The U.S. Marinettes

gunflowerDOING WHAT it said it would not do, the U.S. Marine Corps is dumbing down physical requirements so feminists can pretend they have a pair.

With as little publicity as possible, the Marines have revealed that lady recruits won’t be required to do even one pull-up.

These Marinettes will be allowed into actual combat in 2016, putting the real Marines beside them and the entire nation at risk.

Let us now have a moment of silence. Feel free to weep. Or scream.

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(An earlier post on this PC nuttiness.)

19 thoughts on “The U.S. Marinettes

  1. I wonder how the rank and file jarheads feel about this. Once one of these wannabe dudes gets a taste of real combat, they gonna go crying like a female dog (bitch) and only wish they could escape to their momma. I doubt this will be as popular a move for the he/she crowd as one might think.


  2. My thinking may be archaic, but I don’t think women should be in combat. There are better ways to utilize them, support services, etc.


    1. Francisco: Stop that right now, you hear! You start out your perfectly sensible reaction/comment by, in effect, apologizing. Your thinking is not archaic. It is perfectly sensible.

      Of course, women should not be put in combat units. It is what is called a no-brainer.

      Equally of course, is that there are plenty of jobs in the military, other than direct combat, where women would fit perfectly.


  3. I do NOT think women should be in combat AND other professions, such as police and firemen (I will NOT call them firefighters because they will always be fireMEN to me)!! Weeping AND screaming up here NOB!


    1. Cat: You and I are of one mind. There are jobs women have no business in, and all of them are due to having less physical strength. I have no problem with women in professions that do not depend on physical strength, and no one else should either. There are two problems with women in professions that require physical strength. One is they often simply cannot do it. And the other is that they endanger other people, usually their male coworkers.

      Usually with this sort of post, I get comments from collectivists saying: Oh, I have a female friend who is very strong, or variations on that theme. Sure, there are some muscled up women, but they are the rare exception.

      You mention firemen. That’s another job that women ought not to be allowed to do. Physical strength is a vital element in firefighting.

      This equality thing has flown way out of control. It’s dumb, and it’s dangerous.


  4. Marines. After all, disabilities should not preclude someone from shooting at the enemy. This is all part of I can’t wait when the Marines will get sued by some group for not allowing disabled people to join the dumbing down of America plan, the plan to make everyone equal, starting with kids at ball games where there are no losers or winners, the outcome will be all will be equal, socially neutral, that is except for the ruling class.

    Toss in the PC crowd and social justice whiners and you will have a cesspool of mediocrity. We are seeing it already.


  5. In South Texas a girl wanted to play football on the school’s football team, but the school wouldn’t allow it. Her mama sued and won. Her first week practicing with the team she got hurt pretty bad and her mama sued the school for not warning her that she might get hurt. The judge threw the case out. Please, no women in combat with the grunts. My son is an ex combat Marine. He’s livid.


    1. Paul: In many precincts, it’s the easy threat of lawsuits that makes people and organizations knuckle under to collectivist terror. That’s not much of a factor, if any, in what the military is doing because you cannot easily sue the military. It’s being done because members of the brass fear for their careers, of being accused of being sexist, racist, all of those “ists” that the Left so effectively and ham-handedly uses against people who oppose their unrealistic notions of “equality.” The military should be immune to this, but it is not.

      This same thing is going on in the Army, of course, women being allowed in infantry units. It’s not just the Marines.

      People who favor this utter nonsense are fond of pointing at the Israeli military where you will find women, of course. But they are not in combat units much, though people think they are. Plus, Israel’s situation is totally different. It’s a small nation completely surrounded by larger nations whose stated aim for decades has been Israel’s complete annihilation. Israel needs every breathing soul that it can get into the military. The U.S. situation is 100% different. There is no need to put even one woman in a combat unit. What the U.S. military is doing is pure social experimentation based on false, left-wing notions (demands) that everybody is the same.

      It’s a nutty Western world we are living in. Tell your son I feel his pain and anger.


    1. Yeah, I like Crystal Wright, aka “GOPBlackChick.” But I thought the article she refers to by Camille Paglia was much better. I guess that’s because Paglia is basically the opposite of Crystal; i.e. she’s a liberal, white feminist. Scathing indictment of today’s war on men reaching all the way down into kindergarten. Good one.


  6. I read the Paglia article. Unusual that I find myself nodding in agreement with an avowed feminist and left-wing sympathizer. She is spot on about the neutering of the boys throughout their formative years.


    1. Mark: Paglia has long been an odd bird, difficult to pigeonhole. She apparently continues to vote with the Democrats while vociferously and intelligently stating opinions that few Democrats would agree with.

      Perhaps, like most black people, she thinks that due to being in her own minority group (lesbians) she is somehow honor bound to vote for the Democratic Party.

      She is, as I’ve previously said, one very sharp dyke. Love her.


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