Trump: the reaction

FOR EVERY ACTION, there is a reaction.

Donald Trump is a reaction. Below are a few examples of the actions to which The Donald is the reaction. These examples have been growing for decades. People are fed up.

Normal people, that is.

They are “mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore,” a paraphrase you may recall from the 1976 movie Network.

uturnThe actions began to increase markedly after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, which gave America a sigh of relief and the freedom to focus on trivialities and stupidities.

The culture spiraled downward rapidly.

The following list just touches on the absurdities coursing through the veins of America. It is a long list, and you can flesh it out easily. You know you can.

  1. Choose your own gender. Choose your own public restroom.
  2. Black lives matter. Only black lives matter.
  3. Shout down and threaten non-leftist speakers at elite universities.
  4. Everyone who disagrees with you is a racist.
  5. Mohammedan terrorists are our pals.
  6. Israel is bad.
  7. Christians are evil and idiotic.
  8. Open borders.
  9. Sanctuary cities.
  10. Gay marriages.
  11. “White privilege.”
  12. America is a bad nation.
  13. Common Core (i.e. leftist indoctrination).
  14. Ignore the Constitution.
  15. Barack Hussein Obama.
  16. His 2009 Apology Tour.
  17. That Nobel Peace Prize.
  18. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
  19. “Workplace violence.”
  20. Women in the Marine Corps infantry.
  21. Policemen are murderers.
  22. Lena Dunham.
  23. Halloween costume enforcement.
  24. Beyoncé half-time shows in black leather.
  25. Eric Holder’s gun-running.
  26. Wearing little sombreros to a party is godawful.

These things and plenty more of their ilk have given rise to The Donald. You have only yourself to blame.

62 thoughts on “Trump: the reaction

  1. Of course, each side can characterize the positions of the other side, as you have just done. That’s called creating a straw man in order to knock it down. Not very persuasive.

    1. Christine: You are surely entitled to your opinion. However, you might want to start practicing the words: President Trump.

      He’s not my preferred candidate (Cruz is), but he’s going gangbusters for the reasons I state.

  2. IMHO Trump cannot beat Hillary — ugh, the thought of her for 4-8 years is almost as bad as the past seven have been with Obama — a dark time in U.S. history and a good time to not be living there.

    1. Señor Calypso: I think Trump would beat Hillary, especially if she gets indicted before November, a possibility which she richly (pun intended) merits.

      1. Think about this scenario: neither Hillary nor Bernie will get the nomination. Obama won’t let that happen, because it’s all about his legacy, whatever that is, and either of them would destroy that.

        I’m supporting whomever gets the GOP nomination.

        1. Ms. Shoes: Supporting whomever gets the GOP nomination is a no-brainer, in my opinion. You, however, dear heart, have been known to do some very strange things come election day.

          Sadly, I will not be able to vote in November. I started the absentee registration process for this year in February, thinking that was plenty of time. It was not. I was too late. Have to sit this one out, unfortunately.

      2. The chance of Hillary getting indicted are nil. Obama will not allow it. Lynch will do what he tells her to do, despite the FBI’s evidence. Note, obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense.

      3. If she gets indicted, she can’t run. Full stop. However, if she does run, I think she beats Trump soundly unless he manages a very persuasive move to the center post-convention. Though I personally like some aspects of Trump (not buyable, anti-war, not beholden to special interests, smart and successful), I think he has said and done any number of very stupid things (like not immediately distancing himself from the KKK) which will sink him come November.

        And I’m not particularly happy about the prospects of a Hillary Clinton presidency either as it probably means 4-8 more years of what can only be considered failed policies. (Foreign, monetary, economic, etc.)


        Kim G
        CDMX, México
        Where you don’t have to look far to realize how much worse American government could be.

        1. Kim: The Clintons have spoken highly of former Sen. Byrd who was a Grand Cyclops — or something like that — of the Klan. However, that gets brushed under the rug.

          As for the Mexican government, I’m a fan. Gets better daily.

          1. As for the Mexican gov’t, my business contacts here say that the current presidential administration is FAR more corrupt than the prior one. So there seem to be more than a few days recently where it’s getting worse, not better.

            1. Kim: Bad-mouthing the government is far more popular a pastime here than in the U.S., and that’s saying something. Take it with the grain of salt. Most Mexicans have yet to understand clearly that things have vastly improved.

              1. And you are able to come to this conclusion by living in a backwater town in a backwater state? Without dealing on a day to day basis with the normal obstacle’s that the vast majority of Mexicans face?

    2. Funny thing is that there are lots of people who think he has done an excellent job. They just happen to be the same people who think Hilary is a gutsy lady and will do a great job as president.


        1. What with her voice sounding increasingly gravelly, she may be out of the speech business in this political season.

  3. I’m a full-fledged Mexican now, and I’ll keep on wearing my sombrero.

    If God had intended for Americans to vote he would have given them candidates.

    1. Señor Mystic: That’s a good one. Actually, God did provide a good candidate. Ted Cruz. Alas, it seems he’s not going to get nominated, proving that God’s not so all-powerful as previously believed.

  4. If you think the Democrats have perverted the criminal justice system and the IRS to protect their own and to punish those that disagree with them, wait and see what Trump does. God help us!

    1. Señor Gill: So, you’re not a Trump fan. Neither am I, but that does not negate my point that The Donald is a reaction. Cruz would be a reaction too, but due to his not being nearly as blustery, outrageous, and in-your-face as Trump, he’s not winning. I weep.

      But I do not agree that Trump would be as bad as the Democrats.

              1. Honestly, I’m thinking of going full “George Carlin,” and not voting at all. I’m completely disgusted with the current system, though for different reasons than you (though I suspect there’s a fair bit of overlap too). My issues are essentially fiscal and economic, both of which have seen such MASSIVE and LENGTHY mismanagement as to now present a HUGE problem, and the status quo is completely overlooking it. I’m also rather disgusted at America’s foreign policy which is in a COMPLETE shambles, and about which our current politicians lie daily.

          1. Go over Romney’s speech and point out where he was wrong. What he said was true, but very uncomfortable. In the general election, the Democrats will drag out the ugly facts of Mr. Trump’s past. Let us avoid that.

      1. Since you and the other choir members are obviously in the dark, how about the New Moon, Out of Tune, Choir? Has a nice ring, and fits perfectly!

  5. Cruz will be hanging around next election cycle. Back to your point of the little liberal arts colleges, they are so small they take on the characteristics of a small Puritan enclave. Not very worldly.

    1. Carole: That sort of arrant nonsense is rampant on university campuses large and small. And “not worldly” is a key phrase. These are clueless kids and clueless faculties that consist of aging Flower Children from the 1960s and their children and grandchildren.

  6. I feel it’s to early to write Cruz off as the possible GOP nominee. I’ll reconsider after the March 15th though. I’m gonna have a hard time bringing myself to vote for Trump if he wins. Hillary or Trump — bad news for the USA, either one.

    We drove our ballot packages over to U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara the day before the deadline of Feb 1st. which was a nice option.

    1. Jeff: I hope you are right about Cruz. If it were a simple Cruz-Trump face-off, I think Cruz would win. Rubio and others need to butt out now.

      As for Hillary, I don’t think she would be Obama Redux at all. Obama is a true believer. Hillary is just another corrupt politician, which I’ll take any day over a true believer, especially a left-wing true believer.

      Glad you’ll get to vote.

  7. I don”t view Trump supporters as reactionaries at all. I see them more as uneducated, ignorant bigoted white trash. He has purposely unleashed all of the closeted haters hoping that there are enough of them to make him their president. If that does indeed come to pass, welcome to the Fourth Reich.

    1. Just as Bernie wouldn’t get everything he wants, neither would Trump. But I have to agree that Trump’s supporters have some genuine concerns that aren’t being addressed particularly well by the mainstream. And I don’t think they are mostly haters, either. I think their issues are 85% economic and corruption-related.

    2. Ah, Charles, at times you sadden me. Does it ever enter your mind that people who hold opinions counter to yours are not necessarily demonic and evil? You might want to consider that people can hold opinions counter to yours and still be good folks. Yes, it is quite possible. Me, for instance.

      1. Nowhere did I use the words demonic and evil. I stated that most Trump supporters are ignorant and uneducated, a fact that he actually boasts about. If my perspective saddens you it is likely because we share differing views, very different. The fact that you would vote for Trump if you could saddens me.

        1. Charles: No, you did not specifically use the words demonic and evil. But that is, as you well know but I doubt will confess, how you view people with opposing views on certain topics. You have stated your take on such folks here quite colorfully on numerous occasions, and it’s always that your political opposites are knuckle-dragging, slope-headed West Virginians with low IQs and 4th-grade schooling — if that — who breed with their sisters and cousins. Of course, you do not use those words. They are my words.

          You know in your heart of hearts that I am correct. Again, you might do well to consider that some people who think differently than you are well-meaning. They just view things from another perspective and value system.

          As for voting for Trump, I will not be voting in the presidential election this year because I foot-dragged — perhaps it was my knuckles — until it was too late to register for absentee voting. But if Trump were the GOP candidate, yes, I would vote for him. I would vote for anybody instead of the Democrat candidate, whomever that may be.

        2. And, no, Trump has never boasted that his supporters are ignorant and uneducated. If he did say something like that, he said it in jest with a smile on his face. Important details.

  8. The rise of Trump is more than just a reaction against the listed items. The coarsening of American culture along with the decline of true Christian values that have little to do what is paraded by right wing politicians has reaped the inevitable. Trump represents, unfortunately, the values that many Americans espouse: greed, power, degradation of women, racism, and sensationalism. The same culture that pours out of our popular movies, music and televisions has preconditioned the masses for a candidate such as Trump. We are not only desensitized to vulgarity, obscenity, explicit sex and violence, but we have grown to crave it. Hence, the clownish Trump becomes the hero of this nation. Fear also plays a large factor. So many people are ready to abandon liberty for a strongman because they are afraid of what may happen due to terrorism, unemployment, etc. Instead of reacting with courage and desire to change, we are reacting with our basest instincts. Personally, I don’t think he can win a general election, as people of color, most women, and people with some education will likely cast in favor of HELLary. I feel like many of my friends who are threatening to abstain if those are our choices.

    1. Laurie: I am with you on much of what you say. But I do think Trump very well could win a general election. Again, however, I would vastly prefer Ted Cruz.

  9. The race for the GOP has turned into a disaster. Way too many candidates stayed in way too long. And most of those hadn’t endorsed another candidate prior to Super Tuesday when a difference could have been made.

    1. Scott: Well, the GOP race is certainly interesting, which is more than we can say about the Democrat race. I’m kinda having fun watching it all. I would be having far more fun were it not for the fact that what happens in the United States has global repercussions.

  10. Presidential primaries are the ultimate reality show and Trump is the master of this genre.

    I assessed early last fall that Trump and his populist message had the best chance of capturing the White House from the Democrats. The RINOs in Congress proved to be totally impotent to Obama. It is no wonder that Congress has a 14% approval rating. The GOP establishment is to blame.

  11. Well, it is morning in America again. Carly Fiorina is out stumping for Ted Cruz. I predict that Rubio will follow suit. Let us hope so.

    I agree that we have come to accept coarseness, rudeness, and blather in lieu of logic. Foul language has become not only acceptable, but seems to be the norm.

    I believe that we can be better than that. I hope we do.

    I also now think that Dick Morris is correct. Hillary can do well only in areas with a significant amount of Negro voters. America is somewhat akin to a Junior Mint. Brown around the outside, but white in the inside.

    When she begins to fail, I suspect Obama will tell Lynch to do her job. That will be the end for Hillary. That means that Sanders will probably be the candidate for the Democratic Party. Think about that!

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