ObamaCare Queens!

Sometimes things just get too weird for words in Barry’s New World.

An ObamaCare front group called Out2Enroll (get it?) has released a video encouraging gay guys to sign up. Why gays are singled out is beyond me. Aren’t they citizens like everybody else? Is there a gay version of ObamaCare?

Will there be separate medical clinics where all nurses will be muscled males sporting briefs, and they’ll spend lots of time eyeballing other boys’ butts?

Will these clinics fly the Rainbow flag for easy identification?

Will another video follow aimed at Lesbians? And will it be peopled with fat, angry dykes in blue jeans and flannel shirts? Will ObamaCare provide separate Lesbian clinics where all nurses will be female, but they’ll look like bar bouncers?

Will those clinics sport their own flag, something from the logging industry?

A GOP group of gay guys who call themselves Log Cabin Republicans are unhappy with the video, claiming that it reinforces stereotypes that gays are buffed-up, sex-crazed, air-headed loons who run around in tight underwear.

And, of course, that is precisely what the video does.

Meanwhile, today’s deadline for signing up with ObamaCare —  if you want coverage on January 1 — has been pushed back by one day. Isn’t that swell?

Thanks, Barry!

Without further ado, here are the prancing queens of ObamaCare!

19 thoughts on “ObamaCare Queens!

  1. And how about a video for Redheads, a much-maligned minority. Some people call us Gingers which is nowhere close to what we should be called 🙂


  2. Well, I don’t know about gays, but on Friday I got a health insurance plan from Cigna through the exchange for about $200 less than what I am paying now for a lousy policy. It covers everything and has a $0 deductible. I’m satisfied. There were no problems with the website. I had 24 private plans to choose from in my state, and it took a while to get the one that is the best for my wife and me. After we made our decision, it took only a few more minutes to sign up.


    1. John: I am guessing that Texas has its own exchange, as do many states. They seem to be running more smoothly than Obama’s national website. My daughter in Georgia, which has its own exchange, speaks well of her experience.

      But I have to agree with Becky’s response to your comment. Who, ultimately, is paying for your lower premium? As I understand it, much of this system is based on the assumption that young people will sign on in droves and contribute enough for you older folks to get your lower premiums. Will they do that? Time will tell. Early indications are that they will not. The fat lady has yet to sing.


      1. Becky, you are paying exactly $0 for my low premiums, but you are dishing out a bundle for emergency room care for those without insurance in Texas (40%) and many other states right now. I’m well off. I just wanted solid insurance, and I got it with the Cigna plan. To me, the premiums are just another corporate deduction, anyway.

        Felipe, Texas does not have its own exchange. I went through healthcare.gov. I was just in there again this morning to check up on a few things. The site works great. Almost instant response, and it is being slammed because today is the deadline if you want insurance by Jan 1.

        BTW, Merry Christmas to you and family. 🙂


  3. I watched that video ad recently. It’s vulgar, silly, and just plain-out poorly crafted. And if I were gay, I would definitely be offended by the stereotyping.


    1. Becky: Of course, you are correct. Obama has unsavory bedfellows, especially when it comes to making videos to “help” him. You may recall the 2012 presidential campaign and a number of the obscenity-soaked videos promoting Obama. Nothing of the sort, of course, was developed by Romney’s people. They had standards.


  4. Interestingly, I have only (so far) received one rude response to this post. It was from a woman named Jacqueline. I bet she goes by Jackie. She says the post is “nasty” and asks “where the anger comes from.” She suggests I am in “denial.”

    I do not consider the post nasty. I agree with the gay Republican group that it promotes negative stereotypes.

    Since Jackie is a woman, I wonder if it was the words about Lesbians that set her off. Maybe she sports flannel shirts. I’m voting for that option. I do enjoy having fun.

    Interestingly, two gay guys have begun following the Moon as a result of this post. Perhaps they are Republicans.


  5. I don’t see anything unusual in targeting a product or service to a particular demographic. Subaru and lesbians, for example! But this is just like something out of the 90s. It’s a total throwback.


    1. Lee: Generally, I agree with you. But targeting ObamaCare to this specific “demographic” seems a little odd. And the way it’s done to boot. To say it promotes a negative stereotype about gay men is an understatement. I understand why the gay Republican group, fellows who, I imagine, are a little more sober than some gay crowds, would take issue with it.

      I mean, really, underwear briefs with prominent bulges!


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