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Jerk to lunatic

RECENTLY, I  was labeled a jerk by someone who holds political opinions that differ from mine. This type of name-calling has become all too common by extremists of both left and right.


If they disagree with you, instead of trying to point out the error of your ways, or make a sensible argument, they simply call you a name. You’re a jerk, an a-hole or — my most recent badge — a lunatic. It happened on Facebook. A political lunatic is closer to what was actually uttered.

It came from a Facebook friend, a former coworker, a good-looking blonde babe who, like so many in the media, where she once toiled, tilts way over to the left of the political spectrum. She means well but, like countless others in her camp, she is a utopian.

Everything should be equal, and all problems can be rationally solved. Sure, they can.

Let’s turn yet again to the Cambridge Online Dictionary which defines lunatic as a “foolish or crazy person.” I’m not sure I’m on board with the Cambridge definition. Crazy, sure. But foolish? Who considers a foolish person a lunatic? Maybe in Cambridge, England, but not where I come from. Fools are just that, fools.

Instead of maniacal, my political orientation might better be called Rooseveltian. Not Franklin Delano, but Teddy. Speak softly and carry a big stick. That sounds about right to me. And Teddy never advocated high taxes, taking money from the successful for gifts to the unsuccessful. And if a horde of wetbacks started rushing over the southern border, Teddy would have led a military expedition personally to plug the hole.

Teddy would never have praised Mohammedans, and if Israel had existed in his day, he would have sided with the Jews because Jews are closer to Christianity than to Islam. Teddy was no multiculturalist and would have scoffed at the glories of diversity, the new national religion to which we must all bow.

Teddy knew right from wrong. And Teddy made judgments.

He was no lunatic. If you’d called him one, you’d probably have received a punch in the nose.

16 thoughts on “Jerk to lunatic

  1. I remember when the most derogatory thing to shout out in a political sense was: “You…you…you Communist!”
    Even today when I get mad at my husband I will still say it in jest as it is better than many alternatives. Next time I will call him a Communist lunatic.


    1. Bev: Almost all political lunatics these days are communists. Many do not think of themselves as such, but that’s what they are. Well, okay, socialists. Sounds a bit nicer. Right-wing extremists are not lunatics. They just get carried away at times. That’s how I see it.


      1. A local magazine here in Lake Chapala has a lot of filler written by left leaning hacks, I mean, writers, to pad the area between ads aimed at gringos. There is one, lone, conservative who writes some mild, I-love-the-constitution stuff, but he is attacked as a hater/bigot/racist. Fed up after one particularly vile article calling conservatives knuckle-dragging, uneducated boneheads, I finally wrote to the publisher and asked if this is what he, personally, thought about one half of his readers. He answered me, saying he had no control over what his columnists wrote and besides, he let a conservative express an opinion too. I wrote back and told him that I did not believe that he couldn’t set standards for civility and reject articles that might be offensive to his audience. However, if he chose to continue publishing the insults, I would make it my mission in life to call every advertiser in the magazine and ask them if they agreed with the columnists, and the magazine that featured these hateful comments. I am retired, so have plenty of time to devote to such a project. He didn’t answer, but I noticed that there have been no more insults directed at conservatives recently.


    1. Carlos: I think, by now, anybody even an iota to the conservative side of the fence has been called a racist. It has lost most of its punch. It is downright silly.

      This brings to mind Ann Coulter’s sage observation. Goes something like this: The people most fixated on race these days are skinheads and liberals.

      She’s quite right.


    1. Not quite so, Señor Peter. I favor legalizing all drugs for adults, abortion rights, euthanasia, stem-cell research, etc., and none of my political notions are based on organized religion. I could go on.


  2. Teddy Roosevelt was a 3rd party candidate representing the Progressive Party in 1912, running against President Taft and Woodrow Wilson. Teddy split the Republican vote, which permitted Wilson to win the election.

    Wilson fought two wars with Mexico, founded the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and declared war against Germany, after promising in the 1916 election, to keep us out of the war in Europe. Teddy was no lunatic, but he screwed up in 1912.


    1. Andrés: That’s similar to what Ralph Nader did in 2000, stealing votes from Gore, which put Dubya in the White House. I was irked about that at the time, but seeing what Gore has since become makes me feel better about the outcome. I doubt Teddy was any more repentant about what he did in 1912 than Nader was in 2000.


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