Wonderful people

I AM NOT a Christian, but I support Christianity. I believe in no organized religion, but I support most organized religions because they help humanity. (Exception: Mohammedanism.)

I’m a fan of Judaism and Israel, but I wish some of their hardcore folks would lighten up a bit, have some fun. What’s with the mortician attire, the rocking and pigtails?

There are some wonderful people in the world. This video introduces you to one of them.

4 thoughts on “Wonderful people

  1. I live within a radius that encompasses Joel Osteen and John Hagee. They both have mega-churches that bring in untold wealth in monetary terms but I have to wonder if they inspire support by their words only. The young man in this video is someone I can connect with at the center much better than the former two. I’m not sure any one of them could make me suspend my disbelief in the supernatural they preach but the outer message is all the same. Be the best person you can be and do good work. I hope they all reach people who need to be lead along the right path because there are plenty of them who are sorely lacking the ability on their own.


    1. Carole: I’m not familiar with John Hagee, but I imagine he’s of the same cloth, so to speak, as Osteen, who strikes me as a shyster.

      The young, malformed fellow in the video is, I think, different. I like him, and I believe his sincerity. Did a little Googling on him, and was surprised to learn that he’s been married since 2012, and he has a child now. And his wife is a real babe. Good for him.


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