The scarlet circle

hammerI have noted in earlier posts the maliciousness of today’s American leftists, their general crudeness and rank intolerance.

During last year’s presidential campaign, Barry Obama’s deep-pocket fanatics financed a number of TV spots, the contents of which were nonstop obscenities.

Such campaigning was absent, of course, on Romney’s side.

Any conservative speaker these days, especially on university campuses, will almost certainly be shouted down as if he were a rabbi at a Nazi rally.

The collectivists go so far as to utilize a popular internet tool called WOT, which allows readers to rate websites for honesty, appropriateness for children, scamming, etc.

When the lefties come upon opinions that offend them, they simply hit the WOT button, and declare it unclean, a scammer and/or kiddie porn, that sort of thing. The ratings go from Green (safe site) to Yellow (questionable) to Red (avoid!).

Yes, it goes beyond childishness.

I have a Twitter account. I do little with it, primarily because I don’t understand what all those little # and @ marks mean, plus I find it mostly meaningless anyway.

Like Facebook.

My contribution to Twitter is almost entirely that Moon posts appear there automatically. My Twitter account has my real name, so don’t bother hunting ole Felipe. You’ll have to take my good word for all this.

Yesterday, I noticed my Twitter page had the ominous Yellow rating. Today, I wake up and see it’s become the dreaded Red. I am a scammer, a phisher or a kiddie porn guy!

We live in lamentable times.

10 thoughts on “The scarlet circle

    1. Mark: In recent years I have noticed this happening to famous conservative bloggers, not just little ole me.

      It’s childish, and you never see flashing red circles on collectivist websites. Doing this never occurs to conservatives who are more concerned with adult matters.


  1. Columbia the gem of the ocean, all hail to the red, white and blue. Our flag looks like a collection of red candy canes. Mexico’s flag is red, green and white.

    Bush’s campaign in 2000 was pretty nasty. Obama and his henchmen waged even nastier campaigns and exploited online social media and class warfare much better than the Republicans. McCain and Romney were not exactly ideal candidates, either.

    The social media (Twitter, FB and Google+) take their marching orders from the Obama Administration and the Southern Poverty Law Center funded by Soros. I guess they view your political commentary as subversive and politically incorrect. They wouldn’t be shooting at you, if you weren’t flying over the target.


    1. Andres: WOT is a browser add-on, and the votes are by the folks, not the Obama administration, nor Twitter nor FB or Google+.

      I see other Twitter accounts from people far more conservative, but far more widely known, than I am, and they’re not sporting the Red Circle. So … odd. Probably because my scant involvement on Twitter has garnered few followers, so there are not many people to vote positively to even the score.

      To say that McCain and Romney were weak candidates is an understatement. Hopefully, the GOP will do better next time. The good news is that the Obama White House is screwing up colossally.


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