Mexican dawn


I get up early. It’s usually dark or nearly. I come upstairs and read the news and “talk” to people on the mystery waves that crowd the skies these days.

I noticed the window behind the computer terminal had vapor, which normally indicates it’s cold outside, so I walked through the big wooden door and then the screened one.

Temp was about usual, 50 degrees. I have a thermometer on the terraza.

And I shot this photo.

But now, 15 minutes later, as I type, the sky is clear blue, and the sun is shining. It will be another wonderful day in the Sierra.

6 thoughts on “Mexican dawn

  1. The full moon was awesome. I woke up at 5AM and the moon was like a spotlight directed at my pillow. It was almost too bright to go back to sleep. I feel energized.


  2. Cool and cloudy here in the Burb of Tsawwassen (Indian name, sounds like sooo waaa sen). High on the mount here, we had frost the other day. This time next week I’ll be “Walkin’ in Sunshine” on the beaches of Mazatlan. I am a lucky man to be at my home away from home.


  3. This morning, just after dawn, the mountain just east of us had regular bands of gray mist across its flank. I am always amazed at the interplay of cloud and land here.

    Don Cuevas


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