Sewn-up saint


Mexican women do lots of stuff better than Gringas.

Embroidery is one. My child bride has been working on this apron that she will wear on patriotic days. The centerpiece is Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico.

She’s been sewing it off and on for months in her spare moments between making pastries, gossiping with her sister, helping our nephew with his homework (something his mother should do but won’t), dust-mopping, exercising, and smiling at me.

She has also knitted a couple of wool sweaters for me, which is good because it will be cold here real soon. I can feel it in my bones.

14 thoughts on “Sewn-up saint

  1. Beautiful work. I would say it is petit point rather than calling it embroidery. Petit point is very fine, detailed work usually done by counting from a graph like picture.

    My mom did lovely petit point work also.


  2. Cross stitch. I could buy a ton of the finished pieces for sale! I try to restrict myself to pieces I can display at home but it’s very hard to make choices. Yes, handmade embroidery/cross stitch is a disappearing art in the commercial marketplace. Hecho a mano is so much more classy!


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