Crossing lines

4 thoughts on “Crossing lines

  1. I wonder what the AG designate’s answer would have been if the question was who is more entitled to governmental assistance (welfare).


  2. What is the root cause of some peoples’ indignation at some of the issues that are scrutinized with laser-like tunnel vision? It can’t be about wasted money, because our government wastes or loses much more on the military and other questionable expenditures than welfare or other services, be it corporate or individual. It reminds me of the national outrage over the bailout of GM and Chrysler, which were loans and at least partially paid back, but you never hear of the outrageous sums of our money given to the airlines that were never required to be paid back. Which means we subsidize our airline industry. No one ever yells about this.


    1. Francisco: You are deflecting. Just because there are other problems, and there surely are, does not excuse Barry’s officials saying that illegals have just as many rights as citizens and legal immigrants, which is — again — appalling.

      And is the topic at hand.


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