Online with Barry

I logged onto ObamaCare’s website and opened an account!

It was pretty easy. Imagine my shock.

Once in and claiming to be a Floridian where I do have a mail drop, I thought I would see what my socialist medicine premium might be, but I got distracted by “chat.”


With amazingly little wait, I had an online “chat” with an ObamaCare commissar representative. I had never been able to pin down with certainty if I will be forced to enroll in the ObamaCare nonsense.

I file annual 1040s from my Mexican mountaintop. Plus, I’m still a U.S. citizen. And, of course, ObamaCare is basically a tax, a redistributive one. Take from the successful and give to the unsuccessful and dysfunctional.

Happily, I was told that, due to living permanently in Mexico, I am home-free and not required to buy into this socialized medicine that I would never use. Only folks who live in the United States are on the hook.

In a related matter, recent news stories reveal that the ObamaCare website contract was given to a company connected to an old chum of Michelle’s from university days on a no-bid basis. Smells like Chicago, doesn’t it?

* * * *

(Note: Half an hour later, I tried to log into my ObamaCare account again. “The system is down at the moment. Try again later,” I was told. Two hours later, the same response. Clearly, I entered the first time at a rare moment of opportunity.)

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  1. I had heard that what you were told was indeed the facts relating to full time Mexico U.S. expats. Thank you for letting us know – saves me a trip through Google on the subject.


    1. John: I did not get into these details with the commissar, but I have virtually no connection to the U.S. at all now, apart from being a citizen with a Social Security number. I have no address up there at all, apart from the mail drop in Miami. For expats here who do still have real U.S. addresses (actual homes), who travel up there often, who have U.S. cars, drivers’ licenses, all that stuff, those who are pretend Mexican residents, well, maybe they are on the hook. Dunno.

      But from what the agent told me, it seems not.


      1. My reading indicates that those half-expats who retain the foothold in the EUA that you’ve described are on the hook. As well as those who spend more than 30 days in the EUA. Like Obama supporters, they’re just going to have to learn the hard way that there’s no free lunch.

        As for me, like you, I’m off the hook!


        1. Jennifer: Half-expats. I like that. Perhaps it’s evil of me, but I like the idea that they will get roped into Obama’s mess. Odds are that the great majority of them voted for him, so it’s poetic justice.


  2. Félipe,
    It is my understanding that Medicare will not be impacted. Different story on supplemental insurance. I’m in great standing with my retirement plan picking up the portion. Have had three general surgeries, four cyctoscopies, and six chemo treatments with no charges to me. I am currently taking five different drugs and have to pay a very minimal amount. I’m also reaching to the “alternative” side for drugs, being laboratory tested to prevent certain kinds of cancer. I’m not sure what’s happening with your hand, Barry. Seems he’s made a lot of promises he’s been unable to fulfill. Suspect it’s all political.


    1. Larry: Medicare is a good deal for lots of folks even though it is woefully administered, and its waste of money, due to fraud, etc., is colossal. It needs to be reformed, which is what Paul Ryan and other Republicans have been saying and attempting to do for quite a spell. Not kill Medicare, as Democrats would have us believe, falsely, but reform it, improve it and make it financially sustainable over the long run. It must be done.

      You’re not sure what is happening with Barry’s hand? You voted for him, so I imagine this comes as a shock to you.

      He’s mind-bogglingly incompetent, and in way over his head. Plus, he’s an anti-American socialist. Amateur all the way. The worst president in U.S. history. And the people he hauled into the White House with him are no better.

      Hope I am not sugar-coating it.


  3. Too bad no one has figured out to sue ol’ Barry for gross misrepresentation of the facts, like not losing existing coverage and not having premiums go up. I wonder how long it will take to undo the damages the Chicago con artist has blessed on his followers?

    Hope, Change, what a bunch of BS. Worse yet all the lemmings that adore him.


    1. Tancho: Well, part of his promise was change, and he’s certainly fulfilling that element.

      As for the legions of lemmings, I think quite a few are beginning to see the error of their ways. Kinda fun, actually.


  4. It’s just after 8 a.m. on the East Coast of the United States at this minute. I just tried to log on to my account yet again. No dice. Website not working. Incredible that I was able to get through for a few minutes yesterday.


  5. For an entertaining morning, you might want to catch Kathleen Sebelius, HHS Secretary, being questioned about the failures of the ACA website. She’s very uncomfortable and it’s just started 🙂


  6. For now you are clear. As soon as there is not enough money to fund this beast they will come knocking at your door.


  7. The metaphor I use to describe the launch of Obamacare is the Titanic in 1912 entering the iceberg area in the North Atlantic full speed ahead. It has disaster written all over it. I believe it is the biggest scam since global warming, with Al Gore and his hockey stick.


    1. Andres: A mess it certainly is. However, I do not believe it is a scam. I think it was simply a bad idea executed in a horribly incompetent way. There are ways to improve the healthcare system in America (copy Mexico is one), but ObamaCare is not it, which is becoming obvious quickly. I hope it not only bites Barry on the butt, but devours his backside 100 percent. He deserves it.


  8. FYI, Felipe, our work premiums went up 43% and we will be putting out much more out of pocket (20% as compared to 10% last year for anything above our copays).

    The U.S. and it’s healthcare system is circling the bowl on its way down the drain!


    1. Mike: You’re the first actual person I have gotten a first-hand report from. How you liking socialized medicine so far? Not so much, I bet.

      Circling the bowl on its way down the drain indeed. I agree with you.


  9. So I’m curious for a clarification. You don’t need to buy health insurance because you live full-time in Mexico? Or because you are already on Medicare, which counts as your health insurance? Did you get the impression that a younger non-Medicare eligible expat would not have to have the health insurance?

    As for the merits of Obamacare, that remains to be seen. You would think that with the Republicans gunning for him over it for the last three years, that Obama would have made sure that the launch was flawless. Or, that it was handled in some different way like calling the first month the “public beta.” Or something. I mean the man has handed his enemies a full clip of ammunition with this pathetic launch. If nothing else, THAT was pretty stupid.

    I also think something definitely needs to be done about the US healthcare system, but I didn’t think Obamacare was the thing that needed to be done. And I voted for Scott Brown the first time in hopes of being able to derail it. However, all that said, the Romneycare we have in MA works well, and has reduced healthcare costs in MA significantly. Insurance companies are still writing policies here, so they presumably are making acceptable returns. Yes, premiums are high, but that reflects the high cost of healthcare. I pay about $530 a month for a “Bronze Medium” Plan which covers most of most things. I wish it were less, but it’s less than I was paying for my COBRA coverage after I left my employer. If Obamacare works out for the country as Romneycare has for MA, then it should on balance be a good thing. That remains to be seen. But like everything else, it’s going to have some initial problems to work out.

    On the demand side of healthcare, in my view, the US seriously needs to do something about the disaster which is the national diet. I see that the Mexican Congress passed a small junk-food tax, which awaits the consideration of the Mexican Senate. We probably need some version of that here. You can’t expect to eat junk all day long, and then have low healthcare costs. It’s shocking how many grossly obese people are walking around this country these days. This will eventually need to be addressed in a more forceful manner than currently, if we ever hope to control healthcare costs.

    Anyway, I think I’ve written enough.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, given our excellent health, we probably pay WAY too much for health insurance.


    1. Kim: When I put the question of whether a person retired and living permanently in Mexico has to buy a U.S. policy due to ObamaCare, she said to wait a minute, went off for a short spell to find the answer. I imagined I was the first to ask that question. I also mentioned before she ran off that I was enrolled in a Mexican health plan, plus I am automatically enrolled (as I understand it) in the basic free Medicare simply due to my age.

      When she returned she said that I did not have to buy it, that only Americans living inside the United States had to do that. She said nothing about the Medicare or the Mexican coverage being a factor, just the fact that I lived outside the U.S. got me off the hook, which is logical but where does logic appear in ObamaCare?

      As Jennifer Rose mentioned in an earlier comment, there are Gringos living here, and there are Gringos kinda living here. Seems the Gringos who really live here don’t have to get involved in ObamaCare. Perhaps the Gringos who kinda live here and keep homes, etc., in the U.S. will get roped in.

      Since most Gringos in Mexico appear to vote overwhelmingly Democrat, I hope they do get roped in, and I hope it hurts. Yes, I do.

      I agree the merits of ObamaCare remain to be seen. Don’t bet the farm on its being pretty.

      I do not know the similarities between RomneyCare and ObamaCare, but were I a betting man, and I am, I would guess the latter is severely flawed while the former is far less so.

      Since you voted, horrendously, for Obama two times, I know you really want ObamaCare to work. You people want to feel justified.

      As for fat people, the government should not get involved with fat people.


      1. The answer you were given makes sense, though I wasn’t prepared to expect that answer solely for that reason.

        You expats may still have a few bugs to work out, though. Here in MA when we file our state taxes, we have to enter some numbers that are provided by our health insurance company on an annual form that’s a bit like a 1099. Those numbers tell the MA Dept of Revenue (basically the state IRS) that we’ve been insured. If we are not insured, the form basically makes us enter a penalty, which is added to our state taxes due.

        I’d imagine that the Federal system will work similarly, so come early 2015, there may be some kerfuffle about expats’ lack of those numbers. But maybe not. I haven’t looked closely, but I don’t think there’s a way to pay MA tax without being on the hook for the health insurance fee/fine/tax, at least as far as the forms are concerned.

        As a final aside, if you have good health and little money, it’s still FAR cheaper here to pay the fine than to pay for health insurance. I think the fine is around $2,000, while as you can see from the above, I pay about $6,400 in annual premiums.


        1. Kim: Yep, a kerfuffle is certainly not out of the question next tax time because they’ve made it quite clear that organization is not their strong suit.

          During my brief stay inside the website a couple of days ago I nosed around a bit and was shocked to read this, and I think I am recalling correctly: There is the famous ballooning penalty that will be imposed on those who do not buy insurance, right? They do not come after you for that in any way except this: If you owe a penalty, it is taken out of any tax refund. That’s it. The feds do not come after you in any other way. No liens, no fines, no midnight knocks on the door, nothing of that. If you have no tax refund coming in any year, it sounded like you simply were home free on the penalty.


      1. That article doesn’t really compare the plans, only a bit of the rollout and the fact that Romney continues to want to distance himself from the whole thing.

        By the way, I didn’t vote for Obama as much as I voted against the nuttiness that the Republicans were pushing. And if Romney hadn’t spent most of his term fighting gay marriage here in MA, and turned himself into a bit of a right-wing nutcase as a presidential candidate (unlike what he was as governor, which aside from the gay marriage jihad, was decent), I would probably have voted for him. But it still appears that the libertarian wing of the Republican party has been beaten into submission by the bible-thumping crazies, and as a result, they will continue to lose elections in all but certain, carefully drawn districts.

        It’s a pity, because we could use a centrist, fiscal conservative president in this country.

        Unfortunately, we’re not likely to get one.


        1. Kim: Paint any kind of face on it that you wish, but you voted against Romney because of his stand on gay marriage, period.

          And there certainly are right-wing nut cases, as there are left-wing nut cases, but Romney is not one of them.

          He would have been a centrist, fiscally conservative president. Don’t let the gay thing cloud your judgment, but I totally understand why it would and does.

          Since you feel as you do, I sure wish you simply had not voted in the last election instead of voting for Barry. Too late now.


        2. P.S. It doesn’t really matter who I voted for for President as Obama carried MA by 61% to 38% for Romney in 2013, and in 2008 it was 62% vs 36% for McCain.


        3. P.P.S. I did vote for Scott Brown in the 2010 special election to replace Ted Kennedy in a (vain) attempt to derail Obmacare. There the polling was much closer, with Brown leading Coakley by 52% to 47%. I feel like my vote did matter there.


  10. I Facebook and this was a tongue in cheek posting today:
    WARNING, there are over 700 fake Obamacare sites ready to swipe your information. Pro tip: The real site is the one that doesn’t work.

    It made me think of your blog post today.


    1. Gin: Good one. Thanks for sharing, as they say.

      I just tried, yet again, to log into my ObamaCare account, and I did! At 6:30 a.m. Central Time. I considered completing my initial task when I started this game, which is see what a policy would cost me, just out of curiosity. But it started asking all manner of personal info, and I decided to call it quits. I’ll never know how much Obama would have wanted.


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