its nuclear arms program.

What’s not to love?

* *  * *

(Note: The photo is a typical Mohammedan wife who once was uppity but not anymore.)