And now MichelleCare

THE STUPIDITY emanating from the summit of U.S. government continues to astound.

On one side, we have ObamaCare with its labyrinthine rules that complicate rather than simplify.  There also is MichelleCare. It too aims to “help” from on high.

sandwichAnd as ObamaCare has caused many to lose medical coverage, MichelleCare, we now learn, is causing many public school pupils to lose their lunches. Or at least stop eating them.

Turns out that kids don’t want to be force-fed whole grain-rich products and vegetables like beans and peas. What a surprise! But mostly it’s a question of complex rules for school cafeterias. Like ObamaCare, MichelleCare has backfired badly.

After MichelleCare went into effect in the 2012-2013 school year, 1,086,000 students stopped buying school lunches after participation had increased steadily over a decade.

Is there no stopping these sanctimonious, Democrat, destructive do-gooders?

Kids want their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I ate peanut butter and jelly, and I’ll bet you did too. I turned out fine, and so did you. Read the details and weep.

10 thoughts on “And now MichelleCare”

  1. Señor Felipe … I STILL eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, once in a while, and STILL doing fine! 🙂


    1. Cat: There you go. They are not fatal. I have not had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in decades, but I have fond memories of them. Another big favorite of my Southern youth was banana sandwiches with peanut butter and mayonaise. I tried one when I was probably in my 40s and almost gagged. Another biggie that I recall was canned pineapple slices and mayonaise. Loved those, but now I cannot imagine eating one.

      Loved cotton candy too. Ate one about ten years ago, and … yuck!


      1. I never had pineapple slices with mayo and didn’t really like cotton candy even when I was a kid. But I used to eat banana sandwiches too, only mine were with peanut butter. Can’t imagine eating that now. Haha!


    2. I regret to admit that I liked peanut butter and banana on white bread, because today that combo is sure to be called racist.


  2. If kids want to eat crap loaded with saturated fat, that is their choice, but the school should not feed it to them. Btw, the ACA is not at all complicated, and is working just fine. Those who don’t sign up can pay a small penalty. Those who do, get a good deal on quality health care. What is the problem with that?


    1. John: Spoken like the Obama fan you are. Well, we have to disagree. But first I must pick myself off the floor where I collapsed in howling laughter, too hysterical to keep myself upright on the chair, at your contention that ObamaCare is not at all complicated and is working fine.

      I’ll be okay in a few minutes. Bear with me.


  3. Ok, so let’s leave our differences on Michelle aside. Eating healthy isn’t a bad idea. The less Cheetos ingested is probably a good option. Don’t know about the States, but here in Canuckville, huge inroads are being made to cut down on obesity in our young folk and leading the way are the schools, elementary and secondary.

    Allergies are becoming a problem, peanut, lactose intolerance, etc, etc. I have a grandson who can’t eat candy with colors, red being the worst. I really don’t understand all this new stuff. Did we have these things when we were young? I really don’t think you need triple, double everything cheeseburgers to satisfy your all-consuming palate.

    On ObamaCare, I have a friend in North Dakota, has about 20 employees. He was skeptical on the costs involved. Now he is quite pleased. You have some winners and some losers. On our Canadian system, just had a colonoscopy this morning. Cost to me, nada.


    1. Señor Peterson: Like so many, you miss the point. Of course, eating healthy is a good thing. Is it the government’s place to tell us how to eat? No, it is not.

      With MichelleCare, the stats show the kiddies are voting with their feet and mouths. They are opting out of government-enforced school diets of tofu and bean sprouts.

      For every friend in North Dakota or wherever who is happy so far with ObamaCare I can point to others who are not. Actually, Obama is by edict, at this very moment, delaying many of the more onerous aspects of ObamaCare till next year, after the November elections. Shifty little bugger, ain’t he?

      As for your colonoscopy, I hope everything looks good up there, but if you think it was free, I don’t know what can be done with you. You paid, and so did the rest of your Canadian citizens.


      1. Is it the Govt. place to dictate what you eat? Good question. Well, making you aware of what’s a better choice is a damn good idea, I think. My son was in Missouri, on a football scholarship. All linemen, offensive and defensive, had to be over 300 lbs. If they weren’t, they were sent back to eat more. These were 18-, 19-, 20-year-old kids. As he has heard, the diets for that college have been changed to much healthier choices for the young athletes. There was no mention of tofu and bean sprouts.

        We agree that there are winners and losers in all aspects of life. ObamaCare are is not an exception.

        Yes, I paid $69.50 per month, as did my neighbor Mr. Tosh. He had both knees replaced, his cost was the same. I guess I helped, gladly. The mentality here, north of the 49th, is quite different to our neighbors south of us. But it is changing, I think, down there. There is less of a me-first attitude here in Canuck Land. It also has its deficiencies.


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