Barry the bumbler

There are diminishing days in 2013 in which I can speak badly of President Barry.

My solace is that 365 fresh days await in 2014 in which I can diss the man too. But it’s good to have help from the bumbler himself.

Drunk Barry

Above is a photo of Drunken Barry. Let us laugh in unison. Frat boy Barry. Sadly, that is likely only his second beer.

Military Barry

And here is a photo of Barry with a manly leather flight jacket pretending to be a tough guy. This is the same nancy who rides a bicycle with a crash helmet.

Note that Queen Michelle has a heart on her sweater, pretending that she has, say, warm feelings toward her country. She does not.

Recall that she famously said in 2008 that she’d never been proud of her country until Barry was nominated for president. Then she discovered pride when she believed she would become Queen. And she did become Queen.

* * * *

Did you know there are ways to sidestep ObamaCare? Look here.

Another option is move to Mexico. It’s a great option in many ways.

42 thoughts on “Barry the bumbler

  1. Hope you had a great Christmas. I see you’re still on the warpath against the greatest president in 100 years. Taking a few snippets out of context does not tell the whole story. BTW, anyone who bypasses Obacare is foolish. It’s the first step in providing quality healthcare to everyone. Many have tried and failed. The first black president has succeeded. It’s one of may of his successes.


      1. My friend, after Obama we’ll get Hillary, who will stay the course. Who knows? After a while we may even put in place some of the social programs that work so well now in Mexico.


        1. John: In U.S. history there has been just one (perhaps two) instance in which a president of one party has completed two terms, and he has been replaced by a president of the same party.

          Dream on.

          And social programs in Mexico are not ham-fisted, which is to say they are not obligatory. You can participate. Or not.

          Major-league difference.


      1. Finally, somebody besides me who comments on Obama being biracial not black. I get so weary of hearing that incorrect statement pushed by so many, especially the media.


        1. Leisa: I am glad you brought this up. It gives me an excuse to look at the issue in detail, yet again.

          This widespread calling of the biracial Obama black, something done almost universally by both Democrats and Republicans (who should know better), is a cultural phenomenon that is a turning on its head the old Jim Crow mindset.

          Decades ago, if someone had even a bit of “black blood” he was labeled 100% black, and it was considered a bad thing. Back of the bus with you! Flash forward to the politically correct present. Now, if someone has any portion of “black blood” and especially if he has even a hint of black facial features, as Obama does, he is pronounced 100% black, and it is a great thing. It is glorious.

          It’s Jim Crow in reverse. It was wrongheaded in its old form, and it’s wrongheaded still in its new incarnation.

          The PC movement has elevated minorities (multiculturalism, diversity), but especially blacks, to a favored status. It is “cool” to be black. It is stylish, fashionable.

          Plus, you get good stuff if you’re black. Sometimes, you even get the White House. Obama is president totally because he is “black.” No doubt about it. None.


        2. Let me elaborate a bit on Obama being president totally because he is “black.” His win in 2008 was not totally race-based, but that was a very powerful factor. Almost any Democrat would have won due to the fact that in the U.S. a two-term president has almost always been followed by a president of the opposite party. There have been only one or two exceptions. Plus, the economic collapse of 2008 was blamed on Bush, even though the fault was not his alone nor his party. It was a joint collapse, caused by the GOP, the Democrats and the irresponsible American people.

          Obama’s win in 2012 was even more due to his race. His first term had been very weak and ineffectual. A white Democrat would have been tossed out of office without a doubt. But people would not turn against their “black” president, so back into office he was sent.

          Romney was a poor campaigner, which also assisted Barry.


      1. Christine: Raging conservative blogs? Why, this right here is a raging conservative blog, and you are reading it. I bet you don’t tell anyone, right? No matter. It will be our little secret.


      2. PS, Christine: You may be surprised to know that the number of blogs I read regularly can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and none of them is political. They deal with living in Mexico.

        I do visit these news websites daily because I find them fair, rarely balanced, but smart and accurate:

        The Washington Times.

        Fox, of course.

        Breitbart News Network.

        The Drudge Report.

        My favorite columnist is Charles Krauthammer, once a liberal but now a conservative. He grew older and wiser. Krauthammer is a national treasure.

        So, the only “raging conservative” blog in my life is this one, The Unseen Moon, which clearly captivates and intrigues you, and that’s nice. In time, perhaps you too will abandon collectivism.

        Like me and Krauthammer.

        As for my advanced age, are you familiar with the old saw that goes something like this?

        If you’re not a Liberal at 20, you have no heart.
        If you’re not a Conservative at 50, you have no head.


  2. Did you know that it is against the law up here in CANADAVILLE to not wear a helmet to prowl about on your 2-wheeled death machines, be it motor or otherwise, unless of course, you’re of Hindu origin, than a turban will suffice (lotsa bad press on that one). On Momma OB, I just like the Lady, nuthin staid about that woman. She speaks her mind, stands beside her man and not behind. Don’t be messin with Momma OB.

    On ObamaCare, it will work, and when it does, and when some of the American populace gets past the point of “it’s all about me,” and realize that they’re all in it together for the better, the country will be a better place.

    On the unemployed front, it’s dropping, more people working, economy is picking up, but Mr. Barry will get no credit for it, and that’s okay too. Doesn’t matter who gets the credit as long as it improves.

    Hail to the New Year, as more troops come home from a cause that was never winnable in the first place and was destined to fail. And was predicated by untruths.


    1. Señor Peterson: Oh, mi amigo, you are so off-base on so many levels, I am almost left speechless.

      Let’s leave the Barry and Queen Michelle parts aside. We will never see eye to eye.

      Obligatory helmet laws. Sure, helmets make bike riding safer. Helmets in cars would make that safer too. Far more people die in auto accidents than die on bikes. Outlawing smoking everywhere, including in private homes, would help the general health. Actually, full body armor would make riding in cars safer.

      There is a reason that only helmets on two-wheelers are legally required, and those other things are not. Legislators generally do not ride motorcycles or bicycles, so they pass these “safety” laws for others. It does not inconvenience them. They love to pass legislation that bothers others, not them. In the U.S., most federal legislators and judges will not have to sign up with ObamaCare, as I understand it. Same thing. Inconvenience others. They’re on some sort of separate federal insurance tit.

      I think you mean the Sikhs, not the Hindus. Sikhs are required to wear turbans. Hindus only do it when they feel like it. Not obligatory.


      1. Your absolutely right about the Sikhs. I wanted to write Sikhs, but couldn’t remember how to spell the word so I used Hindu. That one I knew.

        I can’t speak much on the Mexican health programs, have used it sparingly over the past 28 years, have heard good and bad about it, nothing is ever perfect, not even our Canadianize one. Yes, some people go to the U.S. for some operations, some U.S. citizens come here. We have private Health Centers. They do well. I’ve used one myself. As far as ObamaCare is concerned, if it stops the gouging of the average American person, if it saves one family from going bankrupt just to save a family member’s life, then it’s done its job.


  3. I am continually surprised at how many people enjoy drinking the Kool-Aid of our modern-day Jonestown politician. What do people see in this person that allows their senses to diminish to unequivocal obedience?

    Time after time the disappointments mount, but yet their savior can do no wrong.



  4. To John and Bob above:

    John: You have likened what Obama wants to achieve or what ObamaCare will achieve, on more than one occasion, to the excellent health-care system we have in Mexico.

    There is no comparison. In Mexico, we have a government safety-net system for those in most need. It is free to almost free, and most anyone can take advantage of it, but no one is forced to. It’s simply available if you want it. Even within this system, there are various levels of care.

    We also have a superlative, parallel, free-market health-care system. If you’re of a mind, and have the (quite reasonable) cash to pay out of pocket for private health care, it’s waiting for you. Anybody even approaching the middle class can use this wonderful system, and Mexico has more of a middle class than you might imagine.

    None of the system is obligatory. Since Barry’s supposed primary wish was to provide for the minority of Americans who lacked medical insurance, he could have done far worse than to copy our Mexican health care. He did do far worse.

    Bob: Hate to point this out, but it is not rare for Canadians to head into the U.S. for health care when they get tired of waiting, waiting, waiting for non-essential medical services. Your system works pretty well, from what I have read, but it is by no means up to Mexican health-care levels. Pity.

    You say the U.S. economy is improving? It is, but at a snail’s pace. A major reason for this slog is ObamaCare, which is nationalizing one-sixth of the American economy. ObamaCare has not even kicked in completely, but its effects are radiating out in all directions, and it is oppressing the economy. It will not get any better when ObamaCare is in full swing, assuming it gets into full swing. Let us pray for its collapse.


    1. The U.S. economy is doing well, despite the extreme right’s obstruction of programs that could make it better. Obamacare is the best we could do right now. It is a good private-sector health insurance program regulated by the government. With time, and as the extreme right and the Tea Party lose more and more power, we’ll make it better. But it’s not a bad start. I love this country and root for its success. I wish more people would do so.


        1. John: I would have fixed that, but now Tancho responded to the second comment, correcting the first, so I cannot fix the original, delete the second, unless I also delete Tancho’s response, so…

          I wish this commenting system would let folks edit their comments the way Disqus does. Sure is preferable.


        1. BTW, we’re working on the red ink. The bipartisan budget that just passed is a good start. The deficit is shrinking under Obama, granted it’s still high.


  5. Look again, Tancho. We’re all working to make this country better. It has given me great opportunities. The economy is recovering, unemployment is down, the GNP is growing. We’re getting there. The feds have even eased off on deportations after setting new records each year.


      1. John: No sweat. Though others cannot edit comments, I can. And do. A lot! I never change the meaning, but I make them pretty. Sometimes something slips by me, but I don’t think it happens often.

        Some commenters are, uh, more challenging than others, but I love you all.

        All of which is to say if you make a typo in a comment, it will almost certainly be corrected by me. I think in the past few years I have encountered only about two comments I could not decipher in the slightest. I just left them alone.

        As for FB, why? Actually, I opened a FB account just last week using my nom de plume here, but there is nothing on it, and will be nothing on it. Does have my avatar. I’ll use it to sign onto some websites, plus there are other websites that only accept comments via FB.

        Facebook is for nice, social folk. Kinda pointless for me, however.


        1. You got that right. 🙂

          I dropped my comments on Huffington Post because it required a FB linkage, and I didn’t feel like messing with setting up an avatar account. I use FB to post family and dog pictures. Some people are posting non-stop political comments, like it’s really going to change my mind reading the same thing a dozen times. Those are made invisible. They are nice people and don’t want to zap them.


  6. P.S. We were just recently informed that our health insurance through Ray’s job is being cancelled. Oddly, we LIKED the plan, but we COULD NOT keep it. Liar!


    1. Becky: I have noticed a trend. People who voted for Obama are getting better insurance plans. People who did not are getting hosed.

      John Toth, the commenter above, says his plan improved. My daughter, who also voted for Obama, says the same. You did not vote for the Bumbler, so you’re insurance gets zapped. This is Obama payback!


  7. Sorry I’m slow getting this book title to you. It can be downloaded in Kindle format. Barry’s history going back a ways as well as his “other” Cabinet info. Interesting stuff but obvious bias by the author. Let me know what you think.


        1. Pat: I was never a fan of Dubya. I had always voted Democrat. But, as the saying goes, I did not leave the Democratic Party. It left me.

          When the radical left/political correctness movement took over the party and the White House in the 2008 election, I jumped ship fast.

          I liked Bill Clinton in the White House, and I tolerated Hillary. I think both of them have let the Democratic Party push them leftward. It’s a question of self-interest for them.

          And now I’m in bed with the Republicans who are far too church-inspired for my tastes. I just can’t win.

          But the GOP is a million times better these days than the Democrats.


          1. Most of the folks in my neck of the woods are flaming liberals. Makes it difficult to have a political discussion as they mostly want to argue — not my thing. I’ve gone from Republican to more Libertarian. But mostly a moderate. I’m not a fence-sitter but rather from a perspective that takes each issue individually, i.e. pro-abortion and pro-gun control. I agree with your stance on political correctness — ridiculously dangerous.


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