Light at night


GOING THROUGH old photos on my computer, I ran into this. It was taken in 2007, just four years after the Hacienda was constructed, and we moved in.

Almost a decade ago.

I don’t recall how I did this. It certainly wasn’t because I had a fancy camera at that time. I did not. It was not photoshopped or anything of that nature.

I vaguely recall taking the shot. It was just after sunset. I used a tripod. Sometimes I surprise myself.

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    1. Truth is, Ray, I agree with you. Due to the rinky-dink camera I used, it doesn’t seem to want to get bigger easily. It would need to be bigger to frame. Likely, it will just rest in peace here.

      Here’s another I took around the same time, possibly that same night. I was out in the yard:

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    1. Mark: What’s causing the light patterns are two light fixtures hanging from the ceiling and not visible in the photo. They are made from pressed tin, and have holes in them.


  1. This is the kind of thing that makes people move to Mexico. You should try a painting of the photo.You might surprise yourself.

    Also, think about this: if the digital file is too small to make a really large photo without getting all grainy-looking, just make a slightly enlarged one and frame it using a large mat (not gigantic, but you know what I mean) and an interesting frame. A person would have to get close to appreciate it, but that’s OK. It really needs to be on the wall.

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    1. Loulou: I am to painting what a kangaroo is to driving a Porsche.

      Yes, your framing suggestion would be the best option. I might do that.

      As for moving to Mexico, it’s highly recommended, but don’t tell anyone I said that. We already have too many Gringos down here.


    1. Kris: Gracias.

      But don’t you feel that right-wing nut job is a bit redundant?

      I forgive you. I know you Canucks have grown a bit soft in the head and body after being protected by the United States almost two centuries now. Do you people even have a military?


      1. I guess even you aren’t old enough to remember that the one time we did have a big argument, the War of 1812, we burned down the White House. Then we apologized and became more civil. Now we spend our money on health care instead of weapons. Heck, there are people in Maine with more guns than the Canadian Army.

        You can be a nut job without being right-wing, but I have to admit, if you’re right-wing, the nut job part is a given. Guilty of redundancy..


        1. Kris: The War of 1812 was against the Brits. Yeah, I know you maple syrup lovers were kinda part of Great Britain at that time. But I’m talking about the Canada of today.


              1. Kris: It surprises me not that you don’t know the bliss of good grits, which are the nectar of the Gods. Nobody, aside from transplanted Crackers, above the Mason-Dixon line understands grits or knows how to properly enjoy them. Your lives suffer from the loss. I pity you.


                1. I had grits prepared by the world-class chef Don Cuevas, so I think they were probably quite good. They just seemed similar to pablum, a hot cereal normally fed to infants.


                2. Kris: Cuevas was born in Brooklyn, so he’s a Yankee, and Yankees are congenitally incapable of preparing grits. Everybody below the Mason-Dixon Lines knows this.

                  Sorry for the delay in your comment’s appearance. I just found it in the Spam pile. Got no idea why it was there.


  2. awesome shot! mother nature did not need any help on that one –just you and your camera and no fancy technology. thanks for sharing.



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