Just plain nuts

THE UNITED STATES of America has gone absolutely goofy.

Let’s look at a few recent examples, starting with Barry Obama and his gang. They are unable to mouth the term “Islamic terrorism.” This is in spite of Islamic terrorism being the most violent, grisly phenomenon in today’s world.

Most Mohammedans are not terrorists, but many — probably most — silently cheer the terrorists. Of course, they do not consider them terrorists. They are just soldiers of Mohammed.

goofyMost of the Arab world is populated by silent co-conspirators. They broke that silence on 9/11 when there were joyous street celebrations from Baghdad to Beirut, Riyadh to Tehran, and every place in between. So much for their not being in agreement.

The current situation involves political correctness — that extremely dangerous, left-wing, Kumbaya nonsense with a cute name — which holds that no one must be “offended” and that all cultures have value and merit respect. All cultures do not have value. Some are corrupt and rotten.

Here is example No. 1.  Duke University has approved a weekly Mohammedan “call to prayer” that will be chanted from the Duke campus bell tower every Friday at 1 p.m. During the three-minute chant, which will be “moderately amplified,” the Duke campus will sound like Mecca. This is nuts.

Here is example No. 2. The Oxford University Press (notice the frequency of “university,” which is telling) will ban the words sausage and pig in its children’s books to avoid — are you ready? — “offending” Mohammedans and Jews.

Of course, it’s not really Jews they’re worried about, is it? It’s Mohammedans. This is nuts.

Moving on to example No. 3, we hear conservative (no surprise there) British political leader Nigel Farage say there are areas in the United Kingdom that have been virtually taken over by Mohammedans, “Muslim ghettos” where non-Mohammedans are excluded.

We also learn that in parts of London there are Mohammedan religious police patrolling streets for non-Mohammedan activity. This is nuts.

Example No. 4 has nothing to do with Mohammedans specifically. It’s a different sort of politically correct asininity.

Collectivist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new ID card that all residents over the age of 14 can get, regardless of immigration status, which means illegal aliens can get one.

De Blasio came into office due to a critically low voter turnout, plus most of those who voted are clueless.

De Blasio, promoting the new card, said, “We don’t want any of our fellow New Yorkers to feel like second-class citizens.” He is referring to people who are not citizens at all. This is completely nuts.

All of this illustrates the deepening dark hole into which the flaky, Utopian Left is taking what was long the superior Judeo-Christian culture of Western Europe and North America. Weep.

(UPDATE: Due to intense blowback from sensible people, Duke has reversed its decision to broadcast the Mohammedan call to prayer. This does not cancel the nuttiness exhibited by Duke in making the decision in the first place.)

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  1. This is one of those times that I hope that I will not be breathing a decade from now to see how really wacko it has become. I thought it was bad enough when they demand airports build separate washrooms and prayer rooms especially for them.

    I guess assimilation is a thing of the past for them. It’s only for the other immigrants. I can just see what would happen if they started demanding things like that in Mexico.

      1. The leftist dalliance with Islam will be short lived as soon as some far left guru gets his head cut off. Islam is a demanding religion requiring a lot of sacrifice, and liberals are not into sacrifice for themselves. That is for the great unwashed to suffer. They are too good to give up the easy life themselves.

  2. Did you happen to see the news article about Harper Collins? This venerable publisher of schoolbooks published an atlas of the world, but it omitted Israel. Oops. The atlas was being marketed in the Middle East, and yet, one country was not included. Let’s not offend the Muslims, but it’s okay to offend any Jews or Christians who may live out there.

    1. Laurie: Yes, I did read about that. It was an edition intended solely for the Middle East, of course, mostly for the Mohammedans, but it’s still beyond preposterous.

      People need to wake up to the fact that we’re quite literally in a bloody religious war. Just like what happened centuries ago. Strange but true.

        1. Jeff: That’s a very interesting and revealing video. Thanks. I don’t think Barry is a Muslim (I may be mistaken), but he is certainly sympathetic. I do, however, think he’s the worst president the United States has ever made the mistaken of choosing.

    2. So are they still showing the Ottoman Empire’s political boundaries? Other prewar boundaries?

      For those hoping to buy these “Bowdlerized” editions of the atlas, I ask one question: how do you make progress as a society if you live in denial of reality?

  3. I think you have indicated a distinction in the Muslim world. It seems the non-Arabs are less likely to be terrorists while the Arab Muslims are almost completely terrorists or terrorist sympathetic. The Bush Doctrine should be extended to make no distinction between terrorists and those sympathetic to them. The next President Bush might go for this.

    1. Carlos: I have no doubt that most Mohammedans in the Middle East are totally on board with the terrorist movement. They don’t actively participate, but they agree with it.

      As for the next President Bush, God, I hope not. I’m a Ted Cruz fan. Trey Goudy would be great, but he’s making no sounds around running. I also love Sessions.

    1. Carole: Having allowed these bloodthirsty parasites (because many, if not most, go directly to the welfare rolls) into their countries, they’re going to have quite a time getting rid of them, getting disinfected. This is what an open-border mindset gets you, something the U.S. needs to learn.

      1. I have to keep up with my kids. Took me a long time to figure out why they’d walk in and say “word.”

      2. You know young Mexicans often will say “sip” or “nop” instead of “si” or “no?” Seems that that particular slangy thing is now on both sides of the Río Bravo. Interesting.

  4. Felipe, just a heads-up. Duke just rescinded the permission to have the Friday call to prayer broadcast from the bell tower per our local news. Cheers!

    1. Dan: Yes, I just got wind of that. Carole Kocian left a comment link to a news story about it. But that does not cancel the nuttiness that Duke exhibited by planning to do it in the first place.

  5. The American people have made a grave mistake; worse they repeated it. How could they have been so stupid? And now we probably will have to endure Hillary or Elizabeth Warren for another eight years.

    I just watched a video of Isis people tossing gay people off a tower. It made a horrible mess. That was as bad as watching the 10-year-old kid shoot two guys in the head. I can’t believe there are some politicians that cannot or will not say “Islamic terrorist.”

    When will they wake up?

    1. Señor Gill: Unless the GOP does something incredibly stupid, which is not out of the question, the next president will be Republican. Take it to the bank. History alone supports that contention. Only once — perhaps twice — in U.S. history has a two-term president been followed by another president of the same party.

      As for not being able to say “Islamic terrorist,” which Barry cannot do and does not allow others in his administration to do either, can be laid at the feet of political correctness, ignorance and stupidity, or perhaps I am being redundant.

  6. Just for the record, it should be noted that the Oxford University Press is a British institution and so it’s nuttiness can’t really be used as evidence that the USA has gone nuts.

    That said, I agree with you about the nuttiness of their action. I mean, really? Not only are Muslims not supposed to eat pork (fine with me; I’ll eat their share of the bacon), but we (they?) are supposed to pretend it doesn’t even exist? Perhaps OUP could do the Western world a favor by never mentioning Islam or the countries where it’s fanatically practiced? And we can all pretend it doesn’t exist?

    Oh, but wait. At least a noisy minority of them keep shooting people, beheading people, throwing bombs, and otherwise not exactly going unnoticed.

    I guess they’ve got to believe that old advertising/publicity saw, There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    Except there is.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we firmly reject the imposition of sharia law by a bunch of fanatical religious vigilantes.

    1. Kim: Oh, I know the Oxford University Press is Limey, but they’re enough like us to be used as an example of nuttiness, in my opinion. An American publisher could easily do the same thing.

  7. By the way, for all those who want to demonize the left or the right. (Which I consider TOTALLY unproductive when people should (in my opinion) be discussing policy.) Let’s not all forget that George W Bush, shortly after 9/11, declared Islam “a religion of peace.” So this pandering is not something solely of the left.

    Frankly, IMHO, the “moderate Muslims” (if more than a couple dozen such people truly exist), need to do something more energetic than what they’re doing now to distance themselves from the nutcases. (Like stage worldwide marches by Muslims against violence.) Because even people like me are now starting to question their sympathies.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’ve thought about the Spanish expulsion of the Moors and wondered whether some European country might re-run this particular bit of history some time.

    1. Kim: If Dubya, at some point, labeled Mohammedanism a religion of peace, obviously, he was not thinking clearly that day. As for Mohammedans staging marches against the violence, don’t hold your breath, brother. Most of them are totally on board with jihad.

      1. GW repeatedly declared Islam a “religion of peace” after 9/11. And as much as I disagree with that thinking, it’s pretty much necessary for Western politicians to express some variant of that sentiment. Otherwise they run the risk of inciting or appearing to incite or at least not restrain religious violence against Muslims, which isn’t the way we want things to go in the civilized world.

        This is, sadly, a VERY thorny problem.

        1. Kim: Since we are presently engaged in a religious war –one that only the other side sees clearly — I am totally in favor of violence against Mohammedans. That is what you do in a war.

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