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I AM NOT a fan of universal suffrage. Perhaps a stiff civics test is appropriate or a poll tax. That one should be a property owner sounds stupendous to me.

Tossing the “right to vote” out there for absolutely anyone to pick up is nuts and dangerous.

Here’s a lovely example of voter stupidity. They are Hillary fans, it seems, and one imagines that if a similar petition in support of Bernie Sanders’ vice presidential choice of Vladimir Lenin were offered, people would sign that too.

Mark Dice, the petition guy, not only says Karl Marx out loud repeatedly, he also states that Marx is a communist. No matter. Sounds good to these voters, all of whom should be swept up and sent to Cuba. A one-way ticket.

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    1. Señor Gill: You see stuff like this, and it just sends the eyeballs spinning. And, more often than not, these videos are made on university campuses. I weep for my former nation.

  1. Democracy has its faults. People vote for what is in it for them, rather than what is good for the nation. Notice, they all seem to have tattoos.

    They are self-absorbed people more concerned with themselves than anything else. What is going to happen when the government cannot or will not fund their food stamp account? It scares me.

    1. Señor Gill: In the early days of the Republic, voting rights were not given to all. It was a good idea.

      Watch it now about tattoos. I have a tattoo! I used to have quite a few before having all but one lasered off at taxpayer expense at the Houston VA hospital in the late 1990s. Yes, your tax money at work. Thanks for that.

      As for what will happen when your government implodes trying to redistribute a shrinking supply of money — move to Mexico! Fear not. We will be solvent.

      1. The fellow who made the video believes the WTC attack was an “inside job.” Great source you picked there, Felipe. Objective as all get out. For all you or I know, the whole video could have been an inside job. Regardless, it would be just as easy to fool conservatives in a video setup such as this one.

          1. The messenger and the message are one and the same, dear Felipe. Attack either, you attack them both. The man has an agenda and could care less if he is truthful in promoting it.

            The whole phony Planned Parenthood thing got the messengers in hot water, didn’t it? Their lies and deceit backfired. Why they were even indicted by a GOP prosecutor.

            1. Clete: Of course, he has an agenda. Who doesn’t? I do.

              Yes, the folks who did the fine job of exposing the Planned Parenthood horrors got into some hot water due to legal issues. A pity. Does not negate what they uncovered, however.

              1. Oh my! They didn’t uncover one thing. It was a sham from the start. They only exposed their own radical beliefs which lead them to lie and misrepresent facts. I hope they are convicted. There is no place in public debate for such behavior. If PP is as evil as they believe then the truth itself should be plainly evident and all that they would need to present to the public.

  2. Well, my man Ted Cruz won in Iowa, so I find hope for a turnaround in the USA. I like much of what Trump has to say, but they are coming out of the wrong person’s mouth.

    I found this video that I think might be representative of “The Donald’s” short-lived political career:

    1. Jeff: Of course, I too am a Cruz supporter. We are both smart. And I too agree with much of what The Donald says but otherwise find him a buffoon. Cruz is Trump without the buffoonery, plus Cruz is a bona fide conservative. Trump is, well, a buffoon, an opportunist, and friend of Hillary. As for Trump’s political career being short-lived, I wish, but I’m not convinced. Too soon to tell.

      As for that video — ouch!

    1. Scott: You amaze me. So few people know that Groucho and Karl were brothers. As for Fulbright, I’m sticking with my man Ted Cruz, who may or may not have a brother. I don’t care. I just care that if he does have a brother, it’s a better brother than Jimmy Carter had.

      Weepy Barry has some deadbeat half brother, if I recall correctly. His Kenyan daddy sure spread his seed.

  3. Well, I have no agenda, but I do know one thing for sure. Ted Cruz is a homophobic, bigoted and phony Christian right-wing nut job. I am surprised and disappointed, Felipe, that you think he is even close to presidential material. If he does indeed get the nomination, he will go down in flames, and you, sir, will owe me yet a third cafecito on the plaza. And, mind you, we have not heard the last from The Donald. He will launch a third party bid due to his ego, which will all but ensure Hillary or Bernie being inaugurated this time next year.

    1. Oh, Charles, of course you have an agenda. Actually, you’e a one-issue man — the gay thing — which explains, in large part, your devotion to the left, which is not where devoted Christians usually gravitate. And Cruz is a church man, of course, which does not equate with “bigoted.” I am sure you disagree.

      Of course, we have not heard the last from Trump. No way, José. I certainly hope he does not do a third-party run because it could do much damage to the Republican candidate. Ralph Nader got Dubya elected in 2000. No doubt about it.

    2. Charles: Your comment that Cruz is homophobic got me to thinking. I’ve been keeping up with Cruz for a number of years now, and I’ve never heard or seen any remark of his I would label homophobic or, your other adjective, bigoted.

      I’m sure he opposes gay marriage — as do I, but I’m perfectly okay with civil unions — due to his Christian convictions. Not being Christian, my reasons are different, having more to do with societal cohesion.

      It’s grown quite common for the gay “community” to describe anyone — often very shrilly– who has qualms about that sexual orientation, which deviates (i.e. deviant) from the norm, as bigoted and homophobic. Perhaps it would be better to realize that your approach to sexual practices is something that turns many people off in a huge way. Aside from religious objections, which is a simple difference of opinion, to many it has an enormous yuck factor.

      Perhaps it would be best acknowledge that fact. There is no way around it.

      Personally, I don’t care a whit about what consenting adults do when naked, but others do. People will never agree on this matter. Opinions differ, and name-calling won’t change that. Neither the minority of conservatives who actually call you guys names nor the significant portion of gays who call the other side names.

      It gets nowhere.

      1. Well…I swore I was done with this thread…but I can’t let this go without a response. Here is a Ted Cruz quote from March 2015: “Giving gays the same rights that we have is a threat to our freedoms” How is everyone having equal rights under the law a threat to anyone else’s freedom?

        Personally, I don’t give a damn about what others think of my sexual orientation…but prejudice and bigotry are not natural behaviors, they are taught…people don’t pop out of the womb hating. If loving someone of one’s choice is a “yuck factor” to others, then so be it…I couldn’t care less…just stay the hell away from me and let me live my life.

        There is no gay agenda…not sure who started that one…all we want and deserve are the same rights that you have in a heterosexual marriage…that, my friend, is the total of our agenda. Most of my gay and lesbian friends who are married did so in civil ceremonies, as most of us want no part of an organized religion traditional marriage.

        Today is the second anniversary of my civil union ceremony in Mexico City…it was a day that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime and I’m sure as hell not going to support any candidate or political party that is intent on taking that away.

        1. PS: While I am sure you read that quote somewhere or other, I do not believe Cruz said it because it makes, as you yourself note, not a lick of sense. And Cruz is likely the smartest guy running, IQ-wise, in either party, not given to making nonsense statements.

          Alas, quotes are a dime a dozen these days thanks to the internet. Now if you could point me to a video where Cruz says that, it would be another matter altogether.

  4. Really Felipe, do you seriously believe that this video means anything more than that there are stupid people in the world? I mean, c’mon, you, a former newspaper guy, certainly know how the sausage is made.

    Do you have any idea how many people were asked to sign the petition before the few who were taped agreed to sign? If they had to ask a thousand people and only got the handful filmed to sign, would that change the meaning of this video? Do you think the guy who did it wants to reveal such key information? Do you think these people heard anything beyond “helping Hillary,” something which by itself doesn’t mean you’re an idiot?

    Do you believe that it would be impossible to make a similar video asking people to support Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, or whatever right-wing candidate by signing a petition to have, say, Herman Goebbels put on the ballot?

    I truly mean this well, but at some level, you’ve been as duped by this thing as the people filmed.

    I seriously expect better from you. You’re a smart guy, well read, thoughtful, and more than capable of reasoning. This is why I get so riled up by your political posts. Not because I think a conservative viewpoint is inherently evil (I don’t), but because it’s being marketed in such a transparently stupid manner these days. And you seem to be falling for it, hook, line and sinker.

    Tsk, tsk…

    Kim G
    DF, México
    Where we had a discussion this afternoon about pathetically low voter turnout here.

    1. Kim: I have no idea how this guy made the video or the extent of its accuracy. However, it’s fun and agrees with my take on things, thus …

      If he had done it to conservatives, tossing in the name of Joseph Goebbels (Who is Herman Goebbels? His brother? Hermann Göering headed the Luftwaffe. There was a Joseph Goebbels. You folks on the left just don’t know history, which is why people like Hillary and Bernie get embraced), I’m sure he would have received a good number of signatures. There are dunces on both sides of the aisle. Donald Trump proves that.

      You’re not going with the flow and tone here. You’re taking things too seriously. I suggest the hook, line and sinker approach to you, señor!

      1. Fair enough. I realized after I hit “publish” that I had gotten the name wrong. Alas, WordPress doesn’t allow edits. Of course it doesn’t really matter to my point, which you get, that that video means approximately nothing, though it pretends to much more. But yes, maybe I should lighten up. Saludos!

    2. PS: The low voter turnout in Mexico is, of course, due to the population’s conviction that elections are fixed, so why bother? Since this was quite true until 2000, very recently in the grand scheme of things, their suspicion is understandable. However, our elections have been quite honest and transparent for the past 16 years, even verified by nonpartisan, international watchdog organizations. Our election process is every bit as above-board, perhaps more so, than that of the United States. It will take time before the citizens get this into their thick noodles.

      1. Oh c’mon, Felipe! Mexican elections honest and transparent? Thanks for the chuckle. Regardless if you will believe it or not, it is still how the voters here perceive it to be.

        As far claiming the electoral process being every bit above ground, that is beyond ridiculous. A very simple and blaring example of its manipulation is EPN naming Romero Deschamps as a senator plurinominal.

        If you are unaware of what the plurinominal positions are then you may want to Google it. And BTW, there is a very strong movement at the moment that wants to eliminate this quirk of the system.

        1. Clete: Believe what you will. Mexican elections, far more often than not, are honest these days. I know that those of you in the dim, dark recesses of the political left embrace the notion that they are not.

          1. Again, Felipe, you are obviously unaware of the reality of Mexican politics. And I know that those of you on the right typically bury their heads in the sand when confronted with the truth. Such a shame.

            1. Clete: Please do know that the Moon embraces diversity. It is a with-it corner of cyberspace. It is a safe space!

              To wit:

              ¡Viva la revolución!

              Power to the people!

              I want you to feel at home.

  5. And BTW, Felipe, formal complaints to the IFE (now INE) about electoral fraud here have been made by ALL parties. From the left to the right. From the PRD to the PRI to the PAN.

  6. Worse, here in the US we now have ballot harvesters. The go through the neighborhood collecting and extracting ballots from those that are too distracted, drunk, high or senile to bother to go to the poles.
    I have to wonder what happens with the ballots of the opposition party?

    1. Señor Gill: Well, that’s a disturbing bit of information, but not surprising in the slightest considering what’s going on in your dismal country. Down here, you have to go to a polling place in person with a laminated voter ID with your photo. Then the poll people find your name and accompanying photo in a big book of everyone registered in that area. There may be some process for folks who cannot make it to the polling place, but I’ve never heard of such a thing.

      One thing we do not have is ballot harvesters.

  7. Trump is the only Republican candidate who can beat the Democratic candidate in November. Ted Cruz has “won” his last race in Iowa. All the big, rich GOP establishment donors will put their money on Marco Rubio.

    1. Andrés: I absolutely do not share your fondness for The Donald nor do I think he’s the only one who can win in November. I think he’s the least likely to win in November. His very troubling personality traits become more clear by the day. As for Cruz and Rubio, who knows? I could live with Rubio. Rather live with Cruz.

  8. What bothers me about Trump is that he is speaking to those who feel ignored and abused by government. They don’t see that the same system will persist under a Trump presidency. And, what happens if someone else offers him a better deal? Trump is for Trump!

    1. Señor Gill: Anyone in the GOP field would be better than Trump who is a gargantuan ego, which is saying something considering the company he’s now in. Gonna be an interesting year. Likely along the lines of the Chinese curse, May you live in interesting times.

  9. So you got those tattoos lasered off at the VA. When I retired, I kept the state’s health insurance. But Obamacare raised my wife’s premiums so high, I had to cut our costs. About 45 thousand dollars later, I discovered I could get health care at the VA because I was a Viet Nam vet. I let my state insurance go. Sometimes, I get to the party real late. Sometimes I am real slow.

    1. Señor Gill: Sure, vets can get healthcare at a VA hospital. They can even get tattoos lasered off. That would literally have cost me thousands of dollars to do in the private sector because it’s a very lengthy process and, due to being cosmetic, normal health insurance does not cover it. Thank you, Uncle Sam. I read later they quit doing it at the VA hospital. The only reason they did it in the first place — in Houston at least — was that it was also a teaching facility. I was a guinea pig.

  10. The Phoenix VA hospital has had a lot of bad publicity lately, but I can say they gave me top-notch care. I expected to have a problem getting into the system, but no, it was done in about fifteen minutes.

    That was two years ago last September. The following May, I found a lump in my neck. It was the size of a pea, but by the time I saw the doctor three weeks later, it was the size of a golf ball. Yes, it took three weeks to see the doctor, but the next day, I was having labs done, and a couple of weeks later I had surgery. They later sent me to the Mayo clinic for radiation treatment. Each of the fifteen treatments ran over five thousand dollars a piece.

    I bitch about people wanting something from the system, well now I am one of those people. Sad to say.
    And about all the money I wasted on my state health insurance, my wife says “Pendejo.”

    1. Señor Gill: I’m certainly pleased that story turned out well. In Mexico you wouldn’t have had to wait weeks, and the treatments, I am fairly certain, would not have cost $5,000 each. As for your getting something “from the system,” it was simply payback for your military service. No need to feel bad about that at all. I get Social Security, but I paid into it for years (even though I suspect I will get more back than I paid) and I was given no choice about the matter, so I don’t feel guilty in the slightest.

      Here’s to your health!

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