O sweet diversity!

FOLLOWING yesterday’s satiric, but true, video about the effects of political correctness on American education, here is another video about its effects on Europe.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 25 times, a successful nation is like a family. Citizens speak the same language, look the same, share a common religion and belief system.

There can be exceptions, of course — Gringos and Canucks in Mexico is one — but the exceptions must be few in number or the nation will cease to exist, and violence will result.

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  1. More than a few times when I’m standing in line at Costco and Walmart, when I’m at a restaurant or the beauty shop, I’m struck by how everyone around me looks like me. At least they do in my mind. The first time I can recall having that feeling, or at least recognizing that, was years ago in Madrid. Sure, there are clues that I am not native born — clothing, body language — but with each passing year, I feel more and more like I’m from here. And when strangers ask me for directions, then I feel even more so.


    1. Ms. Shoes: Like you, I feel more at home here with every passing year, but that will never change the hard fact that we are seen as foreigners, and we will always be seen as foreigners, outsiders. We share neither the mindset, the basic culture, the native-born tongue, the priorities, the religion, nada of these things, with bona fide Mexicans.

      None of this matters, however, as long as people like us are a minuscule minority in this nation, and we are, thank God. But if more and more outsiders move here, no matter from where, but especially from non-Latino nations, a tipping point will be reached. At that juncture, things will get ugly.

      That is what we are seeing in Europe. Things are getting ugly, mighty ugly indeed.


  2. The sheer stupidity of the Kool-Aid drinking, oblivious left is shocking. The imminent downfall of Western Civilization is upon us. And, no leader has any idea how to halt its destruction.

    I am fortunate to have lived in times of relative peace and prosperity.

    However, out of ashes a Phoenix shall rise. There will be lessons learned from the errors of our generations. And, the next time perhaps, we shall see an experiment in democracy that can learn from the shortfalls of its predecessors and prevent its own cannibalistic nature to self-destruct.


    1. Mark: I am not a big fan of democracy but, as someone famous has said, it’s the best option till something better comes along.

      Democracy works best in a unicultural nation, which is your best sort of nation. On the other hand, in a multicultural nation, it works far less well, as we see clearly in the United States these days.


  3. The battle for Europe will soon be over with the Jihadists victorious. When it comes to the reconquest of America, I am pulling for the Mexicans over Jihadists.


    1. Carlos: Except in some areas, true Europeans still outnumber the Mohammedans by a long shot. However, numerical superiority is not always enough. Look at how the PC multiculturalists have corrupted American society, and especially its education system, in spite of their being a small minority of the population. Most Americans do not buy into the nonsense though quite a few do lip service and keep their heads down out of justified fear. How do I know this? I just do.

      As for us Mexicans taking over the United States, my recommendation is this: Ship us home and build a high wall. An additional, crocodile-filled moat behind the wall would be a nice added touch.

      Walls do work. Ask the Israelis.


  4. You’ve certainly enlightened me upon the dangers of multiculturalism, Mr. Zapata.

    I do believe that our current democracy fails in numerous other avenues as well, pointedly, by pandering to special interests for votes. It’s a race to the bottom in the USA.

    Methinks, next time out, a nation would be well advised to LIMIT those who could vote in any election to 1) Persons who are fluent in the native language, 2) Only those who CONTRIBUTE to society, 3) Only those who swear allegiance to the country, 4) Only those who could pass a civics test of their country.

    Certainly, these ideas would never fly in our PC-absorbed morass nation. But again, perhaps a new generation, a new country, might glean some insight of the downfall of our once-great civilizations.


    1. Mark: First off, it’s señor Zapata, not mister, young fellow.

      But if I have enlightened you, I take pleasure in that knowledge. If only others could be so enlightened.

      Limiting voting rights is a spectacularly good idea. Would never fly, of course, but that does not mean it’s not a good idea. And get-out-the-vote campaigns are particularly horrendous. They do nothing more than encourage the ignorant to weigh in on important matters.


  5. After watching that video, I feel the urge to run around and demand and scream. I can’t believe they are putting up with all that crap. Why bother to have borders at this point. I believe unless something is done immediately, their battle is lost, or perhaps already lost.

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  6. Hollande at last stated the obvious when he said, “It is an act of war that was committed by a terrorist army, a jihadist army, Daesh, against France.” Kudos to him. However, he should have included the words “and also by the Muslim population in our midst.” Meanwhile, Obama continues to say these are crimes, not acts of war.


    1. Eric: You have enlightened me. I had never seen Daesh before, so I looked it up. Gracias. And yes, kudos to Hollande. What a difference between him — in spite of his being a socialist — and the misguided and pathetically ignorant American president.

      Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated.


      1. Some societies set themselves up for this problem with generous welfare benefits and low expectations for personal production. Soon, the parasites will kill the host. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8_7yPocGPg

        Somebody has to do the work and pay the taxes.

        Ethnic cleansing is an ugly subject, but Western culture is under assault. It may become necessary. Those liberals advocating multiculturism will suffer the most.

        It is hard to be liberal in a society of folks with hands and feet cut off and tongues cut out.


        1. Señor Gill: Loved the video.

          But we’ve got to stop calling lefties liberal and progressive. They are not. That’s what they want us to call them, but they’re actually illiberal and regressive.


  7. Comparing the clash of civilizations in Europe is not quite the same thing as what is happening in North America. It is comparing apples to oranges.

    The sad thing is that we created and continue to fund al Qaeda, Isis, Muslim Brotherhood, et. al. with a little help from our friends, the French, English, Turks, Israeli and Saudis. The refugee invasion of Europe is a consequence of our invading Iraq, overthrowing Quaddafi in Libya and a proxy war against Syria and other nations.

    At least in North America most of the migrants are Christian and not fundamental Muslim head choppers. There will be political consequences in the U.S. and Europe to excessive immigration.


  8. It is a horrific thing to contemplate, how several European countries are and will be (in time) changed so much with almost no shots fired. Many of the socialist countries will find out too late that they should have required those coming in to leave their world behind and adopt the languages and cultures of where they have landed.

    (I’m going to try some HTML for a link here, I hope it works). This is a viewpoint from Sweden, made a couple of years ago. I’ve read that there are disputes about the numbers, but even if it’s only 1/8th true, it does give on pause.

    I’m Swedish, but I live in Absurdistan


    1. Scott: Require immigrants to adopt languages and cultures of where they have landed? How racist and insensitive! I am appalled at you! I’m joking, of course, but others do not joke.

      I had that Swedish video on here some months back, maybe a year. After a while YouTube squashed it. I imagine due to protests from Lefties. Good to see it’s available again. I feel for that woman, truly, and I’m glad I do not live in Sweden.

      By the way, all you have to do to put a video directly on the comments — not just a link — is copy the YouTube URL, and paste it here, on a separate line. That last part is important. And the video will be right on the comments. It must be the full URL. The URL shorteners usually won’t cut it.


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