Goodness gracious!

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  1. At a time of supposed memory loss, you just have to recall what Barbara Bush said about Bill Clinton’s memory loss. “A man may forget where he left his wallet, or his keys, but not oral sex.” Williams has had his last oral sex (he lied about that too) on a helicopter or even on TV. Credibility completely gone, even though in Bill’s case, I think there are some things men are entitled to lie about.


      1. She said it. Williams also claimed he joined the mile-high club on that same helicopter ride, but the helicopter was only at 1000 feet ASL, Not enough to qualify. I heard the accomplice was a very well known Barbara W. Then I thought even Brian had some scruples and dismissed the story as fiction.


    1. Carole: I speak German fluently. Russian too, for that matter. And Hitler is saying exactly what the subtitles indicate. I promise. I also speak Mandarin, but I don’t like to brag too much.


  2. I always thought of Lyin’ Brian as a pretty boy with a masculine voice with as much depth as a wading pool. I was never that impressed with his predecessor, Tom Brokaw. The last time I enjoyed NBC News was with the Huntley-Brinkley Report. “Good night, Chet.” “Good night, David.” “And good night, for NBC News.”


  3. That’s one hard-working Hitler clip. I’ve seen it subtitled with various sets of circumstances, all of them hysterical.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where it’s time someone made a highly spoofable clip of Kim Jong Un having a fit of pique.


    1. Kim: That clip is from a film in German titled The Downfall (English translation). I’ve seen it twice, and it’s extremely good. A number of actors have played Hitler over the years, but that particular guy has it nailed down pat.

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  4. Thanks for the good laugh!

    I liked Jon Stewart’s take on the fiasco…Going instead to the media frenzy over this…
    Stewart said, “The media is on it. Now this may seem like overkill but not for me. No, it’s not overkill because I am happy finally someone is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq war. It might not necessarily be the first person you’d want held accountable on that list, but never again will Brian Williams mislead a nation about being shot at in a war we probably wouldn’t have ended up in if we had applied this level of scrutiny to the actual [expletive] war.”


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