Tears for Dexter

A PALL HAS FALLEN over the Hacienda.

DexterWe have just finished the eight-season run of the stupendous television series Dexter. We saw it on our Mexican Netflix, which costs a bit over seven bucks a month, and is worth far more.

We have a tradition here at night. I make a big salad for each of us and, roundabouts 8 p.m., we kick back with the salads in the two recliners purchased years ago at Costco in the nearby state capital, and we watch television for a couple of hours.

That’s usually two shows of 45 or so minutes, and sometimes we add a dessert program of a 20- to 30-minute show like Two and a Half Men or Friends or Modern Family. Yum! Sofia Vergara.

When I was a working stiff, I almost never saw television at night, which is when most good shows are on, because I worked evenings. For example, I never saw Friends, likely the only person in America who didn’t.

Yeah, yeah, I  know you didn’t either because you’re so high-brow. You spend your evenings with a glass of white wine, reading Shakespeare and Schopenhauer.

We have seen some excellent American series on our Mexican Netflix over the past few years. They are subtitled in Spanish, and my wife follows along well.

Our favorites have been Mad Men (we still lack the last two seasons), Breaking Bad (lack a couple of seasons of that too), The Sons of Anarchy (lack a couple of seasons), Downton Abby (lack later seasons), The Shield (all seasons) and now Dexter (all seasons), which is our favorite so far.

The missing seasons will arrive in time.

The finale of Dexter was incredibly poignant. Sure, he was a homicidal maniac, but does that mean he can’t have love in his life? In spite of his, er, personality defects, he was engaging, charming and handsome. We adored him, and we were hoping things would turn out well for him in the end.

Well, they didn’t, and we’re very, very sad.

Other shows we like are Justified, The Killing and Netflix’s own House of Cards. Almost anything with Kevin Spacey is worth your time. Lots of great material from the BBC is included on Netflix. And there are no commercials.

Remember when cable television started decades ago, and one of its major selling points was no commercials? That promise didn’t last long. “Commercial” TV and cable are now indistinguishable.

We wish Dexter well, wherever he is.

Looks like he’s in the Pacific Northwest chopping trees. Or drowned in a hurricane. It really was not all that clear.

13 thoughts on “Tears for Dexter

  1. House of Cards was fun! Can you get Nurse Jackie? She’s a hoot as a nurse addicted to pain pills. She’s the best nurse on the floor, at least when she’s not fornicating with the pharmacist or sniffing ground-up drugs in the bathroom.


    1. Laurie: I had forgotten about Nurse Jackie. Loved that one. I can’t remember if we saw that on Netflix or on our regular cable TV. I don’t recall if we saw all seasons either. I’ll have to investigate. As for House of Cards, it’s still in the pipeline. Another season is about to debut.

      You were sent to the moderation line because, I believe, you have altered your moniker a bit. Shouldn’t happen again. Famous last words.


  2. I’ve never seen any of those programs you’ve mentioned, including Friends. Not a single episode. Not even Downton Abbey, which made me wonder if its fans were misspelling Downtown. I’ve only had cable once, only as a conduit to the Internet, and I never watched TV then. I just have better uses for my time.


    1. Ms. Shoes: So you’ve poured white wine and are reading Shakespeare and Schopenhauer. It’s a pity because you have NO IDEA what you’re missing. The shows I mention are incredibly good, and a great way to spend some fascinating hours.

      Thanks for mentioning Downton Abby. We’ve seen all available seasons of that too. I added it to the post.


  3. Haven’t followed any of those ex-network/cable series. I figure we can buy the DVDs and have a marathon watch-a-thon.


    1. Carole: Yes, some of the series mentioned have come and gone, but they are new to us. Dexter, for instance, ended a couple of years ago. I prefer them on Netflix to a marathon watch-a-thon, I think.


  4. I started listening to music again one night and found that I was able to get more satisfaction and was able to also read more. Except for a few news programs and maybe one or two other shows, TV sucks.

    Too much of it is geared towards the dumbed-down society with forced melding of unmeetable social groups make unrealistic drivel too much for me.

    As an example, watch the politicians NOB, after 15 seconds , makes you want to puke. I was thinking about this Downton Abbey thing. Now that it’s on Netflix, perhaps that might humor me.


    1. Tancho: You, like Jennifer, have obviously not seen any of the TV dramas that I cite. They are extremely good, well-written, well-acted, well-directed, fascinating, you name it. I’ll tell you what I told her: You don’t know what you’re missing.


  5. I enjoyed two seasons of Dexter before I came to Mexico. However, I was beginning to tire of it a little. There are certainly enough sickos in south Florida who deserve to die, but it is truly amazing how he found one every week without getting caught.


    1. Andrés: There are eight seasons total, and we loved every moment of it. My wife even woke up in the middle of the night for two nights running after the series ended. She felt so sad for him. And so did I, poor psychopathic soul.

      As for his being able to kill without being caught is part of the beauty of fiction.


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