Historically clueless

MY MAIN BEEFS, or rather some of them, with collectivists are that they are untutored in history and clueless about human nature. They are utopian and naive more often than not.

They dislike America, for instance. Incredibly, Barry and Michelle are on board with this. It is because they don’t know U.S. history very well due to being “educated” in the American university system, which for decades has been more political than educational, especially outside the hard sciences.

In the news, you rarely find stories dealing specifically with this issue — the collectivists’ ignorance of history — but this morning I came upon one, and I will share it with you. Another of the Moon’s public services.

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      1. BTW, there are a lot of arab looking types – even some wearing their desert head gear- around Lake Chapala lately, driving Mercedes. Saw a bunch in Walmart this afternoon. The Guadalajara Reporter had a story in May about uncovering a scam at the immigration office in Guadalajara. Middle eastern and Asian men paying bribes to fast track citizenship papers
        (falsely claiming they had married Mexican Nationals) in order to have easier access to the USA.

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        1. Bev: Well, that’s certainly interesting. May they get out of Mexico and into the U.S. as soon as possible. Last statistics I read showed something like 0.01 percent of people living in Mexico being Mohammedans. The fewer the better. Let them strut their diversity elsewhere.


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