Applause for Sam

I’VE NEVER seen West Wing because it’s not available on Mexican Netflix. I think I would like it.

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  1. For some reason I cannot fathom, I suspect that much of that particular show does not lean in the direction you might be hoping it does.

    On a side note…I’ve read that there are those outlaw types below the Rio Bravo who use something called a proxy to connect to Gringo offerings such as Netflix.


    1. Scott: As I mentioned, I have never seen West Wing. But I do like the message of this clip very much. And I also like Rob Lowe’s personal politics. My mother (R.I.P.) was a big West Wing fan, and she was a die-hard Democrat. Of course, that was the old Democrat Party of FDR and Truman, not the current Weepy Barry bunch. I often wonder how she would have viewed the new Democrat Party. Not too kindly, I think. She was quite well-versed and smart.

      On the other matter, yes, Gringos and Canucks often tap illegally — I hear — into cable services from above the Rio Bravo. I’m against that for two reasons. One, it’s cheating. Two, Mexican Netflix and other legal services are quite good and legally available. Too often, Gringos and Canucks here just cannot “let go,” which explains why they go home so often. Me, I am home.


      1. Capital gravitates to where it is rewarded best and taxed the least. No, not the wealthy, but their money. It changes owners. Now it seems like a lot of what used to be our money is now in the hands of Arabs and Chinese. The Japanese used to have a lot of it, but it seems that has changed somewhat.
        The US is not the place to start a business now. The government is anti business, and God only knows what the government may come out with as far as pay and benefits, not to mention EPA and OSHA regulations.
        Got a good idea for a business; take it overseas.
        As to the question of US and Canadian television, some of God’s greatest blessings are unanswered prayers. Thousands of channels, and all of them are crap.


        1. Señor Gill: If you follow this video to YouTube where you can see the comments, there are, not shockingly, observations (complaints) that the wealthy are ever using loopholes to dodge (lower) their taxes as if the everyday, middle-class taxpayer does not use whatever “loophole,” which is to say perfectly legal methods to reduce his tax obligation, available to do precisely the same thing. Everybody wants to reduce his tax burden, but it’s evil when the wealthy do it, and it’s shrewd tax preparation when we peons do it. So when I hear collectivists whine that the successful use “loopholes” to dodge taxes, I say, duh, of course. Who doesn’t?

          As for all television channels being crap, don’t be silly. Some programming is crap. Some is quite good. TV is just another source of entertainment and/or information.


          1. The reason there are loopholes to close is because they were specifically designed to be there for those people, who, not coincidentally, donate big money to all of the political parties, who then complain about them, but never change them.

            The loopholes reduce or eliminate taxes on incomes that are way above the reach of someone not earning millions per year. An example I believe was a couple of years ago when Warren Buffet admitted that he paid less money in income tax than his secretary. Of course he gives away millions too, but …the famous three dots.


            1. The bread and butter of a certain political party is to convince people that someone else has it better than they do. If we confiscated all of the wealth of the so-called one per centers, it would not be a drop in the bucket toward solving our debt crisis.

              Worse, their wealth is invested in the business and industry of our nation. We would be eating our seed corn.
              We have too many people wanting something from our system without putting something into it. Too many food stampers and welfare folks.
              “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you -— ask what you can do for your country.”

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              1. Señor Gill: The United States has the highest or one of the highest — I believe it’s the former — corporate tax rates in the developed world. Taking money from corporations and successful people in general is counterproductive. They’re what drives the economy, but you know that already.


              1. Those aren’t loopholes. They’re deductions available to every income level, Felipe.

                The ones that let you claim private jets and yachts are not available to most people.


  2. We pick nits, but I think we have the same basic beliefs, except I’m right more often because you’re a codger, and I’m Canadian.


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