ObamaCare is limping out of the starting gate, but fraud is already off and running.

This, yet again, shows why government runs so many things poorly.

Project Veritas set up this sweet sting.

You will notice the Urban League* is prominent, and that taxpayer money is being used illegally to push the Collectivist Democratic Party.

Watch, and weep for the nation:


* Multiculturalism at work.

23 thoughts on “ObamaFraud

  1. They said this would happen. These navigators are blooming prolifically from grant money to help people cheat and lie to get more money for subsidies or pay less money for premiums on this joke of a healthcare program.


    1. P.S. If they manage to get ObamaCare to work somewhat, this is what we will have: Another tax-funded program, like Medicare, Medicaid and even Social Security, that will be a godsend to many people, including me, but which will be rife with fraud and massive waste.

      Those three older programs are in dire need of reform (means testing, for starters), which Republicans (hooray, Paul Ryan!) have advocated to make it more secure and long-lasting, but the Democrats invariably obfuscate, claiming that Republicans want to kill the programs, which is not so. (Well, some GOPers probably do, just as some Democrats embrace Cuba. This is the lunatic fringe of both parties.)

      ObamaCare, along with the three other programs, mean well, but they are badly managed, to put it mildly, in these times when the nation is already swimming with the crabs at the bottom of the Red Sea.

      This cannot go on. (See France, Greece, Portugal, et al.)


  2. Kinda reminds me of the ACORN people all over again. Too bad no one will see much of these goings on, if they do, the will just shrug it off to the Republicans trying to make Obama look bad.

    One thing out of all of this is I have yet to hear that the Affordable Care Act is Bush’s fault.


    1. Tancho: Due to the melatonin level of the miscreants recorded, it’s a little tough not to make a comparison with the corrupt ACORN gang, is it not? Ghetto culture is alive and well in the Urban League. Stick it to “the Man.”

      I notice Project Veritas was sharp enough to send in a black guy to pose. I wonder if the “helpers” would have been as quick to advocate fraud if the customer had been a paler shade? I am betting not.

      And you are quite right. Can’t blame Dubya for this one.


  3. At times like these you need a thesaurus to do the Obama Administration justice:
    deception, deceit, treachery, swindling, guile, trickery, duplicity, chicanery, fraud, spuriousness, scam, cheat, sting, artifice, hoax, trick, cheat, con, sham, swindle, ruse, fake, bluffer, fraudster, swindler, mountebank, grifter, double-dealer, phony.


    1. Aw, Andres, where’s your respect for the office of commander-in-chief?!

      News story this morning: Bill Clinton is telling Barry that he needs to man up and fulfill the oft-repeated promises that those with insurance plans could keep their insurance plans. Period.


  4. I saw somewhere today that some of these folks were subsequently fired. That’s good news, but I’m afraid it’s just a drop in the bucket.

    I missed the lively discussion on your last post, so please allow me. It is unfortunate to see the collective assumption that the Republicans never offered their own health care reform. Quite the contrary! See this article:


    But when you have this Democratic, Obama-loving, lapdog media along with Dingy Harry Reid leading the Senate, I suppose it should come as no surprise that we never hear about such proposals.


    1. Becky: Don’t know why you always get sent to the moderation line. Could be due to changing your nickname and/or photo, etc., leading the system to think you’re a different person. By the way, this photo is better than the girl up in curlers.

      Yes, firing a few of those people will not undermine the basic culture at play here, and the types of people who usually get hired for those types of jobs. Or what the Democratic Party has become.


      1. Yeah, I’ve had some trouble with multiple log-ons, partly because I have 2 separate email accounts. Plus, I normally comment on blogs using Disqus, but your blog doesn’t offer that option. Anyway, I think I have it worked out now!


        1. Becky: I just now found this comment of yours in the spam folder. I unspammed it, and it moved to the moderation folder. So it appears you have not worked the kink out. I have no idea what’s going on.


        1. Becky: Kung Fu Hustle?! Never heard of it, but I will take your word on its hilarity. I still like the bulldog better. I see I did not give you the hat tip for the link here after all. Thanks for including it. It is valuable, no lie.


  5. Ok, this is just a comment from an over-the-hill Canuck. What is it about the American populace that loves to denigrate those at the top of whatever field of endeavor they may be in, whether it be sports, entertainment, or, yes, politics?

    Americans love to have heroes and, as soon as they have risen to the top of whatever field they are in, they comfort themselves by tearing them back down. Mr. Obama’s medical system, if you will, is going to work. Will it take time to get it all right? Of course, it will. Will it be better then the one in Mexico? Who knows? Is it going to be better than what we have in Canada? Remains to be seen.

    But, it is infinitely better than what transpires now. Some will some take advantage of the programs. I’m sure they will. Many take advantage of what’s available now.

    Thanks to Felipe, I have read just about everything I can get my hands on regarding this medical issue. It will work, and many people will benefit. The Democratic Party with Mr. Obama won the election with this as a major part of their platform. Republicans, deal with it.

    If change is needed, good. In four years, present policies that the majority of the American people will accept.

    From what I have seen, there are loonies on both sides of the fence, Republicans, as far as I’ve been able to see, just have a few more.


    1. Bob: You are more optimistic than I am. Perhaps it will get off the ground. If it does, as I mentioned elsewhere, it will surely help some people and, being run by the government, it will be massively wasteful, expensive and corrupt.

      Look only at Medicare. It helps lots of people. It is also enormously wasteful and corrupt. Medicare needs to be reformed. Only one party realizes that, the Republicans.

      Bottom line: A nation so disastrously overextended financially, as the United States now is, cannot afford to throw even more of its citizens’ money overboard, even if it does help some people.

      For most things, private enterprise works best. It would be far better to straighten out the mostly private, pre-ObamaCare system, which drastically needs straightening out (with some intelligent regulation), than to turn it all over to Uncle Sam, who has a poor batting average in such matters, to state it mildly.


      1. Yes, read it all, and have seen Mr. O’Reilly several times on national TV. We’re talking France here. Have they ever got anything right, besides the surrender pose? All I can say is, it works fine here in Canada.We have flaws in our system. Nothing is perfect. The U.S. is a much stronger country then France ever was, and the people have much more resolve. I have seen on other reports that many people are quite happy with the results, but I am sure there are naysayers aplenty out there. One thing I am sure of is, Americans hate change of any sort and, though I am only a voice of one Canuck, “to all the chicken littles out there, the sky will not fall.” Be brave.


        1. Bob: I doubt Canada has anything like the level of the collectivist state that exists in France, Greece, etc.

          As for the United States being a much stronger country than France, that does not require much. At this juncture, the difference is that France is in a deeper Red Sea than the United States, but the United States is sailing itself into deeper waters daily.

          Obama and the entire Democratic Party leadership never say anything about reducing debt. Never. It’s a non-issue to them.

          As for Americans hating change, I’d say some do, some don’t.

          But you are to be commended for reading the item in question. A maple leaf to you.


        2. Bob: “Flaws” in the system? I just read that the New York Times has reported that over 30 percent of Medicare payments are fraudulent. That’s correct. About a whopping third. Just another indication that government will handle ObamaCare badly. Government handles most things badly or, at least, financially irresponsibly.


  6. A socialist paradise is an oxymoron, however it seems to be working better in the Scandinavian countries. The Danish people are ranked as the happiest on earth. It is a nation of only 5 million people and the socialist system is designed to help instead of raping the population – like Obamacare. Fifty years ago my Danish cousins told me that when they buy a new car they also have to buy one for the government. Of course, Denmark doesn’t spend trillions on their military and spying on the whole world.


    1. Andres: Collectivists are fond of pointing to the “success” stories in the Scandinavian corner. I contend that it’s a hard sell.

      Those countries have relatively small populations. That matters. They are not multicultural. That matters. Actually, Swedes are getting quite uneasy with recent immigration of people who don’t look and talk like them. Imagine that. Taxes are quite high in the Scandinavian countries.

      The United States, demographically and attitude-wise, is very different. Plus, the population is far greater. And who wants high taxes? The blonds and the United States are not readily comparable.


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