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Chicken neighbors

himherDUE TO WORK out back on what I once dubbed Mud Street, work I’m underwriting personally — a sidewalk — I’ve been out there watching the labor and meeting neighbors.

Here are two of those neighbors, a Mexican rooster and his woman. Actually, he has a number of women because he’s Mexican — and an amoral chicken.

Mud Street reverted to its actual name a few years back due to its being cobblestoned. Before it was dirt, becoming mud in the five-month rainy season. About the only time I go out there is to take garbage bags to the trash truck on the corner.

Maybe with the new sidewalk I’m installing, it will be prettier. Perhaps I’ll step out the back more often. Maybe I’ll meet more neighbors in that direction, both human, canine and fowl.

You never know.

13 thoughts on “Chicken neighbors

  1. Great colorful photos of your neighbors! And the red against the green make him’ and her’ stand out.
    What is on the lower right-hand side of the second pic? Looks like a Coke bottle.


    1. Gracias, Andean. I continue to be quite pleased with my (relatively) new camera. I went out back to check on the workman’s progress on my sidewalk, ran into the chickens that immediately jumped up on the wall of the house across the street where they hang out. I went inside, fetched the camera, returned, and was pleased to find them waiting for me.

      And yes, that is a Coke bottle, or part of one.


    1. Angeline: Yes, the hen is quite notable. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one with those colors. The bamboo makes a great backdrop. As for the broken bottle, broken bottles are quite common hereabouts.


  2. It is only appropriate that the big fat hen is next to a Coke bottle. What is really dangerous are the ingredients of Mexican Coke which include High Fructose Corn Syrup. This poison is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes. Mexico is the second fattest nation on earth, right behind the USA.

    Congratulations on your civic duty and neighborhood beautification.


  3. Well, I’m glad to know you have feathered friends. But they must be right-wing dominant birds. Nice photos, by the way.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where temptation is something I find hard to resist. 😉


    1. Everyone knows chickens are progressives. They crossed a road. Conservative birds are afraid to cross the road. There may be all types of boogeymen awaiting.

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        1. ISIS will never kill as many Americans as kill each other with handguns, a cause celèbre with the right-wing, who have no problem at all with Americans gunning each other down in cold blood, but the minute a foreigner might kill a few, and it’s a national crisis.

          America loses roughly ten times as many people per year to handgun violence as died in the 9/11 attacks.

          An inconvenient fact, but a fact it is.


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