Neville Chamberlain, Jr.

“There will be peace in our time.”

NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN honored by Time magazine.

Nazis seek to conquer the world.
Murderous Nazis seek to conquer the world.

Barry Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize.

"All cultures merit respect."
“All cultures merit respect.”
Mohammedans seek to conquer the world.
Murderous Mohammedans seek to conquer the world.

CONCLUSION: As there was no peace in those times, all cultures do not deserve respect.

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  1. I’m quite sure you are a racist under current U.S. standards. Any criticism of the supreme leader will ultimately lead to that charge. Most people fear that label, which is why this man hasn’t been impeached.

    But then again, you are a Southern man at heart, which made you a racist by birthright (according to the same standard).

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    1. Ray: By listing my Black Dream Team in a post down the line, I have forever silenced Collectivists tossing that lame, overused charge in my direction. It’s not that I do not favor blacks. It’s that I do not favor Collectivists, black or any other skin tone. Alas, too many blacks are convinced that voting for the NDP (New Democratic Party) benefits them when, in fact, it does precisely the opposite.

      You cannot teach some people, black, tan, red, yellow, or purple people eaters.

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      1. I agree. The collectivist definition of racist is to be feared even though it is wrong. They use it to accuse others of being stupid because they don’t like the things collectivists do. By the normal non-collectivist definition, I am a racist. I happen to believe that black Africans are genetically superior football, basketball and soccer athletes than Orientals or Caucasians. I also happen to admire many black Africans for other reasons.


  2. For over a 1000 years, religious zealots of various religions have been slaughtering each other. Catholics have been slaughtering Protestants, Sunnis have been slaughtering Shiites, Hindus have been slaughtering Muslims, Christians and Muslims have been slaughtering Jews, Muslims have been slaughtering Christians and Christians have been slaughtering Muslims. Religions take turns slaughtering each other. Often, religious differences are just an excuse to wage war by power mad rulers.


    1. Andrés: You are correct, of course, and it’s just one of many reasons that encouraging “diversity” and multiculturalism almost always leads to mayhem and murder. People want to be with people like themselves far more often than not.

      I must point out, however, that it’s been a long, long time since Christians killed other religions on any grand scale. The Crusades come to mind. The Catholics acted out with the Inquisition.

      These days, it’s Mohammedan fanatics who need watching and a good drubbing. Jews pretty much have always minded their own business. Israel is trying to mind its own business but, of course, the Mohammedans will not leave them in peace.

      Though not a believer, I am a fan of Christianity and Judaism.


    2. I interpret the word religion very broadly. And I put to you that the Bosheviks of Russia, the Red Guards of Maoist China, and the harder core of today’s American left (the NDP) embrace their beliefs with a boiling fervor (up to and including murder) not even surpassed by the zealots of the Westboro Baptist Church, the loons who protest military funerals.

      People are fond of criticizing the sometimes bloody past of religions, but what is religion if not simply a belief fervently held, often to the level of its being forced on others “for their own good.”

      Gods come in many guises.


  3. The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements is a 1951 social psychology book by American writer Eric Hoffer that discusses the psychological causes of fanaticism.

    It analyzes the motives of the various types of personalities that give rise to mass movements; why and how mass movements start, progress and end; and the similarities between them, whether religious, political, radical or reactionary. Hoffer argues that even when their stated goals or values differ mass movements are interchangeable, that adherents will often flip from one movement to another, and that the motivations for mass movements are interchangeable. Thus, religious, nationalist and social movements, whether radical or reactionary, tend to attract the same type of followers, behave in the same way and use the same tactics and rhetorical tools.

    Mass movements begin with a widespread “desire for change” from discontented people who place their locus of control outside their power and who also have no confidence in existing culture or traditions. Feeling their lives are “irredeemably spoiled” and believing there is no hope for advancement or satisfaction as an individual, true believers seek “self-renunciation”. Thus, such people are ripe to participate in a movement that offers the option of subsuming their individual lives in a larger collective.

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      1. Here are three examples by well-known fanatics.

        Al Gore claims the climate crisis has become an existential threat to the future of human civilization, and Obama compares climate-change deniers to people who would argue that the moon is made of cheese.

        Hillary Clinton lashed out at opponents of gun control saying they hold a viewpoint that “terrorizes” the majority of Americans. The era of thought crimes has begun.


        1. Andrés: I see Al Gore as more of an opportunist than a fanatic, but I could be mistaken. It happens. And the era of thought crimes has been around for quite a spell. It’s the underlying concept of “hate crime.” Hate crime is just a way around double jeopardy.


  4. When I was working for the TV news in the City, we interview Eric Hoffer a few years before he died. Interesting guy who lived his life doing a multitude of things. He was outspoken on a lot of issues of the times, the Vietnam War, making an honest living without government meddling and mandatory service for the country whether building roads or planting trees.


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